Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Tea Party Motivation: Toxic and Dangerous?

While violence and chaos continues against Democrats and their associates, escalated by tea party members nationwide, Americans are starting to get a better look at their motives and lack of civility. Rush has given them their orders, "They are going to be exposed and hassled and chased from office ... We must defeat these bastards, we must wipe them out."

I'm not sure if he talking about a lively debate with Democrats or target practice.

Law breaking will escalate over time. But the real question will be-how far will this go? Public intimidation is the likely result. Think about it; you're at the bar, checkout counter, pool, bike path, street corner or party, having a political debate with an armed angry zealot or drunk. Who's going to back down?

Columnist Eugene Robinson: "It's not quite libertarian, but it's fundamentalist in terms of constitutional rights and founders intent and anti-government."

Rep. Jim Clyburn: "When you look at some of the signs out there ... you know that much of this is not about health care at all. All of this is about people who have been led to believe that for somebody else to get insurance coverage, would take something from them."

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