Sunday, March 21, 2010

House Health Care Bill Passed, Stupak called "Baby Killer" by Republican Lawmaker.

(AP) -
President Barack Obama says the health care legislation passed Sunday night by the House is "a victory for the American people" and "a victory for common sense."
The bill "will not solve every problem" in the health care system, Obama says, but "moves us in the right direction." Obama praised Speaker Nancy Pelosi and other Democrats for getting the bill through Sunday night's 219-212 vote, saying they proved that the government "still works for the people."

Washington Post:

Rep. John Campbell (R-Calif.) acknowledged late Sunday night that a Republican yelled "baby killer" as Democratic Rep. Bart Stupak (D-Mich.) urged his fellow Democrats to vote down a Republican amendment on abortion services in the health-care legislation. Campbell, initially suspected as the lawmaker who shouted the phrase, told reporters that he didn't say it and believed that it came from a member sitting a row behind him, where the Texas Republicans usually sit. Campbell said he heard "a Southern accent".

"The people who know won't give it up," Campbell told reporters. He said the
remark was "clear as a bell."

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