Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Facts vs Empty Whining! Republican Rep. Robin Vos Argues Against His Own Created Fictions. Still Loses.

I usually don't post full interviews, so I can instead go straight to the video clips point, but I couldn't resist showcasing the following full frontal lying in the face of insurmountable truth.

After Democratic Governor Jim Doyle lured foreign high speed rail manufacturer Talgo to locate a plant in Milwaukee, Republicans rolled out the unwelcome mat with constant whining and crazy claims of job losses by a local steel manufacturer. General Council of the Department of Transportation Bob Janbois clearly and effectively explained every detail and addressed every complaint leveled at the deal.

Republican Rep. Robin Vos essentially didn't have a leg to stand on, no arguments. Never missing a chance to portray Wisconsin as a bad place for business, Vos simply ignored every detail, I mean EVERY detail, to bash Talgo and the governor. Vos' point: Governor Dolye took the Talgo deal because he GOT A FREE trip to Spain. I wish I were kidding.

Bottom line: Vos and his fellow Republicans sure know how to make a business feel welcome.

Talgo go home!

From Upfront with Mike Gousha (goo-shay)

Other wacky talking points: "Rumors" Spanish workers will be imported?, suspicious of "sweetheart deals?," and all we have is the governors word.

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