Monday, March 15, 2010

21,000 Wisconsin Citizens Waiting in Line for State Government Health care Program. But People Don't Want a Government Plan?

Republican State Rep. Kevin Peterson inadvertently admits Citizens do like Public Health Care System.

As much as Republicans say "start over," insisting no one likes government health care, Rep. Kevin Peterson describes how popular the state Medicaid program really is. In fact, Peterson criticizes the governor for underestimating the public need:
Governor Doyle expanded the state Medicaid program, BadgerCare in the 2007-09 budget. Part of the new program, BadgerCare Plus Core, extends health care coverage to childless adults ages 19 to 64. Enrollment for BadgerCare Plus Core began July of 2009 and had to be suspended within 3 months.

State government officials grossly underestimated both enrollment and the cost of the plan. At the governor’s orders, everyone qualified for BadgerCare Plus Core after October 9th were put on a waiting list. Currently, over 21,000 people are registered on the list.
That's right, over 21,000 Wisconsin citizens are in line. That's over and above the programs initial rush to get in.

Aren't all these people worried about losing their freedom?

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