Monday, October 31, 2022

MAGA Weekly: Bible trashes Liberals! What's next for MAGAs, ordering hits? Blood Drinking Left.

Van Orden says it's a Bible principle, Leftists hate this Country: Tavern touring Derrick Van Orden is out there talking to the people and farmers but doesn't seem to be aware of their biggest concerns. Any solutions? Odd huh?

The Bible tells us so...MAGA not a Religious Cult? Trump is our divine intervention... 

MAGA Death Squads Quietly being Recruited: What do Guns have to do with Firing Pelosi? It's not that Rep. Ween is definitely suggesting shooting a member of Congress, but he says he can do that because a lone gunman attacked Rep. Steve Scalise. 

MAGAs pushing Punishment of Death: Imagine this message a year from now? Nancy Pelosi committed treason for holding office for so long? Don't tell Chuck Grassley:

Liberal Elites Drink Childrens Blood: Watching the amazing mental decline of conspiracy nut Lara Logan has been almost surreal. But with messaging like this, added to MAGA gun election ads suggesting there are other ways to "win" an election, can't wait the dystopian 2024 dueling challenges:

Political Leaders deciding Women's health: Dr. Oz made it very clear women's issues, including health, are sadly up to men now: 

Michael Flynn never would have allowed that COVID nonsense: I've said over and over, for MAGAs, COVID wasn't real or a reason for inflation. It was a liberal global plot:

Under MAGAs, Uncle Sam relegated to cheap side-show Trump entertainment: How far he has fallen...


Wednesday, October 19, 2022

MAGA Weekly: Lazy Covid Checks, Trump Capitol Riot, FBI Setup, Climate denial, Crime and Violence in Red States, etc.

1. Michels: "COVID checks...that's how they got Lazy!" Like getting economic help during a pandemic was the worst we can do. MAGAs won't spend money on us, it's wrong?

2. Michels: "I haven't seen any evidence, Donald Trump said "Go to the Capitol now and storm it..." Okay, maybe not those exact words but...Michels: "making Donald Trump look bad with all these hearings..." is pretty ridiculous. 

3. Ron Johnson set up by FBI (don't laugh, he means it): The crowd at the debate should have been the MAGA reaction, but wasn't:

4. "Why has he turned against America" nothing like hating America now and promising to Make America Great Again? 

5. Michels: "A lot of discussion about that..." The West is drying up, Hurricanes wiping out sections of states, yup, no problem. 

6. MAGA somehow rationalizes voting for "shitty candidates." Wow, smart argument:

7. Crime and Violence NOT Dems, but MAGA Republicans after all: We've seen the charts...Now you can hear the data...

8. Fighting MAGA War on Women's Rights Fading? They think so, but it's only getting worse... then this happens...body shaming: 

9. MAGA Groomers ya think? Let's call it what it is, projection:

Thursday, October 13, 2022

DeSantis photo ops collide...election tyranny defying election law?


DeSantis Tyrannical Election Violations? 

Trump victim again...


Tuesday, October 11, 2022

MAGA Weekly: Christian Nation-Replacement Theory-Trump aids Putin War-Good-bye Social Security for real-Saudi Oil Price Hike Oct Surprise!

 What does it really mean to be a "Christian nation?" It allows MAGA Republicans to argue the "government" is getting between you and God. 

"Replacing You" at Work? It's surreal how MAGAs completely miss how ridiculous that sounds. Immigrant's may be working side-by-side with everyone else, but how will they find a way to "replace" you? As a friend recently put it, "It can't get more Nazi than this."

Trump + MAGAs hands Putin's Russia Media Talking points: Aiding the enemy? Sure. Video of Trump's comment is the first response after this tweet, check it out: 



No, really, Social Security and Medicare about to END: What's most amazing about these threats, is that they're bold enough to do this just before a midterm election: 

Biden ad makes this point:

Here's the plan:
Gradually raise the Medicare age of eligibility to 67 and the Social Security eligibility to 70 before indexing both to life expectancy. It backed withholding payments to those who retired early and had earnings over a certain limit. And it endorsed the consideration of options to reduce payroll taxes that fund Social Security and redirect them to private alternatives. It also urged lawmakers to “phase-in an increase in means testing” for Medicare.

Hollywood's Communist Bent? China owns 'em: A Gay Superman has been canceled? I did not know that. Christians now want to reclaim Hollywood for their messages:


Sunday, October 9, 2022

The MAGA week...and they want to be in charge?

There are so many stories, and so many important points to make, yet nothing I can say says it better than those who blindly open their traps...



From "Rigged" elections to an equivalent "Fixed" elections? Again, they're telling us in no uncertain terms what will happen. In other words, the fix is in:

When Justice Thomas targeted Gay Marriage, MAGAs went further: Conservative media is already making this argument, amazingly:



MAGA Racism behind "All lives Matter:" Post racial? To MAGAs, this is what makes America Great:

Ron Johnson's Social Security is "CANDY" statement: What the media won't report is how just one or two words, even a sentence, will be used to reject renewing Social Security, not just MAGA poison pill amendments. Again, SS is a pay-as-you-go program that doesn't use tax dollars. Could anything be more clearly stated by Johnson? 

Socialist Hating MAGA Republicans Beg for Socialist Job Creating Money: See, it's this easy...:

Proud Supporters of Trump...going down with that ship: The video tells the story...

Authoritarianism: MAGAs don't have to Anwer Questions: Sen. Cruz' reaction doesn't make MAGA Republicans rethink their vote, because it can only get worse:

The Problem with Jon Stewart...: I wish the media could get as close this line of questioning as possible. 

Liberals Directed Hurricane Ian to Hurt Gov. DeSantis: You can't make this stuff up...yet someone did: 

The DeSantis Photo OP Halts Ian Relief Help: Yup!
Illegals handing out Halloween Fentanyl Candy?
Say it ain't so.  The interviewer handles it perfectly: