Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Crazy, Fanning the Flames Right Winger Armstrong Williams: "People are afraid...(threats) are happening on both sides

MSNBC's David Shuster gets shoveled loads of "both sides" bull from radio Republican Armstrong Williams, the ultimate fear monger.

Williams: " it's happening on both sides...the American people are just angry and upset David over the health care bill. They're afraid of their way of life, they're afraid of what's going to happen ... I hope that you're applying the standard for all that have been threatened, because I'm just as outraged about the Democrats being threatened as the Republicans being's the people who are afraid of the health care bill..."

Shuster: "The problem is a lot of Americans don't know what's in this bill because they've been so confused and so mislead particularly by members of congress and some members of the conservative media.."

Williams: "Both sides David, both sides."

Shuster: "That's not both sides, there has not been an equivalency Armstrong, you know better than that."


  1. Shuster is so full of BS it is not funny. Who owuldn't be afraid of a massive piece of legislation we are told we canot even see or read until it is passed; which is written behind clksed doors by a single party (Dems!); that by the rhetoric of the sitting President (a DEM!) contains nothing threatening even though when read, it apparently DOES contsain the very thing that President claims it does not; and will, at the best CBO estimate (which has historically been always VERY low) will have the effect of federalizing 1/6 of the economy....and there is so much else that could be said, but DEMS & the lapdog mediots just snow the American public, which they hope is not paying attention.

  2. Where did you get the video???

  3. I recorded the video myself.

    The process: I have a DVR that records the shows, I transfer the clips to DVD, download the DVD to computer, edit, convert to Windows media file, upload to blogger and that's how its done.

  4. If you call your show Shuster's Showdown, and if a showdown is the point in any exchange when your purpose is to obliterate the opponent with bullet-like force, doesn't that mean you're at best a talk show host and not a journalist whose job it is to gather facts and present them?

  5. On Shuster: "you're at best a talk show host and not a journalist"

    No, not at all. Having been a talk show host, I personally think you can do both, especially knowing Shuster is still a journalist.

    Shuster in this case has two rolls as you have pointed out, but in his "showdown," he brings out the journalistic points of fact, and wins the showdown.

    The problem arises when personality talkers, with no journalism background and no desire to stay true to the facts, spew misinformation and fiction. You know, like conservative talkers who used to host celebrity gossip shows, played R&R or just got a program because they're Republican sycophants.

  6. Someone's a little agitated in their own skin.