Thursday, March 11, 2010

Gulf Power president and Mosaic Fertilizer VP Overseeing Florida Schools, Is it any wonder public education is struggling.

Under the heading, You've got to be kidding...

A board that oversees public schools and Florida's state and community college system has a few members that defy logic, common sense and good business sense.

Miami Herald: The new appointees are Susan Story, 50, president of Pensacola-based Gulf Power, and Mark Kaplan, 42, vice president of Mosaic Fertilizer in Tallahassee.
The best response was the following comment:
So, we're adding corporate executives to the state education board. Why
would that be a good idea? What expertise does a power company manager and a
fertilizer company owner bring to the operations of a public school system?
Where are the teachers or at least those with teaching experience?

Let's reverse the equation - the janitor from a middle school takes his place on the power company board; the teacher's aide from the special ed class takes her place at the head of the fertilizer company. Surely they can bring their expertise to bear on the subject, no? Running schools like a business is an incredibly stupid idea. Why should we trust the future of our children to those wonderful people whose limitless greed and ambition have just brought us the Great Recession?

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