Thursday, August 26, 2021

Van Wanggaard...there's something about a lying former police officer, high school liaison, and now State Senator that makes every Badge look bad.

State Sen. Van Wanggaard triggered me with this statement in his press release about Kenosha's protests:
"That’s what Governor Evers did a year ago. And rewriting history won’t change that.
You gotta wonder what else he made up in his 30 years as a police officer, right? 

The thing about Republicans is they haven't really governed, haven't solving any problems, ignored the COVID Pandemic, or spending our tax dollars US for gods sake!!! So the 2022 election will be based on fabricated outrage over Gov. Evers oversight of a global pandemic nobody was ready for, and his decisive handling of the Kenosha protests. Oh wait that was a "disaster" too? 

Here's the real timeline, and not some "multiverse" fantasy. He's a liar, and a...

1. Wanggaard
"Evers was slow to react, too. After the second night of rioting had already started, 125
National Guard members arrived in Kenosha. It was too little, too late. Governor Evers claims that was the best he could do in 24 hours, but we know that’s not true." 
Oh look, it had nothing to do with Gov. Evers:
Monday, Aug. 24: Around 3 a.m. Monday morning, Sheriff David Beth put in a formal request for support from the Wisconsin National Guard. Beth said he would have put in the request sooner but got his “wires crossed” with other city officials on who would be submitting it. Still, Adjutant Maj. Gen. Paul Knapp said they were preparing to head to Kenosha even before the official request came in, 

Tuesday Around 2 p.m, Evers announced he was authorizing the Guard. This initial deployment mobilized 125 Guard members, the FBI, U.S. Marshals, ATF, state troopers, DNR agents, and other local law enforcement agencies.

Beth, say the state leaders have been responsive to their requests. “The state has been fantastic as far as sending resources, from the very first minute that we asked them. They have sent everything that we’ve asked for. The resources and information they have passed to us, it’s immense.”
On Tuesday afternoon, Evers issued a state of emergency in Wisconsin and upped the commitment of the National Guard to 250 members after denouncing the “damage and destruction” that accompanied protests the night before,
2. Wanggaard: 
"Governor Evers initial comments were so out of line and inflammatory that they did more to incite the riots than calm them. His comments were so bad, that several days later police groups asked Evers to just stop talking about Kenosha. Think about that. People had so little faith that Evers would say the right thing, they asked him to just be quiet."
But Evers supposedly "incited" protesters by reminding everyone of their 1st Amendment right. That's not popular with Republicans:
"I know folks across our state will be making their voices heard in Kenosha and in communities across Wisconsin,” Evers said in a statement. “Every person should be able to express their anger and frustration by exercising their First Amendment rights and report on these calls to action without any fear of being unsafe.”
3. Wanggaard: "
Rather than accept the President’s help while Kenosha was on fire, Evers played politics. Governor Evers told the President he’d rather have COVID relief than help with the riots. Making the riots worse, being slow to send help, and rejecting help that was offered. 
In the back pocket of liar Trump, you can't rewrite this history. Gov. Evers turned down Trump's "help" because of this...

White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows also appeared on Fox News that night and said Evers had turned down an offer from the federal government for additional support, by that point the Guard was already deployed in Kenosha.
Republican lawmakers Sen. Ron Johnson and Rep. Bryan Steil also issued statements calling on Evers to accept more aid from the president. Steil said he had reached out to Trump, who offered extra National Guard members and federal law enforcement agents.

That afternoon, Trump and Evers announced that the governor had accepted the U.S. government’s support, although Beth says that some federal agents had been onsite “since day one.”
4. Wanggaard: Lying former law enforcement officials are the worst kind:
"That’s what Governor Evers did a year ago. And rewriting history won’t change that.

Americans should be fed up with anti-Mask and Vaccine bans as Killer GQP make this their "killer" platform!

The surreal and suicidal ranting of Trump mobs participants over vaccines and masks has turned liberals, progressives and Democrats into something Trumpian losers are not going to like. The principle is simple, for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. And for as long as I can remember, conservatives have relied on and benefited from seeing their failures get bailed out by Democrats every time, all the while maintaining they did nothing wrong. 

It all started with a moment of bad karma for a mask and vaccine mandate opponent downplaying the pandemic. Wisconsin State Journal:

Oddly, the irony and blowback from the left  was something Covid deniers, down-players, spreaders, and dummies didn't expect. 

Freedom from Mask and Vaccines Governor Nominee Kleefisch Clueless: Republicans say the plot to promote masks and vaccines to destroy our economy is rooted in the socialist/Commie agenda. Real freedom and liberty is an individual thing that could infect and kill everybody else, and they're going to run on banning masks and vaccine mandates, like Klueless Kleefisch. That's decent?:

Having had enough of this irresponsible endless GQP tantrum...

Roys fundraising link indicated that she expected Andre Jacque to get well and seek reelection. But that wasn't the end of the blowback against the right-wing phony outrage. WISN 12

Here's Andres brother Pierre's uncensored response. NOTE: I couldn't have said it better myself:

 The Daily Show Jordan Klepper made Pierre's case with this amazing piece:

...and this from CNN;

...or this threatening bit of possible violent insanity:

...and the balls to use our kids as herd immunity fodder so Republican politicians can grand stand and dig their heels in even deeper:

"Protecting out kids from states own governors...."

Sunday, August 22, 2021

Vos Visits Trump to gain back Cred with QAnon Cultists who can't Accept Vote.

UPDATE 8/25 WED: Like I mentioned below this update, Vos is about to dole out subpoenas! Republicans voters apparently like getting this played no matter how obvious it is. Here it comes;

JSOnline: Reince Priebus described the plans three days after Wisconsin Assembly Speaker Robin Vos of Rochester met with Trump about his plans to review the election. "I’m told
that subpoenas are going to be issued in the next week or two. There'll be more outside money coming into Wisconsin."

Robin-the-vote Vos said, "We believe a cyber-forensic audit is necessary to ensure issues did not happen in 2020." Rep. Mark Spreitzer, a Beloit Democrat said Trump's recent meeting with Vos — and the photo of it Vos posted on Facebook — proved to be a turning point. "He needed the photo op so that he could satisfy Republicans back here in Wisconsin. 

Jefferson Davis, a former village president of Menomonee Falls who pleaded guilty to misdemeanor campaign finance violations in 2005, said he is helping line up thousands of volunteers and donors. "This is the most sick, despicable, evil, toxic thing you could ever imagine in the history of our state," Davis said of the way the 2020 election was run. "And we are never going to allow that to happen."
GQP want to keep Voters Angry till 2022 Election: How much more obvious does all this have to get. And despite the lawbreaking scum still taken seriously by GQP voters, this charade continues:
Bannon was indicted for wire fraud and money laundering related alleged misuse of funds raised through the “We Build the Wall” campaign, but was pardoned by Trump

Here's the original story leading up to this lunatic fiasco

The gathering of right-wing losers, otherwise known as the Cyber Ninja's, may be a national laughing stock...

…but the Wisconsin Republican gun for hire, and former State Supreme Court Justice (I wish I were kidding), thinks the AZ's audit circus is serious stuff:

The pressure is on of course, because QAnon Wisconsin believers were told by MAGA president Trump the Big Lie is true, and gerrymandered elected Republicans have no choice but to jump. Again, the odd GOP style of governing is based solely on anecdotal things people hear from other people who say they heard from someone else...ugh, you get the picture. 

“Legislators have been hearing from thousands of disgruntled constituents..."

 …but they're wrong!

Running against what representative government is supposed to be  They ought to tell their constituents, you're wrong. And that's a big problem when you have too many party people willing to indulge their constituents if their constituents truly believe that."

So who was surprised when this happened...

The chair of the Assembly committee on elections Rep. Janel Brandtjen subpoenaed Milwaukee and Brown counties on Friday for election materials — including ballots and voting machines — to aid an ongoing committee investigation into the November 2020 presidential election reminiscent of an Arizona-style recount effort.
Since Brandtjen doesn't have the power to dole out subpoenas, my theory is Leader Robin Vos will keep her out there getting press, dragging this out to maintain voter anger. Then, when Vos returns from kissing Trump's ass, he will allow the subpoenas.

First, Vos was the target of Trump's ego driven lie about the stolen election:


Trump, a loser in every imaginable way, maintains control over Vos. It would be interesting to find out who paid for round trip tickets: 

The Surreal QAnon Enhanced Brandtjen Interview: I wanted to, but couldn't edit a single word out of Elections Committee Chair Janel Brandtjen's interview with WKOW's Capitol City Sunday host A.J. Bayatpour. AJ's relentless fact driven interview countering Brandtjen's anecdotal answers exposed how hollow all this really is. Posers like this can't govern, but sure can spin a lie:

Treating the Cyber Ninja's like they're a real group of election professionals...
Brandtjen did not directly answer questions about whether she trusted Cyber Ninjas - which Gov. Tony Evers has derisively called the "Ninja Turtles" - to conduct a similar audit in Wisconsin.

"We're not talking about the Ninja Turtles then anymore, we're talking about truly the Cyber Ninjas...Either we have issues with the machines and we have issues with voters being able to legitimately cast their ballot or we don't."
I've got an idea, I could start a group called the DataHogs and request the governor and/or AG invite us to examine the Republican WOW county ballots. Let's compare.

But wait, Republican districts do not have the same corrupt officials stealing the vote:
Republican Rep. Todd Novak: "I have no doubt elections in my area are run fair, right, and by the book. My clerks are very efficient and I trust them." 
Nothing anecdotal about that.

Friday, August 20, 2021

After Ten years controlling Legislature, Vos-Republicans still have no plan to attract labor or families to Wisconsin, blaming powerless Dems!

This is about preserving an unhealthy number of festering Wisconsin problems in amber, by an unimaginative and incompetent gerrymandered Republican legislature, who are willing to treat untrue and anecdotal constituent feedback as "fact." It's on purpose of course:

We "heard from constituents...voiced concerns...the possibility that..." 

Republican Jeff Flake said this was a an obvious political copout:  

"We're changing what it means to be an elected official in a representative colleagues will say they are simply representing their constituents when that really runs against what representative government is supposed to be  when they ought to tell their constituents, you're wrong. And that's a big problem when you have too many party people willing to indulge their constituents if their constituents truly believe that."

Republicans have No Plan to attract People/labor force to Wisconsin: Watching WKOW's Capitol City Sunday, I was startled by utter cluelessness of Dodgeville Rep. Todd Novak when it came to the states labor shortage, and the detailed list of issues posed in a question by host A.J. Bayatpour, who did way more research than this freeloading Republican politician. It begs the question; can we actually govern based on anecdotal comments that are factually wrong? 

Bayatpour question about unemployment bonus checks: " have different analysts from Oxford to Goldman Sachs say they're not seeing much change in states that ended the extra pay, so why was this a good use of the legislatures time and the taxpayer dollar?"

Rep. Todd Novak: "I invite anyone who doesn't think this half payment has any affect on employment to come to my district...I just talked to a restaurant yesterday paying $14 to $16 an hour and they still can't find people..."

Again, watch Bayatpour ask a detailed question Novak was unprepared for. Embarrassing and pathetic: 
Bayatpour: "How much of this could also be tying into what we've seen for years, it's been mentioned by groups like even WMC, that labor shortages have long been something people are worried about in Wisconsin. So how much could this be a part of the fundamental challenges we've seen and will continue to have to address such as keeping people in the state, but also attracting young talent both into Wisconsin and into some of the states smaller and midsized communities?"

Rep. Todd Novak: "Oh, I mean, that's part of it, um...I go to school and you have job opportunities...but I will tell you every business I talk to is struggling, mentions the half benefit is a big issue for them."
Novak has no real grasp of the decades long problem he and Scott Walker have refused to take seriously or solve. Instead, for convenience, why not blame the half benefit. This again puts off a real solution for another year until they can blame something else on Evers or Biden. 

There's this crazy Vos-Republican idea that low taxes will increase population growth or attract labor. What they don't get, and what they've always ignored is the real attraction; better schools, faster high speed internet, and a quality of life in a state not prone to natural disasters, that's the difference. And having lived in Wisconsin my entire life, higher taxes have always been an acceptable price to pay until Walker's austerity and freeloading agenda caught on. 

Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Forget about updating IT Unemployment System, I know how to spend my money...


Scott Walker and Rich Scott beg, "Save our Paychecks." Who's, theirs? More grifting, lying,

Republicans rule by the "Contradictory Belief System of Self-Interest." 

Divorced from Reality: Scott Walker's failed theoretical belief system doesn't bother solving festering public problems because liberal "socialist" created the problem in the first place. 

Save our Paychecks Circus Tour: Scott Walker's simple minded message? Keep wages low so prices stay low; and repeat what GOP friendly businesses say about the labor shortage, even though Walker did nothing to lure workers to the state. No, the poorly messaged, policy free media ad that ran in Illinois didn't count. When you ignore the minimum wage, lack high speed broadband, create a maze of nightmare rules for unemployment, and then limited access to health care and transportation, what do you expect.

Mega millionaire Sen. Rick "Voldamort" Scott started with this ridiculous "hard times" story. Imagine being so rich you don't have to "watch what everything costs" sigh:"
We lived in public housing, I had a single mom, and I watched what she went through when we had inflation. We had to watch what everything cost, because things went up in price ... We're doing the exact same thing to the families in this country right now."
You mean you don't have to "watching what everything costs?" Striking disconnect. 

So Walker and Sen. Rick Scott have teamed up to peddle laughable exaggerations and absolute nonsense scenarios devoid of facts, science, and just plain old common sense.

Walker is speaking to QAnon'ers here, who were more than happy to blame immigrants and not their obvious anti-mask/anti-vax idiocy. Here's a recent text from my own Trump idol worshiper in Milwaukee:

 This recent COVID infection map exposes the bullshit "illegals" and "border" lie. (check out interactive map here):

Low Wages = Low prices, Cheap labor =  GOP Plan: If you didn't know why Republicans won't hike the minimum wages , it's should be crystal clear now. Walker's penchant to divide and conquer, with a dash of fear mongering, hit a new high with this "Debbie Downer" really isn't true. But to Walker, helping Americans is never a good thing:

Overall, the payments were effective in helping those who were financially affected by the pandemic as the majority of households who had lost employment-based income received a payment. In fact, according to a study by the American Enterprise Institute, the impact payments played a pivotal role in preventing many Americans from falling into poverty last year. Overall, the $867 billion in direct payments, combined with the trillions of additional relief dollars enacted by Congress, prevented a drop in and actually increased personal income during the economic downturn.
And inflation was not all doom and gloom, as supply chains continue to ramp up...
All evidence suggests that current price increases are temporary and are driven by a few isolated goods and services, such as used cars and airplane tickets, that play a disproportionate role in influencing overall price jumps. Moreover, consumers can and do avoid many of the costlier items and substitute them with less expensive alternatives. Those substitutions—which reduce the effect of price increases in people’s experienced inflation—are not fully reflected in the reported inflation measures.

The additional investments in transportation and infrastructure will produce sustained improvements in inflation-adjusted incomes for families at all income levels. Low- and middle-income Americans would especially see meaningful gains from faster employment and wage growth. Moreover, these investments would not trigger inflation.

Thursday, August 12, 2021

Democrats $3.5 Trillion Reconciliation Bill = $350 Billion a year, for 10 years. Not so Massive!

We already know Democrats are horrible at messaging, especially when it comes to their agenda and accomplishments, but their incompetence leaves a big hole for Republican talking points to become the media default argument. 

Sinema's reservations about the "human infrastructure" push (too expensive) could force Democrats to scale back the budget reconciliation bill.

How hard would it have been to explain the supposed "massive" reconciliation bill, that's actually not so massive after all, the following way? These tweets tell the story:

In other words...

Monday, August 9, 2021

First WI GOP wanted to ban passports and UW Student testing for Covid, now they're fighting for anti-vax health care nurses! WI's Death Cult Party digs it!

We've always had our suspicions...but now we know; Sen. Chris Kapenga is no doctor, and certainly no genius. For an accountant, his conclusions just don't add up. 

Kapenga is now defending the "rights" of just a few anti-vax nurses willing to endanger everyone else based on their reckless belief they have the freedom to infect others. 

In a recent press release, Kepenga cranked out another twisted, condescending and snarky know-it-all diatribe.

Not really a smart guy: Thanks to anecdotal "evidence," Kapenga draws some radical conclusions. Let's take a look, piece by piece.

1. Can't tell our "Hailed as heroes" anti-vax health care workers what to do:
“Once they were hailed as heroes; but now, those who refuse to get the Covid-19 vaccine
might very well find themselves fired from their jobs! You are still our heroes even though the executives have made the choice to turn their backs on you. Lead the way in this pandemic. 
2. Game of Chicken? Only if you never took COVID seriously, why not. Shut down the hospitals? Yup: 
“I want to encourage the groups that are forming to stick to your principles and don’t give in! Based on what I am seeing, it will be impossible for the hospital systems to function without you. If you stand up for your protection now, others who are considering implementing the vaccination mandate will back off, and you will once again be leading in the protection of our health.
What Protection? "Standing up for your protection," and "lead in the protection of our HEALTH" is nonsensical babble. In the words of Amazon's "Greasy Strangler:"

3. Using Liberal buzzwords like "woke" and "the left," pushing resentment instead of public health, is getting so tiresome. Kapenga imagines a "large number of people" who think like him. Come on Chris, give us a number, it should be easy for an "accountant:"   But wait, these health care "heroes" protect themselves with masks all the time, maybe that should go too. Don't you love a society where Republicans have clearly defined our heroes and villains: 
"To those executives who are bowing to the woke culture being pushed by the left, don’t underestimate the large number of people who see what you are doing and don’t appreciate it. Do the right thing by ending these mandates and protect our heroes.”
Platform-Actions have No Consequences for Republicans: So which is it, give power to businesses maintaining low wages, fewer benefits, and no voice in working conditions...or control what businesses do by threatening them with walkouts (they didn't like it when unions did this) for requiring vaccines as a condition of employment? 
Kapenga said, "The reality that is in front of us is either you get this shot or we will walk you out the door and that is totally inappropriate with an experimental drug."
Yea, that's the reality.

It's the One Big campaign Issue: How is it the Republicans total disregard for the health and lives of their constituents isn't the one and only issue on the ballot in 2022? 
Republican lawmakers like Kapenga have long opposed such requirements and have largely refrained from promoting the idea of getting vaccinated to prevent more deaths and serious health complications.

In Wisconsin, the seven-day average of new cases has spiked again to 1,000 — a level not seen since early February, before vaccines were widely available. Gov. Tony Evers' spokeswoman said Kapenga's statement was "absolutely irresponsible."

"Wisconsin activated a field hospital last fall because our hospitals and healthcare infrastructure were overwhelmed by COVID-19 cases. This is dangerous and reckless rhetoric at a time when our state is seeing alarming case trends," spokeswoman Britt Cudaback said.

Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Steve Nass battles "Delta-variant hysteria" with ban on UW System health "mandates."

Only Vos-Republicans think the smart government thing to do is put vehement opponents of specific issues in charge of managing their eventual destruction. Case in point; Sen. Steve Nass' brutal dismantling of public education.

Here's how Nass describes his latest COVID denial effort endangering the lives of children and their parents: 

"Take back their public schools" from what? The threat of private vouchers schools? No. Nass is responding to, get this, just 20 anti-mask parents and student protesters:

Huge crowd too...actual story snapshot:

Minority Control? How can you argue with the publics anti-science brain dead lunacy like this?

Tami Hajcak spoke against the mask mandate. “The vast majority of students have returned to their unmasked lives. We are no longer in a pandemic.

Jade said, “I’m in 5th grade at the middle school my muscles get tense and they don’t get the oxygen they need. It makes me anxious and I can’t see the smile on people’s face.”

Amanda Roedl: “Our kids learn through emotion. How do you expect our kids learn through emotion with a mask?”

Tzvia Springer explained her background in science and said the science does not support the efficacy of mask wearing. “When my son returns for instruction in fall 2021, he will not be wearing a mask.”

Star Trek's George Takei has their answer:

Fear Mongering Delta Infection Sweeping Country?: Sen. Nass wasn't done yet, passing his latest insane attack on our kids...WKOW

Nass believes our "liberal" UW System is... 
"...take advantage of the Delta-variant hysteria to enact excessive COVID-19 mandates."
The senator pointed to public health measures including "newly announced Covid-19 mandates such as requiring healthy unvaccinated students submit to weekly Covid-19 testing, requiring students to submit their Covid-19 vaccination status and pending announcements on mandatory masking," as the reason for his proposal. "Unfortunately, some chancellors in the UW System consider themselves mini-Andrea Palms not beholden to following state law and moving quickly to take advantage of the Delta-variant hysteria to enact excessive COVID-19 mandates."

Nass, stating total nonsense as fact, doesn't like to be challenged in the "control/compliance" department:

How about today's data on the "Delta-variant hysteria"...

Throughout the United States, all public school districts require a vaccination record prior to enrolling a student. It is interesting that in many Republican-dominated states that reject the notion of requiring its students to be vaccinated against COVID-19, there is no opposition to requiring vaccinations for many other life-threatening diseases such as measles, mumps, rubella etc.
Smarter in 1905? Yes: A challenge is likely at the State Supreme Court level, but after rejecting and describing Gov. Evers efforts to stop the deadly virus as "tyrannical," ya kinda know where this is going. Yet even they can't ignore the federal Supreme Court Ruling in 1905, which we hope may win the day:
There is a Supreme Court precedent allowing any state to “enforce compulsory vaccination laws” regardless of anyone’s claim of individual or religious liberty protections.

In the 1905 Supreme Court case, 197 U.S., Jacobson v. Massachusetts, the High Court upheld the authority of states to enforce compulsory vaccination laws. The Court’s decision articulated the view that individual liberty is not absolute and is subject to the police power of the state.

Recognizing that public health is more important than an individual’s personal liberty, the High Court held that:
“In every well ordered society charged with the duty of conserving the safety of its members the rights of the individual in respect of his liberty may at times, under the pressure of great dangers, be subjected to such restraint, to be enforced by reasonable regulations, as the safety of the general public may demand. Real liberty for all could not exist under the operation of a principle which recognizes the right of each individual person to use his own liberty, whether in respect of his person or his property, regardless of the injury that may be done to others.”
National Movement to UNMASK: It's still hard to imagine "adults" ranting juvenile tantrums like this, since right wing COVID denial is actually prolonging the slow return to schools:

Space Junk in space...


Dumb Ron Johnson still trying to get us to understand the problem first...