Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Sen. Fitzgerald and Rep. Vos plant "Open Questions" to smear Gov. Evers!

A lot has been said about QAnon conspiracy theory GOP legislators and candidates sprouting up all over the country. 

Even though the focus has been more about Trump's "enemies," we can't ignore all of the Republican controlled legislatures adopting these same QAnon tactics to smear state Democrats. Like one QAnon candidate said:
“A conspiracy theory only sounds crazy until it’s proven.” 
And up until now, "Projection" has always been the underlying ploy of the Republican Party. 

But thanks to Trump, now all you have to do is fabricate something, then question the fabrication, to get believers to...believe.

"Expressed Uncertainty" and "Open Questions" new GOP Trick: Which brings me to the next and most obvious tactic. I recently discovered this revealing research about spreading "uncertainty" with planted "open questions" meant to manufacture conspiracies..and it's working.  Here's the source and tweet:

Example: Republicans Scott Fitzgerald and Robin Vos are using "open questions" in lieu of finding any actual fault with Gov. Evers. Here's their most blatant attempt to date: 
The staffer who secretly recorded a phone call last month between Democratic Gov. Tony Evers and GOP leaders may have committed a felony if nobody on the call authorized the recording. 
Want to know how flimsy this whole "felony" outrage is? The standard is extremely low:
It is not unlawful for a person who is a party to the communication to record or authorize another person to record the conversation without the knowledge or consent of the other parties,”
That's it. Struggling to trash Gov. Evers, they've made up this "open question:" 
Fitzgerald said , “The governor should be in control of his office — the buck stops with him. So if one of his staff committed a felony, he needs to hold that person accountable.”

“The governor needs to immediately make clear who from his office created the recording, who authorized it, and what disciplinary actions his staff is facing,” Fitzgerald said. “After bipartisan condemnation of these actions, he also needs to assure legislators that no more recordings exist between our members and the governor or his staff.”
Any "open questions" or "expressed uncertainty?" 

Just imagining...

Trump's unreported early visit to Wisconsin...

Hiding it no more, Republicans and their activist Judges swoop in to steal the Election...

Okay, this tweet is what set me off...

The amendment approved by the Intelligence Committee was an adopted version of Warner's FIRE Act, which he introduced last year. It would require all presidential campaign officials report to the FBI any contacts with foreign nationals trying either to make campaign donations or coordinate with a campaign. When Sen. Marsha Blackburn, a Tennessee Republican, blocked the bill in June 2019, calling it a "blatant political stunt." President Donald Trump applauded her efforts on Twitter.
Republican Judges Given Pass to Steal the Election in Wisconsin: Just prior to rejecting campaign reporting of foreign offers to help with elections, this mind-numbing decision hit the fan.
In a sweeping decision that took more than three years to come outThe decision was issued by three judges appointed by Republican presidents — Easterbrook, Michael Kanne and Diane Sykes on Monday that reinstated limits on early voting and a requirement that voters be Wisconsin residents for at least a month before an election. 
Still not convinced? Check out this down the rabbit hole thinking that, beyond a doubt, shaped their magical court decision around their desired and desperate outcome:

Pay very close attention to the jaw dropping first insane sentence. You can't make this stuff up JSOnline: 
“This record does not support a conclusion that the legislators who voted for the contested statutes cared about race; they cared about voters’ political preferences.” Judge Frank Easterbrook wrote for the unanimous court (that) "If one party can make changes that it believes help its candidates, the other can restore the original rules or revise the new ones. 
Also, imagine thinking that just one place for early voting in a small town is just like having one place to vote in a major city. That's not crazy, right? It's not a substantive problem? It's all magically the same...:
"We do not see a substantive problem with days-and-hours limitations," Easterbrook wrote. "They leave all voters with equal opportunities to participate."
By coincidence, Republicans have been saying the same thing for the last 3 years after they passed this lunacy. Isn't that odd?:
Andrew Hitt, chairman of the state Republican Party, praised the ruling. "Today's ruling ensures that Wisconsinites have equal access to the polls regardless of where they live."

Monday, June 15, 2020

Trump Republicans scared shi**ess of ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter, panic over Seattle "occupation!"

ANTIFA provocateurs? Anarchist takeover of Seattle? Fox News seems to thinks so, imagining the worst...

…and this was fun speculation and conspiracy base on the right wing's favorite source of research, "anecdotes:"

The Seattle Police Department warned business owners located in the so-called Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone to call 911 if protesters occupying the area demand money from them … “We have heard, anecdotally, reports of citizens and businesses being asked to pay a fee to operate within this area. This is the crime of extortion. If anyone has been subjected to this, we need them to call 911.”
Seattle's Takeover Anarchy, Chaos, ANTIFA occupation, Violence...meditation demonstration? 

As CNN reported, it's all amazingly similar to the late 60's love in demonstrations: 

TRUMP: “Domestic Terrorists have taken over Seattle.” — tweet Wednesday.

THE FACTS: No they haven’t.
This weekend the six-block zone in Seattle's Capitol Hill neighborhood resembled more festival than protest. Thousands packed the area known as CHAZ for Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone or CHOP for the Capitol Hill Occupied Protest. Some meditated or painted. Others listened to speakers. The zone is stocked with granola bars, water, toilet paper and toothpaste.
Fear and anarchy came and went too...

Friday, June 12, 2020

Like Trump, Vos denies racist comment blaming "science," and by creating paranoid Gov. Evers conspiracy. Scott Fitzgerald goes along.

When Republicans are exposed by their own racist words, it's the governor's fault...again:
On the secret recording of a phone call last month with Gov. Tony Evers, Vos blamed high numbers of COVID-19 cases in Racine on immigrants.
Here it comes...
Fitzgerald added the recording will “completely erode our ability to work together for the foreseeable future.”
Oh no, not that. Just when you thought the legislature, after all their politically condescending hysterical criticisms and phony outrage, were finally going to get along with the Gov. Evers administration...our dreams were crushed? See if you see any hint of Fitzgerald trying to "work together," or seriously considering pandemic safety precautions:

Rep. Robin Vos blamed Evers who said he didn't know about the recording. Not only that, the recording only came out because of an open records request, not slipped anonymously to the media...so how can you plan that? Still, Vos "suggests" a conspiracy and victimhood, that sends the necessary signal:
“I sincerely doubt that he did not know,” Vos said.
You see, Vos outright blamed Hispanic and Latino immigrants for a spike in Covid-19 cases, you know, because of their "culture." They live "much closer" together...you get his meaning, right?:
"I know the reason, at least in my region," Vos said in the recording, "it's because of a large immigrant population where, you know, it's just a difference in culture where people are living much closer and working much closer."
...from Upfront:

Science, FINALLY: Again weaponizing another racist stereotype, like when Republicans used the high rate of Covid-19 cases in black communities to stoke lockdown resentment in white rural parts of our state:

Vos responded on Twitter, saying: "Listen to what was said and not the sensationalist headline. Facts show communities of color are disproportionally impacted. That's science."
So, is the following just more "science:"
The post shared by Tusler (R-Harrison) features a photograph including of a group of people, primarily African Americans, who appear to be entering a store through a broken window. It reads, "LOOTING: When free housing, free food, free education, and free phones just aren't enough."
Never letting a cheap shot moment go unexploited, Sen. Scott Fitzgerald and Rep. Vos' created another comically transparent opportunity to whine. In other words, they've got nothing else:

Vos said by refusing to answer who consented, which is required by law, "clearly there is a cover up in progress. I’m waiting to see what Gov. Evers’ actions are. Not his words, I’m sick of words. What are his actions to deal with this clearly, clearly unprecedented breach of trust?”

Fitzgerald said Evers had lost control of his office in an appearance on a conservative talk radio show Thursday. "I think we've got a half-engaged governor with a staff that continues to manipulate. I don't think he's got control. In 26 years in the Legislature, this is one of the most brazen examples of unethical, unprofessional conduct I have ever seen. The governor has gone so far off the deep end, he’s making secret Nixonesque recordings from the East Wing of the Capitol. This conduct is totally unbecoming of our state’s top executive and opens up questions about what other recordings his administration may have.”
Notice how Vos and Fitzgerald spread "uncertainty" with planted "open questions" that are only meant to manufacture conspiracies within their paranoid voter base. Here's my source:

Sadly, and because the Dems continue to play the abused partner in politics, they found the weakest way possible to fight back against this racist assault...
Democratic state Rep. Jonathan Brostoff of Milwaukee said the staff member who recorded the conversation should be fired immediately. Assembly Minority Leader Gordon Hintz, D-Oshkosh, said "It's bush league and amateur to have something like that happen and I do not condone it in any way."
Wow, now that's focusing like a laser on Vos' outrageous racist stereotype? When it comes to framing an issue, Democrats are pathetic!

This is the way to respond:
Less than 24 hours after a recording became public of Assembly Speaker Robin Vos blaming a coronavirus outbreak in Racine County on "immigrant culture," critics have responded with calls for the GOP leader to resign or apologize.

Just another lesson NOT learned. But some were telling it like it is:
Jenny Tasse, a spokesperson with the Milwaukee Jewish Federation said leaders can’t blame one group like immigrants for the coronavirus.
"In the Jewish community we are all too familiar with this dangerous trope. Immigrants are the blood of our communities. Rather than deflect and blame, Speaker Vos should applaud the workers that keep our communities running."
Vos is covering for an unhealthy increase in his district. Heck, he wanted to open early and forever removed the states ability to deal with future pandemics...what, no consequences?
As in Milwaukee, the hardest hit communities in Racine have been communities of color. About 45 percent of the city of Racine’s population identifies as African American or Latino. About 85 percent of the coronavirus cases in the city are people of color, Racine Mayor Cory Mason said in a previous interview with WPR.

In that county, by ethnicity, 23% of positive cases are Hispanic or Latino, 74% are not Hispanic or Latino ... 74% are reported as white, 13% Black and 14% other.

Monday, June 8, 2020

Former police officer Sen. Wanggaard part of the problem! So maybe he's the wrong guy for advice on Police Reform, ya think?

When will news media finally realize Republicans don't solve problems, and never will? 

Yet no one seems to have noticed this, all the while Republicans like State Sen. Van Wanggaard, a former police officer, are blocking attempts to reform policing to stop a growing problem that is dividing the nation. Sure, ask a guy who was a part of the problem.

Like the GOP's inaction on mass shootings, Wanggaard is repeating the same insulting talking points; there really isn't a problem, and more impossibly thinks we can change "human nature." In other words, we're not going to do anything. 

The thing is, Wisconsin Republicans have been playing this little trick for years; like saying "they'll look into it," or take the long way starting from scratch instead of relying on successful national and global studies to more quickly reach a solution. Oops, did I say solution? That's a word Republicans don't understand. Like this hard work from a Democrat:
After talking with experts across the country, analyzing best practices of police departments and reading through recommendations including the Police Enforcement Executive Forum’s Guiding Principles on Use of Force and former President Barack Obama’s Task Force on 21st Century Policing, she first introduced the bill in 2017.
This is a societal problem coming from public law enforcement agencies nationwide. Being public, citizens and their representatives get to call the shots on what is acceptable law enforcement.

Instead of seeing a problem, Wanggaard sees black protesters and supposed ANTIFA infiltrators, quite a different picture than the a few hundred good ole boy protesters carry guns and white nationalist confederate flags demanding we ignore the pandemic and get back to work.

Wanggaard's cheap shot at "liberal activists" says a lot about how seriously he takes an actual global protest. 
"...a scathing response from Sen. Van Wanggaard (R-Racine), accusing them of micromanaging and misunderstanding police. He dubbed the measure, “clearly written by liberal activists who have never served with law enforcement, and apparently never even talked or listened to them.”
In the Upfront interview below, Wanggaard would be happy dealing with the problem after-the-fact, when its already too late, just like he would with mass shootings. Here are some of his other cliched favorites...:
1. "...how did it happen, why did this happen."

2. "this isn't about throwing it out there, this is about doing it right."

3. "there's going to be sense of assuredly, that when an investigation is done, its not a coverup or like that, that we have actually someone going and looking at "what's happening, and how can we fix it so it doesn't happen."
Of course we're already at point 3, trying to fix it so it doesn't happen, but Wanggaard clearly doesn't  even agree with his own suggestion. Go figure. See, he and Republicans will never solve a problem, ever:

In another appearance, Wanggaard spewed out a few other classics that lets the carnage explode. WPT's Here and Now:
1. "No matter what is in this bill, would not have changed what occurred..."

2. "We need to get at the root cause...we need to look at how can we address those issues."

3. "We have a piece of legislation we've been working on for 2 years..."
Yea, he said that.

Police Reform? Who needs it...?

Trump's Bunker Mentality...

Friday, May 29, 2020

Nygren's amazing race baiting press release...believe your eyes!

It's a fact Wisconsin's Lt. Governor, Madella Barnes, is black.

So Rep. John Nygren wants to make sure you get really PO'd about it.

Why Nygren specifically targets Barnes leaves little up for discussion. In fact, his whole oddly petty argument is shaped around his obvious racial dog whistle message. You rarely see anything this point blank racist. And Nygren is proud of his clever whiteness:

Just as weird, Nygren complains about Evers budget cuts to many of the governors own favorite programs because of the pandemic, while at the same time complaining they weren't the 5 percent Evers demanded, but instead were 2.5 percent. Oh, and this is a rewrite of an earlier release that same day, but without Mandela Barnes as the target.

Read his race card press release yourself, especially the last line, which blew my mind totally, considering Trump's latest tweets about "thugs," shooting Democrats, and when the "shooting starts." Can't remember when Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch sparked this kind of outrage:

Trump COVID-19 preventive treatments mushroom...

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Sad Republicans: With Great Power comes Great Irresponsibility: They Screwed up, now seek Governors Solution.

Enter COVID-19 Pandemic: Businesses closed and unemployment skyrocketed. But it could have been any other kind of disaster, natural or economic:
(Wisconsin now has) a backlog of 675,000 unemployment claims that are part of the surge driven by the coronavirus pandemic.
Gerrymandered Elections have Devastating Consequences: When Republicans gutted the governors powers before taking office, they did it simply because he was a Democrat:

JSONLINE: GOP lawmakers have instituted a series of benefit restrictions over the last decade that have limited Evers’ ability to respond to the current situation. Most recently, they approved lame-duck laws just before Evers took office that prevent him from loosening many benefit eligibility rules.
But Republican can't Govern or Solve Problems: Seeing the backlog they created, panic set in, and they demanded Gov. Evers do something. Almost laughable was this bumbling realization by a clueless Rep. John Nygren:
Nygren and other Republicans this month called on the administration to issue payments to some beneficiaries before reviewing whether their claims are valid. But he said he has since learned the administration doesn't have the authority to do that. 
No sh** Sherlock. Exposed, Nygren and his band of plundering Republican pirates admitted they can't fix problems, so they're actually throwing it back to Gov. Evers to give them a solution:
Nygren said he is open to crafting legislation to try to address the issue but hasn't gotten answers from the administration about what it needs. 
Will November see Republicans lose even a few elections? Nope. We're stuck with this totally irresponsible legislature thanks to tribalism and Trump cultist voters :
And Wisconsin was the last state in the nation to begin issuing $600-a-week enhanced payments provided by the federal government. 
Why was Wisconsin the last state? Simple...

Republican lawmakers have taken lumps in recent weeks because they forced the state to cover $25 million in benefits that would have been picked up by the federal government if they had acted more quickly to pass a coronavirus relief package.

Evers spokeswoman Britt Cudaback said "Republicans weren’t concerned enough about unemployment insurance to convene the Legislature before Wisconsin lost out on $25 million in federal funding last month, or at any point in the last eight years during which they made it harder for people in our state to access this critical assistance." 
Policy Failures shine a bright light on Walker Republicans: Did you hear, Republican saved taxpayers billions of dollars not paying for anything, a real badge of honor for freeloaders.

Unemployment Calls Blocked! Remember when Republicans bragged about Scott Walker's legacy? Here's another legacy disaster we all knew the next governor would have to fix regarding their Rube Goldberg version of collecting unemployment benefits; unemployed callers were blocked. Would I kid you? Curtesy of State Sen. Dave Hansen:  
"Republicans knew of the state’s unemployment system’s inability to handle large numbers of applications but did nothing to fix the problem. According to an audit conducted by the state’s non-partisan Legislative Audit Bureau in fiscal year 2013- 2014 1.7 million calls, or 60.2% were blocked. “From December 2013 through January 2014, more than 80.0 percent of the 836,700 calls to the telephone line for initial claims were blocked.” 

“Since the audit Republicans have known about the problems with and limitations of the unemployment insurance system but did little to nothing to fix it. For them to now be trying to place the blame on our Governor and Secretary Frostman for the difficulties caused in large part by their lack of concern for the unemployed is hypocritical and disingenuous,” said Hansen

Sunday, May 17, 2020

Dumb Ron Johnson doesn't see problem giving Businesses liability protection if employees get COVID-19!

So, just how hard will businesses work to create and maintain a safe COVID-19 free work environment if they can't be sued for lack of protections, maybe relaxing protections, or possibly getting rid of burdensome protections for employees over time? 

You know the answer to that, and so does Dumb Ron Johnson.

It's not needed if business...
"...follows the guidelines of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, the federal workplace safety agency. If a business does its best to comply with those recommendations, that should safeguard them from frivolous lawsuits."
Yet Johnson wants to pretend we can "trust" business with peoples lives and health? Talk about uncertainty. Who would feel safe going back to work where "anything goes" or protections are at the mercy of whatever a business can afford at the time?

Again, because unemployed workers have all the time in the world to pay their overdue bills, Johnson's tired old scheme is to delay and make us first understand what went wrong with previous stimulus payments blah, blah, blah...! Capitol City Sunday:

If the laws simply give immunity to corporations, there will be absolutely no incentives to ensure that they create a safe work environment,” said Remington A. Gregg, a lawyer with the watchdog group Public Citizen. Granting legal immunity, he says, will “sabotage the effort to get workers and consumers back. If people don't trust that stores, offices and workplaces are safe, they will refuse to return.

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce suggests that it could be narrowly tailored. “No one wants to protect bad actors here,” said Neil Bradley, the chambers chief policy officer. Bradley says “if they are willfully forcing workers to work in unsafe conditions, then they don't have that liability protection.”
Yea, sure, we'll see...

Not-so-grounded-in-law State Supreme Court "legal" decision: "Constitution, Freedom, Liberty!"

When it came to repealing Gov. Evers safe-at-home orders, I was stunned by how similar the State Supreme Court's decision was to the unhinged rantings of my Trump cultist friend in Milwaukee.

The courts decision was like something you would hear at a bar filled with unmasked drunken geniuses spouting "patriotic" interpretations of the Constitution, liberty, and freedom.

Want to know how politically corrupt the Supreme Court of Wisconsin is right now? This AP article exposes what is incredibly obvious to most people. And this is what conservatives call law and order?

Republicans, having worked so hard to make bad policy "constitutional" through activist conservative Justices, weren't shy about shaping law to fit their right-wing outcome:
“Conservatives have been snookered,” former state Rep. Adam Jarchow tweeted within minutes of the court’s ruling Wednesday, in reference to Hagedorn. “We will never learn.” Jarchow, who tweeted that he went to a bar hours after the ruling, said Hagedorn was on “the wrong side of history.”
Justices attack fellow conservative Justice Brian Hagedorn: Apparently the conservative majority of Justices were seeking an overwhelming predetermined outcome. They never expected an honest criticism of their partisan bad decision, based on nothing, that put the entire states population at risk:
Hagedorn wrote: “During my campaign, I said that my job is to say what the law is, not what I think the law should be. I meant what I said” (Saying that the Legislature had no standing to bring the case seeking to overturn Evers “safer at home” order). “
“But just as true, the judiciary must never cast aside our laws or the constitution itself in the name of liberty. The rule of law, and therefore the true liberty of the people, is threatened no less by a tyrannical judiciary than by a tyrannical executive or legislature. Today’s decision may or may not be good policy, but it is not grounded in the law.”

Justice Daniel Kelly, who was booted off the court by voters for candidate Jill Karofsky, showed everyone why this bad Scott Walker appointee was never qualified:
“We swore to uphold the Wisconsin Constitution. He’s free to join in anytime he wishes.”
Justice Hagedorn must have hit that exposed sore spot of corruption on the court with this...
“We are a court of law. We are not here to do freewheeling constitutional theory. We are not here to step in and referee every intractable political stalemate. In striking down most of (the order), this court has strayed from its charge and turned this case into something quite different than the case brought to us.”
Supposed liberal Justice Rebecca Dallet summed it up this way:
“A majority of this court falls hook, line and sinker for the legislature's tactic to rewrite a duly enacted statute through litigation rather than legislation. This decision will undoubtedly go down as one of the most blatant examples of judicial activism in this court's history.”
Here's Upfront's Adrienne Pedersen's closing piece:

This hurts, really hurts: While the jury is still out on  Justice Hagedorn's "balls and strikes" attitude, I'm going out on a limb here by agreeing for once with opinion columnist Christian Schneider, even if he blocked me on twitter. This is a thing of beauty:

Fauci gets an audience...

"Feel your Pain" Trump is so sad!

Unmasked COVID-carriers take away our Freedom, "onus is on the individual...if you don't feel comfortable, don't go!"

For the rest of us in Wisconsin, we're now being told by Sen. Scott Fitzgerald that if we're afraid a bunch of unmasked losers spitting out claims of liberty in a store or corner bar, we have the "freedom" to limit our choices and "freedoms:"

In other words...


Unmasked Party of Trump Party Cultists: The Bulwark recently took a hard looked at the unmasking of incivility during the pandemic:

We have a “don’t wear masksmovement that overlaps almost entirely with the “reopen immediately” movement.

There are only two possible explanations for why this might be. The first is that people are dumber than a bag of hammers.

The second is that when people tell you what they think about “reopening” and “masks,” they aren’t actually talking about the coronavirus … when you see people nodding along as Judy Mikovits claims that “wearing the mask literally activates your own virus” it can be very difficult to tease out which way the causality runs.
This really happened!

MSNBC's Chris Hayes spelled it out below in a way that even the unmasked TrumpCultists could understand. It's still hard to believe this is a topic at all:

In this popular video tweet, you'll see unmasked protesters in Long Island get in the reporters face purposely as brutish intimidation. I've included the reporters uncut footage and the actual armed occupation of Michigan's Capitol suggesting they would lynch the female governor as well:

More from the Bulwark article:
…they don’t view the pandemic as an event to be managed, but as an opportunity to posture and perform. In part, this is an artifact of how successful the mitigation measures have been: Because the death toll has been held to the scores of thousands, many people have the luxury of talking and acting however they like...

...one of the stories we have told ourselves was that we could become a serious people again if we faced a big enough shock or a stern enough test. That the steely, strong, serious America of the last century—the America that survived the Depression and crushed the Nazis and put men on the moon—was still somewhere within us, just waiting to be awakened. That our true, best selves just needed a call to action, a grave, existential summons.

The reaction of this vocal and sizable minority to the pandemic suggests that this story might not be true, either … the restless grumbling of the open-it-all-up, masks-be-damned crowd should concern us, not only because their actions endanger them and us, but also because of what it says about the American character.
One final word...
As the pandemic moves from public health crisis to partisan flashpoint, the debate over the coronavirus response in the U.S. is becoming increasingly nasty – and, in some cases, violent.

It's not just the clusters of gun-toting protesters at state capitols. In sporadic incidents across the country, disputes over emergency measures have turned into shootings, fistfights and beatings. Stories abound of intimidation over masking. And armed right-wing groups have threatened contact tracers and people who they say "snitch" on neighbors and businesses violating health orders.

Trump's refusal to wear a mask despite the advice of his own health authorities and recent coronavirus infections among White House staffers ... Rachel Kleinfeld, who studies polarization and violence at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, said the president's decision not to wear a mask is calculated.

"Trump recognizes that by talking about masking in a certain way, he can play on an identity," Kleinfeld said. "And it's an identity of virility versus fear, an identity of urban versus rural, an identity of race, even, given who's being hit by the virus, and he can do all those things by triggering something that was not polarizing before, which is whether or not you wear a mask in public."
One final picture...
Sure, go check it out...

Friday, May 15, 2020

Tracking Wild West Wisconsin's pandemic experiment.

I love embedding interactive graphs, so here's one you can gauge how well the State Supreme Court's decision was to repeal safe-at-home orders:

Another Evers challenge...

Thursday, May 14, 2020

State Supreme Court says, Hit the Bars!!!

UPDATE-5/15/2020: Since the Supreme Court never clarified why it did what it did and what the option are...chaos:

By Friday, health officials in Kenosha, Brown, Manitowoc and Outagamie counties had dropped orders, as did the cities of Cudahy and Appleton. The Wisconsin Counties Association said after Wednesday’s ruling that it was unclear whether whether local orders mimicking the statewide mandate would stand up in court.
Wisconsin’s largest and most liberal counties, Milwaukee and Dane, home to about 1.5 million of the state’s 6 million residents, left their orders in place. State law allows local health officers to “do what is reasonable and necessary for the prevention and suppression of disease.” They can issue edicts without going through the rule-making process that the high court said state officials must use.

The Republicans have foisted off an odd twist to self governance. The idea that their voters, especially their voters, would act responsibly and live by the rules handed down by their capitalist leaders, business lobbyists.

Back at it again, Republican Rep. Robin Vos suggested that freedom, liberty, and self governance is all we really need to fight a pandemic. Trust the public to voluntarily do the right thing, all the rules are out there to follow...:
“Republicans believe business owners can safely reopen using the guidelines … We urge our fellow small business owners to utilize the suggestions as a safe and effective way to open up our state. “Wisconsin now … can continue to follow good practices of social distancing, hand washing, hand sanitizer usage and telecommuting. This order does not promote people to act in a way that they believe endangers their health.
Here's a look at self-governance based on trusting the small crowds of protesters, with their guns, Nazi symbols and calls for the governors recall, to control state public policy. A bunch of real constitutional scholars, following good practices blah, blah, blah. Really, did anyone believe that bullsh*t? Face masks anyone?

On Wednesday night in the heart of downtown Platteville, Wis., just hours after the Wisconsin Supreme Court threw out the state’s stay-at-home order, Nick’s on 2nd was packed wall to wall, standing room only.

It was sometime after 10 p.m. when “Long Cool Woman in a Black Dress” by the Hollies came over the sound system and a bartender took out his camera. In a Twitter broadcast, he surveyed the room of maskless patrons crammed together, partying like it was 2019. A few were pounding on the bar to the beat. Some were clapping their hands in the air and some were fist-pumping, a scene so joyous they could have been celebrating the end of the worst pandemic in a century.
Assembly Majority Leader Jim Steineke’s chief of staff Rusty Schultz … encouraged those who do participate during the pandemic do so safely and adhere to social distancing guidelines.

Sen. Duey Stroebel doesn't buy that argument. "If you think the citizens of this state are a bunch of fools incapable of handling their lives in an appropriate manner, then I guess we might be into chaos," Stroebel said of the governor's take.
Masks anyone...?
COVID-19 Safe-at-Home Repeal brings Illinois bar hoppers to Wisconsin: Maybe Scott Walker couldn't entice people to come to the state, but this has:
The Daily Beast spoke with several Illinois residents who shared plans to travel this weekend to Wisconsin. While they generally said they were aware of coronavirus-related travel concerns, they echoed a simmering national debate about how long economies can be placed in hibernation. Anthony Hersick, 22, from Ingleside, Illinois, said he and some friends were planning on crossing the border to Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, to head to the bars and clubs in the area. “I’m a little worried [about COVID-19], but we are here to support our friends,” he told The Daily Beast.

“Quite frankly, those who find themselves wandering [across state lines] should be forced to stay there,” said Patty Steel of Wonder Lake, Illinois. “Your desire to sit in a restaurant is selfish and gross, especially after Wisconsin posted almost 300 daily cases of COVID-19 yesterday.”

Through a spokesperson, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot called the Wisconsin Supreme Court ruling “obviously partisan” and “incredibly reckless and dangerous.”
Even the Daily Show couldn't avoid the absurdity of the moment:

Republicans are now targeting local stay at home orders, kind of a distraction from not having a plan. Keep the agitated Trump Covidians angry:
Many cities and counties in Wisconsin have their own emergency or Safer at Home orders. Fitzgerald says he doesn't have a problem with letting those continue for another week, or until local voters demand their communities be reopened.

Fitzgerald already has his eye on his last assault, putting our kids on the front lines of the pandemic, back in school, no matter what things look like in September:
Fitzgerald said "The focus moving forward should be about the bigger, broader questions, like are K-12 schools coming back in the fall? Is the UW System going to have kids loading up their cars and driving down and move into a dorm room?"