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Barrett's Level Headed Management Style a Stark Contrast to Walker's Double-Speak.

The second debate is over and Tom Barrett was the adult in the room. Maybe it was the psycho look in Walker's droopy dead eyes, or his forced and creepy looking puckered pleading lips, but slick Scotty is simply a hard guy to trust.

Here Tom Barrett points out how Walker took advantage of the recession to divide and conquer. Walker continues to portray hard working public employees and their unions as "special interests." Odd, I would have pegged Walker's billionaire contributors as special interests, am I crazy? The best line of BS is Walker's suggestion that Barrett is selectively taking pieces out of his conversation, that what, makes "divide and conquer" sound bad?:

Barrett also reminded voters statewide that Scott Walker was an 8 year county executive for Milwaukee, the very region he finds so utterly disastrous now:

And as far as passing right to work, Walker resorts to the old and no longer believable, "that's a hypothetical." Oh...the private sector unions soooo deserve what they're going to get if they vote for Walker:

Scott Walker's web of lunacy dissected with Ed.

A new poll result and two Wisconsinites, the Progressive's Ruth Conniff and Salon's Joan Walsh, comment on Clinton visit, Russ Feingold, Reince Priebus' allegation of voter fraud, and the tea party's True to Vote again sticks its nose in our business trying to pose as poll watchers. Love this stuff.

John Doe Investigation was not Walker's Idea. Another big Walker Smoke Screen!!!

Hooter girl and Walker campaign spokesperson Ciara Matthews said the actual written documentation that contradicts Scott Walker’s claim he initiated the John Doe investigation was inaccurate.
That’s right, Scott Walker is more honest than the honest truth.
jsonline-Dan Bice: On May 5, 2010, Assistant District Attorney Bruce Landgraf filed a petition with court officials asking if his office could initiate a secret investigation into what happened with $11,000 in donations intended for Operation Freedom … By making it a secret John Doe investigation, Landgraf wrote that prosecutors might get better cooperation from Walker's office, which had been "unwilling or unable" to turn over records and information needed in the investigation. He said he would need to subpoena county records and officials. "It may be the County Executive's Office is reluctant to provide information to investigators due to a fear of political embarrassment," Landgraf wrote, noting that Walker was then running for governor.
It’s obvious that with a little time travel, and help from unionista's, Assistant DA Bruce Landgraf plotted to make Scott Walker look like a liar. No one is more honest than Scott. But have to hand to his crazy campaign firewall, Ciara, she’s unafraid to look the fool:
But Ciara Matthews, spokeswoman for the governor's recall campaign, said the filing was inaccurate. "Multiple follow-ups were made by the chief of staff to the district attorney's office to offer assistance in that investigation, and any statement to the contrary is not correct," Matthews said.

Like everything else, Walker peppers a little truth in his bigger lies:
Prosecutors have previously acknowledged that investigators met with Nardelli and another Walker aide in 2009 over Operation Freedom. But Landgraf's filing is the first public suggestion Walker's office later reversed course and quit cooperating. Landgraf said publicity about the probe, (it) could be "particularly unfair" to Walker. 
Yeah, sounds like the guy was setting Walker up.

Walker Supporter and Millionaire put his kids in Badgercare

Remember when one of the Republican presidential candidates said that the problem with the food stamp program was that millionaires were taking advantage of it? Gasp!

Well guess what, a guy right here in Wisconsin enrolled three of his children in the states Badgercare program, even though his wealth is estimated to be between $20 to $30 million. "A 2011 divorce required Michael Eisenga to provide health insurance for his three young boys." So Eisenga got his kids into the taxpayer supported program. Just as odd, Walker's former chief of staff Kelly Rindfleisch, charged in the John Doe investigation, worked as an administrative assistant for Eisenga's telemarketing firm.

Did I tell you these people are freeloaders? WKOW's Tony Galli:

Research director Jon Peacock of the Wisconsin Council on Children & Families said the state uses no income limit when assessing the eligibility of children for BadgerCare.  
...and bad business man:
State and court records also list Eisenga's state tax debt as $224,178, in connection to his operation of a Columbus golf course. Records show Eisenga accumulated the tax debt during a time he contributed thousands of dollars to republican organizations and candidates, including a $10,000 contribution to Governor Walker in November 2009, and $7,500 to Lieutenant Governor Rebecca Kleefisch in April 2010. Eisenga told 27 News his tax debt was due to his "miscalculation" of sales taxes.

MU Poll meant to suppress Democratic voter Turnout? What Else could Explain Polling Problems.

Tom Barrett and Democratic voters have good reason to complain and question Marquette U's polling results. Check out this nicely put together report from WKOW's Greg Neumann:

Unionista central, Madison, has 7th Best U.S. Economy! But what do liberals know about business?

Liberal Madison, the socialist nightmare of the Midwest, and a Republican target of criticism and vilification, has the 7th strongest economy of U.S. metro areas.

The conservative utopia of Waukesha still did not make it, and Rep. Paul Ryan’s beloved district stomping ground, Janesville, is the worst state city on the list. But who cares, we should turn the country’s economy over to him? Why not, he’s a leader with courage.
WSJ: Madison's economy is the seventh strongest among metropolitan areas in the U.S., according to Policom Corp.'s 2012 rankings.

That's the best showing in three years. In 2011, the Madison area was 12th; in 2010, it was ninth; and in 2009, it was in sixth place.

Two other Wisconsin cities were among Policom's top 100: Green Bay was No. 67 and Milwaukee, No. 70. Janesville was the lowest rated of Wisconsin's metro areas, at No. 344 of the 366 cities in the study.

Republicans Suppress Vote, Commit Voter and Election Fraud right out in Open.

Rachel Maddow is on top the voter suppression/election fraud game the Republicans are so good at playing. Yet none of their own lawbreaking has ever stuck to them personally, even though they've been doing it over and over. They're not even trying to hide it now. I've shortened Rachels presentation into this nice summary of violations:

Who's Going to Challenge Americans for Prosperity's Tax Exemption after Walker bus Tour?

It was so nice to have Rachel Maddow notice how strange it was to have, of all things, a Koch brothers bus tour in Wisconsin, just before the election...hey, it's just a coincidence?

The media here has been so numbed by Scott Walker's BS, criminal probe and crafty campaign, that we forgot to notice how blatant a tax violation this could be for Americans for (their own) Prosperity.

Amazing stuff:

"Obamacare" responsible for total revamping of health care delivery and cost control.

Let’s be very clear; Obama’s Affordable Care Act is responsible for the upcoming dramatic change in how health care is delivered in this country. Slowing the rising costs would not have happened if not for Obamacare. Period.

Yet in the story below, it’s only mentioned in connection with Medicare, deep within the article.
jsonline: Medicare is encouraging health systems and independent physicians to set up "accountable care organizations" under provisions in the Affordable Care Act, the federal health care reform law.
But really, the health care exchanges were just as responsible for market changes: 
Health systems in eastern Wisconsin are taking the first steps toward revamping the way they are paid, laying the groundwork for head-to-head competition on price and quali­ty as well as sweeping changes in the health insurance market. Aurora Health Care is prom­ising employers guaranteed savings if they offer a health plan that requires employees and their families to use only Aurora hospitals, doctors and other services. But changing the way health systems are paid could help slow the rise in health care costs. It also could result in better care by improving coordination, closely managing patients with chronic conditions and encouraging better adherence to clinical guidelines.

'This is the engine for mak­ing health care better,' said Peter Pruessing, chief execu­tive of Quality Health Solu­tions Inc. Accountable care organiza­tions would be accountable for the cost and quality of care for a defined group of patients. In exchange, physicians, health systems or both would share in any cost savings provided they met specific quality mea­sures. The goal is to give doctors and hospitals a financial in­centive to focus on how they deliver care rather than on revenue.
In many ways, insurance companies may be on the way out. 

Big Walker Supporter, WMC, repeats last years claim-jobs on the way.

For the last year Scott Walker has talked up how positive business is about improved climate in the state. Still, Wisconsin has added fewer jobs than almost every other state in the country. Really, after a year and a half, he’s only come up with a possible 30,000 jobs?

What’s not said is how that number could be more honestly attributed to the normal business cycle and the slowly improving recovery. If employers are positive, they can thank the Obama administration policies. Of course they won’t.

It’s no surprise than that the biggest Walker supporter and the voice of big business, Wisconsin Manufacturing and Commerce, would release another overly positive “feel good” survey of businesses that are promising jobs, jobs, jobs, just like a year ago. And we know how that turned out. This press release is so blatantly transparent, yet treated like it's actual news:
jsonline: Nearly two-thirds of employers, many of them manufacturing com­panies, plan to hire people in the next six months, a new survey from Wisconsin Manufacturers & Com­merce shows.

The 62% who said they plan to add employees is up from 53% a year ago … OEM Fabricators had a 75% sales increase in 2011 and expects similar growth this year. A year ago, it held a mock 'funer­al for the recession,' which public­ly proclaimed an end to hard times. 'Our customers are pushing us to take on more work, which is good. Everything in our portfolio has been strong.”
If what OEM is saying is true, than what they’re talking about is something Walker and the Republican legislature have never considered important; improving consumer demand. That's the real job creator.

U.S. Penalizes Chinese for Dumping Wind Towers and Solar Panels, killing American Manufacturers.

It’s important to note why the solar and wind manufacturers have had such a difficult time staying in business or creating jobs. It’s not because the U.S. isn’t ready yet for alternative energy sources either. Can you say Solyndra?
The U.S. slapped tariffs on Chinese wind turbines. "Chinese manufacturers of towers for wind turbines received unfair subsidies and must now pay duties of 13.7 to 26 percent, the Commerce Department said. The decision, the third trade case decided this year in favor of American wind and solar manufacturers, will be followed by another in the coming weeks on whether Chinese companies engaged in dumping the towers in the United States at prices below the cost of making them. This month, the Commerce Department said China was dumping solar panels in the American market and imposed duties of 31 percent on the imports, adding to earlier duties imposed under a department ruling that China unfairly subsidized its solar manufacturers...American imports of Chinese towers reached $222 million last year, according to the Commerce Department." Matthew Wald in The New York Times.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Hang On Wisconsin!!!

I came across this nice upbeat song about the struggle here in Wisconsin, and thought you might need a little boost. It's Doug Kwartler with Hang on Wisconsin.

The False Premise: How Republicans See Democrats.

My conservative friend insisted I read the following, condensed here for your sanity. It not only starts off with a false premise, it keeps rattling em off. This is how they actually see liberals, progressives and Democrats. From Town Hall:
You cannot understand the left if you do not understand that Leftism is a religion. People who believe in Leftism have as many dogmas as the most fundamentalist Christian.

One of them is material equality as the preeminent moral goal. Another is the villainy of corporations. The bigger the corporation, the greater the villainy. Thus, instead of the devil, the left has Big Pharma, Big Tobacco, Big Oil, the "military-industrial complex," and the like. Meanwhile, Big Labor, Big Trial Lawyers, and, of course, Big Government are leftwing angels.

No rational person can deny that big governments have caused almost all the great evils of the last century, arguably the bloodiest in history. Whatever bad big corporations have done is dwarfed by the monstrous crimes, the mass enslavement of people, the deprivation of the most basic human rights, not to mention the mass murder and torture and genocide -- committed by big governments.

How can anyone who thinks rationally believe that big corporations rather than big governments pose the greatest threat to humanity? The answer is that it takes a mind distorted by leftist dogma. If there is another explanation, I do not know what it is.

Wisconsin, open to out-of-state Walker Donors!

While Republicans were successful in convincing their low information conservative voters that outside money, unions, and liberals were flooding the state in one massive power grab, Walker sneakily did the same and more.

Of course it was just the opposite. Never before have we seen so many outside contributions flood the state for purely ideological reasons. They must win, keep power, hold power, and stay in power forever. I found these two examples as I was scouring my emails:

Projection? OMG. Here's the surreal.....

Can they get away with Voter Purge in Florida?

On a national level, Rick Scott Republicans are again committing election fraud right out in the open, attempting to purge as many Obama voters as possible, with their big government threats. Are conservative voters asleep or just happy to play the game?

Rachel Maddow explains:

Sykes bashes teacher for helping students vote, and if Walker loses, blame no Voter ID.

Radio propagandist Charlie Sykes should have raised up a few "red flags" in the minds of viewers, when he discussed penalizing a Pulaski High School teacher for helping a few students go to the nearest polling place to vote. What a horrible lesson to learn? I'll bet you anything they were forced to vote for Barrett.

If that wasn't enough, Sykes also laid the ground work for his drone followers, that if Tom Barrett wins a close one, you can say its illegitimate and blame it on voter fraud.

Poll: Barrett 49, Walker 49, independents breaking to Barrett.

The good news, according to the Washington Post's Greg Sargent:
A new poll taken by pollster Celinda Lake — who is a Democrat but is well respected by polling professionals — has found that the battle between Scott Walker and challenger Tom Barrett is now deadlocked, at 49 percent each.

The poll — which will be released later today and was comissioned by the pro-labor Greater Wisconsin Committee’s political fund — also finds that independents are breaking towards Barrett, 49-44.

The poll is an automated one (which means it doesn’t include cell phones) that surveyed 600 likely Wisconsin voters from May 24-28, which means it was in the field until Monday of this week. Its sample: 43 percent Democrats and Dem-leaners; 43 percent Republican and GOP-leaners; and 13 percent non-leaning independents.

Today’s poll is reinforced by another internal survey released last week by the labor-backed group We Are Wisconsin, which also found a dead heat.
The bad news:

jsonline: Gov. Scott Walker leads Democrat Tom Barrett 52% to 45% in a poll to be released Wednesday by Marquette Law School.

Walker’s lead is almost identical in the new poll to what it was in Marquette’s early May survey, when Walker led 50% to 44% among likely voters.
The public likes Scott Walker:
Walker’s job approval in the new poll is almost identical to his job rating in the first 2012 poll Marquette did five months ago in January, when 51% approved and 46% disapproved.

In the new survey, 41% of voters viewed Barrett positively, while 46% viewed him negatively.

Also in the new poll, Democratic President Barack Obama leads Republican Mitt Romney 51% to 43%, after being tied with Romney in Marquette's early May poll.

Walker's Bid-Rigging Emails, pt 2!!!

More on the Scott Walker bid-rigging emails. It appears Walker's well rehearsed excuse that because no bids were ever accepted there is no problem, isn't getting a media pass this time. 

Fox6's Mike Lowe adds an interesting element to the mix; were the emails a part of the original John Doe investigation? If they weren't, he could release the bid-rigging emails. But Walker's decision not to talk about it tells me they may be a part of the secret Doe investigation. "Slick" Scott's buying time.

Campaigning with Barrett in Baraboo, former senator Russ Feingold laid out his case for Gov. Walker’s removal from office.

“He will not release the e-mails that the people of this state have a right to see before next Tuesday. We can’t recall him again in this term. They know it’s a one time deal under state law. It’s very cynical. He’s trying to commit the perfect political crime, and we can’t let him do it,” Feingold said.
Responding to the investigation and allegations of bid-rigging in his apparent exchange with Hiller, Walker said Tuesday: “I think the story in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel clearly shows what they mentioned a month or two ago, and that is, in the discussion about leasing office space for Milwaukee County offices, no one won the bid. No one won on the bid. The only people that won were the taxpayers of Milwaukee County.”

8 yr old's Catastrophe Award for the most excuses for missing homework stirs outrage.

So are we for or against teachers doing their jobs? I just loved this story:
FoxNews: Usually an award from your child's teacher is something to brag about. But that wasn't the case for one Tucson family -- and now a teacher could be in big trouble. The certificate given to 8-year-old Cassandra Garcia looks harmless. "You're tops" … But take a look at what's written underneath. "The Catastrophe Award" -- 'given to the one student with the most excuses for not having their homework done.'
Instead of a concerned talk with her kid, the parent shift the attention and blame to the…teacher.
"No child is going to be excited or happy, because they received and award like this," said Cassandra's mother. She is furious about the award that was given to Cassandra in front of her daughter's entire 3rd grade class. "All the children were laughing at her."

The teacher, Mrs. Plowman, calls the award a joke. Cassandra's mother however calls it bullying.
Bullying? The kid got what she deserved, with a little humor thrown in. Personally, I thought the award was creative and a subtle message to an irresponsible mom. 

Here are a few of the posted comments:
You are a disgrace to the profession of teaching. Suggest you resign before you are fired in disgrace … REAL teachers understand that not all parents are helpful with homework … Another clueless parent with an entitlement mentality and no concept of responsibility, sadly she seems to represent the wave of the future. This “mom” is too simple to realize that she is drawing attention to her ignorance – for this she truly deserves an award certificate, all of her own … This is an obvious case of lack of parental involvement. Mrs. Plowman is frustrated because she can't do anything of any consequence to motivate this child … Oh for crying out loud. The parents expect us teachers to educate their kids but never do their job of checking on homework and assigments. I think it was great the teacher did this maybe the child will learn to be more responsible than her lazy publicity seeking low life mother is … The mother needs to get her panties out of a twist and realize it's the teacher's job to assign homework, it's the parent's job to make sure it gets done. If the girl lied and said she had no homework, then she deserves the award. If she told her mother she had homework and her mother didn't make sure she got it done, then it's the mother's fault and she deserves the award...

MacIver Institute's Scrambled Mindlessness.

If you had nothing else to do in your life, you might be the guy employed by, and who put together the diagrams below for, the MacIver Institute. Known by some as the "fellowship of the fringe," can anything explain the upside down thinking on the right more than the illustrations below?

The mind bending diagrams featured here look like a twisted conservative hallucination of Shoots and Ladders. For the adventurous, here's the link for a detailed view.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Walker Increased Taxes on the Neediest Families.

I ran across this sad example of how Walker "balanced" the state budget on the backs of the neediest Wisconsinites. He increased taxes, a Republican no-no for the rich. The justification for cutting the Earned Income Tax Credit was that recipients didn't earn the money, it was just a handout, welfare. Really, it's whatever the Republicans say it is. Nationwide, the GOP has pulled a similar stunt.
The earned income tax credit is a refundable tax credit primarily for individuals and families who have low to moderate earned income … When the tax credit exceeds the amount of taxes owed, it results in a tax refund.
Heck, Ronald Reagan even expanded the credit. A single mother with 3 children that works full time will get about $500 less this year. That's about 140,000 families in the state. WKOW:

NRA bashes Barrett for voting to ban deer hunting grenade launcher.

The NRA's latest radio ad against governor candidate Tom Barrett is insane, but probably right on target for the tea party low information voters.

Apparently Barrett voted to ban grenade launching assault weapons. That won't go over well for the conservative deer hunting crowd, who have been so frustrated at the low deer counts, that grenades were sounding like a good idea.

Ed Schultz has that ad and more.

Walker on his involvement in the Possible Bid-Rigging Investigation: "Nobody won the bids." Nothing to see here...

Scott Walker’s emails in a bid-rigging investigation appears to have someone a little concerned. Scott?

Check out this unbelievable response…from what appears to be very guilty man.
WKOW: Walker said the outcome of the process should put any emails in context. "If that's the hype, nobody won the bids. The only people that won are the taxpayers."
Who won the bid is not the point. Oh sure, Walker’s bid rigging process is "water under the bridge," a look back and not forward, blah, blah, blah. 

But those emails won't see the light of day until after the election. 
Walker refused to comment on any emails, and said commenting would violate laws and rules associated with the secret John Doe investigation process.

But three attorneys consulting with the state Democratic party said no law prohibited Walker from releasing emails. Former Wisconsin Attorney General Peg Lautenschlager; former Watergate prosecutor and UW professor Frank Tuerkheimer; and former Kenosha County District Attorney Robert Jambois said Walker could release emails and not violate any secrecy provisions of the John Doe probe.
Better to wait until it’s too late. 

How do you stop the destructive cycle of recall elections? Kick out the dictators.

I find it almost humorous that somehow, after the recall election, everything will be just fine again.

Are they crazy? Win or lose, Walker’s Wisconsin is going to be bitterly divided for a long time, an amazing historical legacy when you think about it.

So imagine my surprise when I came across this odd editorial from someone I normally consider reliably level headed, Todd Berry, of the nonpartisan Wisconsin Taxpayers Alliance. Yikes!
Waukesha Patch: A prominent political scientist recently observed that "Wisconsin is a state in turmoil." It’s easy to see why. By summer, Wisconsin will have attempted to recall 15 state officials in a year. The … toxic rhetoric are all unprecedented in state and American history.

In this polarized environment, Wisconsin cannot have a civil discussion about how to restore stability to state government. But, eventually, we will have to consider how to end the destructive cycle of recall elections.
Todd, the recalls don’t happen unless an overwhelming number of people sign onto one. Many have failed. 

Due to a divided legislature or an opposing governor, we never had an overwhelmingly authoritarian super majority before.

Sure, Walker and his legislative thugs could listen, consider and include the other side on lawmaking, but get real. It's easier to treat "the other side" like union henchmen, sore losers and out-of-staters.
Don't cha think that sounds a little condescending? 

Scott Walker Turning Wisconsin Around and Around and Around....

The Walker campaign should be lambasted for creating a totally fictional Wisconsin that if real, would deserve every bit of criticism, and praise offered up in his ads. While Scott Walker takes credit for the continuing success of the Obama administration economic policies, he's trying to create a dystopian past of hell fire and cartoon villains.

Even after Walker's dismal jobs numbers, disastrous results as Milwaukee County Executive that saw job losses, a Great Recession he continues to blame on the Democrats, and divisive leadership as governor, he has managed to create a thriving world of commerce and public happiness never before realized in our state. Hail Walker.

No one would want to go back to "those days of yesteryear." Walker's allies are now saturating the media, filling what time Walker didn't buy on TV and radio, with their own spin on the new utopia. The Campaign to Defeat Barack Obama PAC decided to do a little freelancing?

Nothing more honest than a ringing endorsement by Michael Reagan? I especially liked the unintended truthfulness in the line, "has turned a negative into a positive." Yes, Walker is doing just that. But really, "Win this one for the Gipper?"

"We need leaders like Scott Walker. He's a reminder of somebody named Reagan from a long time ago. Scott Walker, because of what he's doing, has turned a negative into a positive, bringing businesses back into Wisconsin (and) getting people back into Wisconsin. Why in the world would the people in Wisconsin want to go back to those days of yesteryear — when the budget was out of control, jobs were not available, is beyond me. Win this one for the Gipper,"

Monday, May 28, 2012

Walker Warned Us about those Out-of-Staters.

It’s all because of those “outsiders.” Or so Scott Walker would have you believe. The 2011 protests were anything but, yet as usual, it’s opposite day every day in Republican world. And like everything else thrown at the Democrats by the tea party Republicans, it’s really mere projection.

Take the case of Scott Walker’s fundraising jackpot. This guy is the “outsiders are against me” king, yet his whole campaign hinges on outsider contributions. Sadly, his voter base could care less, since they think democracy and recalls are a waste of money. They also believe the recall will steal away their original 2010 November vote.
Mother Jones: In Wisconsin's 2006 gubernatorial election=out-of-state campaign donations/15 percent. In 2010= 9 percent … in the Walker recall a staggering 57 percent. $3 out of every $5 raised by Walker came from outside Wisconsin. A little more than $1 of every $10 given to Barrett was out-of-state campaign cash. Walker … total fundraising haul since January 1, 2011, to $25 million.

Scott Walker song, "You're Fired."

Ran across this song about Scott Walker by Jasiri X and thought you might like to check it out.
Jasiri X: "I was in Madison, Wisconsin when the citizens took over the statehouse and it was one of the most amazing events I’ve witnessed. I saw firsthand the power of regular people coming together in unity to fight back against corrupt politicians and corporate influence. I’m honored to add my voice to this historic campaign to recall Scott Walker and rebuild Wisconsin."
“You’re Fired” was directed by Paradise Gray and stars Silas Russell as “Scott Walker”… performed live at Rebuild Wisconsin on May 19th in Milwaukee … with appearances by: Van Jones, Congresswoman Gwen Moore, Biko Baker, Viva Fidel, Jennifer Epps, Gat Turner, Khalil Coleman, DJ Willie Shakes, Prophetic, Calvin Skinner and Mayor Tom Barrett. Vote June 5th to Recall Scott Walker!
Here's Van Jones with a word about Walker and the Occupy Movement. It doesn't end on June 5th:

Obama Killing National Symbol, the Eagle, for Lousy Wind Energy.

Hold onto your seats folks, the tea party suddenly got “green.” After years of bashing environmentalists for trying save animal life from Big Oil and Coal, conservatives are now about to do the same thing...but with green energy producers. Ironic, hypocritical...pick your flavor:
NewsMax: The federal government last August imposed hefty fines on seven petroleum companies in North Dakota over the death of 28 birds near their open waste pits. The wind farms championed by promoters of “green energy,” by comparison, kill more than 400,000 birds a year — including dozens of eagles — yet they pay not a penny in fines.
In the strangest twist yet, right wingers are now worried sick about birds. And just to make sure conservative idol worshippers are on board (you know the ones that wear flag pins, defend fireworks and throw vet magnets their cars), the Hoover Institute is blaming Obama for killing eagles, our national symbol.
“Team Obama wants to give wind-power companies long-term permits to butcher bald eagles, America’s national symbol, on the altar of green energy,” writes Deroy Murdock, a media fellow with the Hoover Institution on War, Revolution, and Peace at Stanford University.
But as usual, this brutality toward eagles is almost impossible to prove. But we’re all left wonder what would happen if...
Determining an exact count for dead eagles is difficult because other animals may eat the carcasses, but 67 golden eagles are estimated to die annually at just one California wind farm.
As part of his plan for our socialist state, Obama must destroy eagles:
But a 2009 Obama-era law allows wind farms and others to kill eagles if the harm is unintentional. This loophole lets wind companies escape “the penalties that can befall those with eagle blood on their hands but without political connections,” notes Murdock, a nationally syndicated columnist with the Scripps. Murdock concludes: “If bald eagles dropped dead beside oil derricks, Washington would pound the petroleum industry. Instead, wind propellers chop bald eagles in half. Team Obama then lets wind companies eradicate even more of this republic’s innocent national bird,” which is being “sacrificed in the name of environmental correctness...”
...and not energy independence? Please, please, won’t you oppose alternative wind energy and vote against Obama, the one man bent on destroying our national American symbol?  

But on a more serious note, I found there is ongoing research by the wind industry, who on it's own is trying to reduce the number of birds killed. A few possibilities are in the works, including offshore wind farms:
Vertical Turbine

East County Magazine: Wind industry advocates note that bird kills from wind farms counted thus far are lower than total bird kills from flying into glass windows or being hit by cars, and roughly equal to the number killed by cats. Long-term, vertical axis wind turbines hold promise. To date, only small-scale models have been developed--including one recently installed as a pilot program by the San Diego Port District. "Many of these turbines have been installed throughout Japan and because of their unique vertical structure, there have been no reported problems, like the ones that occur with horizontal axis turbines.

Vertical turbines currently are being marketed to homeowners where allowed by law.

Get a Clue Ron Johnson; GOP Senators + No Tax Increases= No Democratic Budget Bill.

The Senate has not passed a budget because the Republicans will not allow for any tax increases. Democratic Senators could put together a massive budget bill replete with cuts and sensible changes to government programs, but because Senate Republicans refuse to consider and will block any tax increases, what’s the use.

That’s why what dumb Ron Johnson is saying below is so stupid. He should know the reason why no budget has been put forward, and if he truly doesn’t, isn’t it time we pull the plug on this mindless Ayn Randian actor. This guy is killing us. Will the press finally start reporting on his incompetence? 
UPI: Sen. Ron Johnson criticized the Democratic Senate for not passing a budget in three years. Johnson said in the weekly Republican media address, "Think about that. Even though families and most businesses produce budgets to help control their finances, the largest financial entity in the world is operating without one. Why? Because Democrats in the Senate refuse to be held accountable. They either don't have a plan, or they simply do not want their fingerprints on one. Maybe that's because their plans generally rely on taking more money out of the pockets of hard-working American families." Americans, Johnson said, are "facing enormous economic challenges and they're looking for solutions, not political games."
Agree to a tax increase, then we’ll talk you idiot. 

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Tea Party Movement at Eighth-Grade Level...that high?

Tea Party dunderheads are dumbing down the government. Kind of a stealth way to destroy it or make it look bad any way. And what do you know, that would make the Republicans right about government. Funny how that works out. You'll also notice Pres. Obama had to talk down to them just to get them somewhat engaged during the State of  the Union. Guess that didn't work.
Boston Herald: If it sounds like the debates in Congress have devolved into those of teenagers, it’s because they have. Discourse in the House and Senate has dropped a full grade level - to the equivalent of high school sophomore, according to a new study. Call this the dumbing down of Congress in a partisan age. Or a shift to plain-spoken populism ignited by the new class of tea party Republicans … the study found that newer lawmakers tended to speak at a lower grade level than the veterans of congressional speechifying.

With that framework in mind, it should come as no surprise that the lawmakers at the bottom of the list, speaking at the lowest grade level, are among the most ardent tea party Republicans in the freshman class … speaking at about an eighth-grade level, the study found. "We look at it as a badge of honor," said Rep. Mick Mulvaney, a graduate of Georgetown University and the University of North Carolina Law School, who notes that he often speaks on the floor "extemporaneously." The Federalist Papers (a 17.1 grade level) or the U.S. Constitution (17.8 grade level).

The best and worst speeches may be in the ear of the listener, and the study noted that President Barack Obama’s 2012 State of the Union address was judged by other researchers to rank at the eighth-grade level for the third year in a row.

"Zombie" Drunk Woman Shot after Entering Wrong Home, Wrong Bedroom.

Thank god the homeowners are protected by a "make my day" law...

Walker vs Doyle Jobs Numbers, and Walker Campaign Spokesperson Ciara Matthews Babbles Nonsensical.

It appears Mayor Tom Barrett is shooting a lot straighter on the jobs numbers than Scott Walker. By the way, why isn't Barrett asking Walker how many of those new jobs were created in Milwaukee?

Walker’s claim of helping create 35,000 jobs since taking office (although government doesn’t create jobs), is almost identical to the jobs created under former Governor Jim Doyle the previous year.
jsonline: But even when measured by the census, the instrument Walker favors, Wisconsin's recent economic performance, while better, is far from stellar. For September 2010 through September 2011 - the most recent year-over-year census data comparison available with all 50 states - Wisconsin ranks 26th, in the middle of the country as a whole and lagging behind its Midwestern neighbors.

For the period, which includes the last four months of former Gov. Jim Doyle's administration, the figures show Wisconsin added 36,561 jobs. During the same 12 months, Minnesota, with a labor force similar in size to Wisconsin, added more than 64,000.

In relative terms, Wisconsin employment grew by not quite 1.4%. Nationwide jobs, meanwhile, grew by 1.6%. Minnesota and Michigan added 2.5% and 2.4% respectively. Indiana, Illinois, Iowa and Ohio also outstripped Wisconsin.

"Even using his numbers," Barrett said of Walker, "we're at the bottom of the Big Ten."

Walker campaign spokeswoman Ciara Matthews, meanwhile, said, "Governor Walker in just 15 short months has helped create an economic climate which allowed for the creation of more than 35,000 new jobs...
Speaking of Ciara Matthews, check out this raw video clip where she appears to be hypnotically caught up in a strangely idiotic talking point stupor:

At, they wrote this about Scott Walker and Ciara Matthews:
In case you haven't noticed, Wisconsin's been fraught with untenable political tumultuousness since one-man Human Centipede Scott Walker was elected governor. He's bullied teachers, attacked gay couples' hospital visitation rights, signed a repeal of Wisconsin's equal pay law, and rolled back sex education to an innocent time when kids thought storks brought babies. But get ready for more high octane Crazy from the Arizona of the midwest — the communication coordinator for the embattled governor's impending recall election is a charming, colorful former Hooters waitress who would just love to have the opportunity to punch Hillary Clinton in the face.

Meet Ciara Matthews. According to AlterNet, she's a Republican attack dog type who has worked on the campaigns of such charming politicians as Sharron "When Life Gives You Lemons, Just Make Rape Lemonade" Angle and Nevada gubernatorial candidate Bob Beers. She'll be directing the tone of Walker's bid to avoid being recalled by a state full of people who don't like him.

And if past performance is indicative of future fun, the people of Wisconsin are in for a real treat. In the run up to the last Presidential election, Matthews maintained a blog that she's since deleted (but we've got screenshots) brimming with nutbaggery and, for a communications director, surprisingly inept attempts at coherent communication. From an entry entitled "A LETTER TO PLANNED PARENTHOOD,"

"You are advocating murder and one day Roe v. Wade will be overturned thanks to George W. Bush and the justices he put in the Supreme Court. The actions of Planned Parenthood and disgusting and I am sickened that my tax dollars are used to fund the immoral killing of innocent human babies!"
…profiting from selling a plasticized form of unnatural sexiness designed to arouse men while simultaneously believing that women should be forced to face the "consequences" of actually giving into to their sexual desires is a pretty backward way of thinking. 

Walker to be charged in John Doe after the election!??

Update: There seems to be a discussion about the validity of the story below, which I'll admit, is shaky at best. But a few bloggers have made the claim it's a trap. Ouch, got me? Sorry, but as I've written in the post, whether true or false, I'm putting it out there as the loosely sourced rumor that it is. It's true I normally don't post unconfirmed stories like this. But it will have no bearing on the election. It's harmless speculation. This story has nothing to do with journalistic integrity or being the victim of a prank. If you're smart, and aware that it might be phony, than quit your belly aching.  

I don't think anyone who's posted it is being suckered into believing it's true.

I have to give full credit to Rock Netroots for finding this potentially big story. Whether it’s true or not, we’ll have to see, but the fact that the Milwaukee DA would wait until after the election to charge Scott Walker is standard operating procedure for investigative bombshells.

I’ve mentioned ad nauseam a similar story about how as Milwaukee County Executive, Walker ran the county into the ground, but the study that documented the problem was held up until after the election. We're paying for that now:
jsonline: "Milwaukee County government is in such dire financial shape that state lawmakers should push through legislation that would allow it and other local governments to file for bankruptcy … the powerful Greater Milwaukee Committee is looking to recommend doing away with the elected county executive's post, slicing county worker benefits and spinning off the zoo, the bus system, the parks and much else under separate commissions. If these dramatic steps - or something like them - aren't taken county government will collapse, the draft report suggests."

So the Greater Milwaukee Committee released this unforgettable statement: "We don't want this to become some sort of political football during the fall election campaigns."
Now comes this from H. Nelson Goodson, who describes himself as "one of the foremost respected immigration rights and reform journalist (and) is a member of Taxpayers for Immigration Reform:
HNGUSA: On Friday, investigative information released by a reliable source indicated that Governor Scott Walker (R) and up to five others in the governor’s circle while he was Milwaukee County executive will be facing several felony charges resulting from the John Doe investigation … So far, at least six former Walker staffers have been charged in the John Doe investigation, including one that is awaiting sentencing, but has been postpone to prevent an influence of the June election. 
Take it for what it's worth.

Ron Johnson Sputters, Stammers and Shakes to Death Threats, the Affordable Care Act and Unions.

The dumbest Senator is at it again! Let's face it, Ron Johnson's mind is clouded by imaginary threats to life and freedom. He's appears to be consumed by fear. The Don Quixote of all paranoid schizophrenics.

Which brings me to the three surreal and convoluted comments presented here.

A story you may have missed, and for good reason because it's crazy, is that every Republican state legislator a the Capitol received a death threat. Every one of them!! And forget about all those Walker thugs who threatened Democratic lawmakers and recall petition signers, they don't count because they didn't win the election. Johnson's comment here is grossly unprofessional and the ultimate in political fear mongering. It's Johnson unhinged:


In the next clip, Johnson is asked about a Republican replacement for the Affordable Care Act, just in case the Supreme Court strikes it down. Apparently, Johnson is unafraid of not having a plan...
Johnson: "I'd like to say that we absolutely have that nailed, um, but I'd say we don't. I think there are number...all kinds of alternatives, and there are some really good ideas from a number of different members of congress. Um, I'm not afraid that we're not gonna be able to come to a consensus, I just say that we haven't got that consensus yet."  
It's at this point Johnson goes into full panic attack mode, describing in his typically disjointed way, the health care mandate and holding onto that last shred of freedom:
Johnson: "We are collectively suffering from the Stockholm Syndrome here. Which I think you realize what that is, right. it's when a hostage...somebody who's been kidnapped...just, just thankful, grateful, for any ounce of mercy their captors shown, Well that's what's happening. We are begging to be allowed to maintain that last ounce, that last shred of freedom."

And finally Johnson whines about those unfortunate workers who applied for, and got, a union job with the state, where union dues are taken out of their paychecks. Correct me if I'm wrong, but we've been told over the decades by conservatives that if you don't like the job, pay or benefits, leave. So I'm wondering why anyone would apply for a union job with the state, if they hate unions and hate paying their dues? Just leave, right? Kind of blows their argument to protect workers, doesn't it?

Ohio Voter Suppression Pushed again, more Brazen than Ever!

This is a nice presentation from Ed Schultz on the efforts to discourage voter participation in our elections, probably the most un-American thing anyone could try to do. Interestingly, the effort is coming from those flag waving American exceptionalist, Republicans. Imagine the freedom a "party" would have if they were the only choice. The Ohio effort is open and over the top:

Republicans very quietly raising taxes, and the Democrats are quietly protesting?

We've seen major mistakes by the Republicans fade quickly because the Democrats forgot to complain.

The tax increase on Wisconsin's poor, via the reduction of the Homestead Credit and the Earned Income Tax Credit, is one huge standout. Has anyone mentioned that? No. Scott Walker continues to brag in his ads that he divided the people of the state without raising taxes. But he did raise taxes, officially. Anyone want to mention it?

My heart sinks when I think of how bad Democrats are at fighting. It's surprising the party has any kind of political prescience at all.

Rachel Maddow and Ezra Klein take a look at the list of tax increase here and in other states, all without a peep from Democrats. Hopeless.

The Best Parking Meters Ever

Even under the destructive policies of Scott Walker, good things can still happen. In fact, the second best thing next to universal health care, a parking meter that asks me if I want to add extra time via a text message.
Your cellphone rings. You've got a text message. It's your parking meter calling. The meter wants to let you know that it's about to expire. But if you need more time, you can text it back and tell it to charge your credit card for some extra minutes.
And you won't have long to wait:
jsonline: Starting this summer, hundreds of parking meters in Milwaukee, Madison and Lake Geneva will be exchanging texts just like that with motorists.

 "I never would have imagined this even five years ago," said Bill Knobeloch, Madison parking operationsmanager.

Drivers have been able to pay by credit card at some meters for about five years in Milwaukee and about a year and a half in Madison … In each city, motorists park in a numbered space, walk over to a meter that serves multiple parking places and punch in the number of their space. Then they have a choice of paying by cash or credit card for the number of minutes they want.

I like these parking meters because many don’t know how to use them, leaving the space open for those who do. That’s about to end. 

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Privatizing Deer Hunting? John Nichols on Walker intentions.

Why would anyone appoint a guy who wants to privatize deer hunting, in charge of deer hunting, if that wasn't the intention? We're not dumb.

Also, the NRA takes its now expected "he's going to take your guns away" ad shot, this time at Tom Barrett. This now cartoonish response is getting just plain stupid.

The Millionaire Senate Elite want Ron Johnson in Texas!

The Senate is now the hot place to gather the wealthy Republican elite to carry out their take over of the government. Heck, if you've already got corporate personhood on the done list, the rest should be a breeze.

Dumb Ron Johnson is the poster clown for the Senate. If he can marry into money and still pretend to be the self made Ayn Randian man, you're in. 

What's funniest about the blurb below is how this wife made millionaire a is, according to Republicans, a "citizen legislator." Amazing?
Republican Party of Texas is pleased to announce that we have confirmed United States Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin as one of our featured speakers at the 2012 Texas GOP Convention Gala Banquet … Senator Johnson went to Washington because the federal government is bankrupting America. He thinks it is important for citizen legislators to ally with those who are seriously facing that reality.  

Bashir on Ryan; Bad at math, bad at character assessment.

Martin Bashir's calm outrage over Paul Ryan's plan for America is a thing of beauty. Bashir methodically makes his case against Ryan, along with the Washington Post's Nia-Malika Henderson.

Why America should hate Authority, and those Courageous Leaders Promising more of it....

This goes to the heart of where we're headed in this country.

On a recent tour of the New Glarus, Wisconsin, historical museum, our tour guide said something that got me thinking. The guide spent the first 10 years of his life in Germany, and offered an amazing perspective on his life there since 1940, and the opportunities his family and the Swiss people saw in America. And he said this of the Swiss:
"The Swiss hate authority."   
It was a moment of clarity for me. Isn't that really an American ideal? It was never our intention as a country to elect "leaders." We elect representatives to serve us. We don't give someone "authority" over us, to lead us, because like the Swiss, we hate authority.

It's no accident that conservative politicians and the radical tea party right are all about electing "leaders." They want leaders with the courage to stand up to a dissenting public. The majority rules. But what about the Constitutionally protected minority?

The best and most chilling example of this move toward authoritarian leadership, can be seen in the speech below; it was a tea party sponsored Wisconsin visit by presidential hopeful Rick Santorum. Do we want a leader, or a representative? That's the choice:

Gov. Nicki Haley unintentionally offered her own shocking warning to America if Walker wins, when she said;
"If he wins this , we will see more power and strength across the governors of this country than we've ever seen before." 

It really is breathtaking.

Hey Scott Walker; Enough already with the Eagle Scout stuff!!!

It always felt a little odd when Scott Walker would bring up his status as an Eagle Scout. I personally have never felt a need to mention my days as a member of the Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA), or the two medals I won during the Olympic Day events for the javelin and basketball throw. Come to think of it, maybe I should.

So I thought I’d pass along this excerpt from the blog, VoicesNewspaper, that explains why it is so wrong to use such an honorable childhood tradition to hide ones sociopathic behavior. The Scouts should waste no time removing his rank.
Scott Walker proclaims, "Who, me a Lying Liar?  I'm a SCOUT!"  a statement that should set bull-excretion meters blazing. From VOICES "You Can't Make This Crap Up" department, there are actually media hacks professionals that spew the lie that no Eagle Scout has ever been convicted of a felon or serious crime!  There have been very prominent Eagle Scouts that have committed atrocious crimes and the media fully knows this - Arthur Gary Bishop, a serial killer; Mark William Hoffman, a forger and murderer: and Charles Whitman, the Texas tower sniper, are three national news stories that come to mind. This is propaganda, misinformation that is disseminated via mass media for a purpose - in this case, allowing folks like Wisconsin's Deceiver-in-Chief, Scott Walker, to hide behind a Boys Scout badge.  His claims are fully-irrational, but highly emotional to those that hold the values that the Boy Scouts beyond approach.  This is how propaganda works - its all based on emotions, though some skewed rational is often present so that people can justify their emotional responses.

In the earlier days of the Boy Scouts of America (before 1970), a Scout who commited a crime or had "tarnished the good name of the Boy Scouts" could have his rank removed and returned to the BSA by the Scouts' Scoutmaster. And in case you are wondering, Eagle Scouts can be shown to participate in criminal behavior (links HEREHEREHEREHERE, and HERE - scan down column, several "occupations" are listed as CRIMINAL!). I could go on and on.  If you Google EAGLE SCOUTS CONVICTED you will see 329,000 hits (as of 5/26/2012) documentation that hundreds or even thousands of Eagle Scouts have committed and been convicted of serious crimes.

So what does Scott Walker do when he gets caught in a lie?

He changes the subject - he is an Eagle Scout! Of course, maybe there is a secret Eagle Scout program for young fascists that are being groomed to become petty little dictators.  And HERE's a link to an Eagle Scout Award for union busting.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Subway Gate ends where else, in Walker-sha County. Ryan and Romney Free Subs to Voters Okay.

Want to know how Republican law looks. Check out the following amazing justification for bribing voters with subs, a clear campaign violation. The DA actually said, "the fact that there appeared to be plenty of sandwiches left over reflects that it is unlikely that any significant number of uninvited members of the public helped themselves to free lunch." DA Brad Schimel can't be serious. 

Waukesha Patch-Sarah Millard: Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan Cleared in Election Day Sub Bribe Allegations: Waukesha County District Attorney Brad Schimel declines to file charges against Republican presidential candidate, saying that the intent of the event was to provide lunch to campaign supporters.

A video edited by the state Democratic Party shows Romney leading a rally and telling supporters to go vote, and, “If you want another sandwich, there are more back there.” State law prohibits offering something valued at more than $1 in exchange for a vote. However, in his decision, Schimel disagreed that it was election bribery:

“There is nothing unusual about a candidate telling people to vote on Election Day. It is common knowledge that on Election Day candidates stop in at local diners, senior centers and other places the public gathers to remind people to vote. That is what candidates do on Election Day.

“In his interactions with people in the sandwich line and during his speech, Governor Romney acknowledges the fact that it is likely that many present have already voted.  The candidate knows he is talking to a group that is politically involved, and are likely voters.  The encouragement to tell a friend can not be characterized as offensive to the law.

“In his speech, Governor Romney indicates that there were more sandwiches available.  The organizers paid for 100 sandwiches, but as they noted, less than 100 people attended the event. Event organizers concede that it is possible that an uninvited member of the public managed to obtain a free sandwich. However, the fact that there appeared to be plenty of sandwiches left over reflects that it is unlikely that any significant number of uninvited members of the public helped themselves to free lunch.  Even if they had, the evidence demonstrates that the intention of the organizers was only to provide lunch to invited volunteers and supporters.  Thus, no one who was not otherwise inclined to vote was intentionally offered any inducement to do so.”

W2 set to be Dismantled, replaced with for profit confusion.

Like everything that hit the fan when state Republicans passed their their entire agenda in 6 months, there was nothing in place to take its place, like W2. At a time when the public needs to have some certainty about where to go for jobs and safety net programs, the Walker agenda stepped in to complicate and confuse the needy. Maybe a few will fall through the cracks and save the state money?


Media Action Center files Formal Complaint Against WTMJ and WISN Radio for Free Republican Airtime During Elections.

Uppity Wisconsin has been on top of what has been an unfair use of the public airwaves 60 days before an election. Milwaukee radio has all but slammed the door on the Democratic challengers in the upcoming recall elections. Due the following complaint by the Media Action Center, something just might start happening here in our state, and nationwide, Here's their press conference the other day that very simply laid out their case.

The Republicans have essentially received 120 times the air time the Democrats have with conservative talk radio hosts. The net worth of FREE airtime base on advertising costs between both stations for just 10 days, for Republican candidates and Walker, ranges from $330,000 to $660,000.

Check out their news conference:

Formal Complaint to FCC filed on behalf of Wisconsin citizens Minutes ago, I filed a formal complaint on behalf of citizens of Wisconsin with the FCC concerning Milwaukee's WTMJ and WISN radio.

Both stations are violating the FCC's Quasi-Equal Opportunities Doctrine (Zapple Doctrine) which provides that if a radio station gives free airtime to supporters of one major political party candidate, it must provide comparable time to supporters of the other major political party candidate.

Supporters of Tom Barrett are demanding their rights in the remaining days of the Scott Walker recall election, and we have asked the FCC to intervene immediately.

Read the full complaint here:

Exposed: Walker Can't Answer Why he Lied to Congress!!! Stumped!!

This is the most explosive and revealing piece yet on Scott Walker's deceptive (lie) congressional testimony. A must see from Fox6 reporter Mike Lowe:

Fox6, Mike Lowe: When did Gov. Scott Walker decide that cuts to collective bargaining would be the centerpiece of his strategy to balance the state’s budget? Newly uncovered documents contradict what Walker told Congress.

The key question is: did Gov. Scott Walker plan to cut collective bargaining all along, as a way to cripple the Democrats, or was he simply reacting to Wisconsin’s fiscal crisis, trying to balance a budget with a bold move?

In response to allegations people didn’t see this coming, Walker said…

“I can point to a flyer the unions put out, where they mentioned collective bargaining and the things we put out. What I did throughout the campaign was say to balance the budget without tax increases, you have to have wage and benefit reform, and I said any number of times when I was interviewed and in forums, I’m willing to look at the full range of options. I didn’t say at this day, at this time, I’ll do this, but there’s no doubt I was open to all these options,” Walker said.
Which didn't answer the question. Barrett can use all of this in the debate:
…he was asked when he got the idea for Act 10.

“In December, after the elections, but before I was sworn into office,” Walker said.

Records obtained by FOX6 News show it was actually November when the Legislative Reference Bureau – the state office that essentially creates bills – was directed to start drafting what would become Act 10. An internal memo entitled “Alternative Approach to Collective Bargaining” sketched out plans to require unions to recertify every year, and to prohibit them from collecting dues.

Walker: “We’ve looked at it for some time. In fact, as Lee Holloway (Milwaukee’s former County Board chairman) pointed out last year — who is obviously not a political ally of mine — who said anyone who didn’t see this coming hadn’t been watching me for the last eight years. What reaffirmed that for us and where that’s consistent with what I said in front of that Congressional committee, is after the elections, but before I was sworn in, AFSCME and the other public employee unions ran out to the lame-duck Legislature with a lame-duck governor and tried to push through contracts, that ultimately, a couple Democrats in the state Legislature voted against, figuring that the new Legislative majority and the new governor should have a chance to be involved in that process, but each of those points aren’t inconsistent with the other.” 

Playing for the Walker Marbles...

Rachel Maddow lays it all out there when it comes to the Wisconsin recall election. It's make or break time. Red state forever? Republican voters are certain they will vote by 91%, while the Democrats are at a disappointing 83%. Really, after all this? Really great commentary from Maddow:

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Race Baiting Van Wanggaard is the poster child of Republican hypocrites

Sen. Van Wanggaard's recall race was a close one...until now. Check out the mailer to the right sent out about his opponent John Lehman. Nothing like a little race baiting:
Journal Times; The Racine branch of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People says a Republican State Leadership Committee mailer attacking John Lehman is using race to play on people’s fear of crime. The two-sided ad, which a committee spokesman said was sent to 10,000 homes in the district, features two depictions of criminals. One side of the ad says “You’re not safe. Thanks to John Lehman,” and shows a shadowy photo of a what appears to be a white man attacking a light complected woman. The reverse side calls Lehman out for supporting legislation that allegedly “allowed dangerous criminals out of prison before their sentences were complete,” and bears an image of a hooded figure whose face cannot be seen.
It's not Wanggaard's campaign ad, but he agrees with it;
While Van Wanggaard's campaign didn't make the brochure, he agrees with the message. "You read the actual text, it's accurate.  John did support early release of criminal felons," said Van Wanggaard.
Forget about all the states that have saved money on the early release program of non-dangerous lawbreakers. It's been a nationwide successful story that has resulted in more money for states. But that's why Republicans like Wanggaard are bad a their jobs. Here's TMJ4 coverage:

That's not all folks. Check out the jaw dropping information below, about recalled Republican Senator Van Wanggaard. You may not know a lot about him. The shear breadth of Wanggaard’s hypocrisy, not to mention the voters that are willing to look the other way, makes him the quintessential Republican. I had to pass this shortened version along. There’s more here from the alluring Root River Siren:
Root River Siren: Everyone in Racine knows about Van Wanggaard's pension. Oh yeah, they used to kill John Lehman for having a teacher's retirement and then getting paid as a Senator ... Then along came Van who didn't exactly retire as a cop - he got a disability - and then retired. Everyone shut up about the double dipping. Not a fucking peep.

Of course, Lehman supported public employees during his tenure as a State Representative and then as a Senator. Opponents said (and still do) he's a pet of the "union bosses."

Lehman has been criticized for cashing roughly $11,000 dollars from union organizations during the recall so far - an ironic criticism considering Wanggaard has cashed in a similar amount from conservative union types like the Milwaukee Police Association, steamfitters and Milwaukee Professional Firefighters.

However when the Racine Police Association declined to endorse Wanggaard in the recall and instead endorsed Lehman - a Democrat (a first in their history) that Wanggaard's duplicity as a former union representative turned union buster showed how deeply his actions hit home. It isn't just the locals who picked up on the hypocrisy of a guy who brings home about $90k each year of taxpayer dollars who unapologetically dismantled collective bargaining rights for public workers - rights that provided him the pension cash he gets every two weeks.

Longtime Wisconsin columnist, Bruce Murphy wrote about Wanggaard for his very first article this week in his "Murphy's Law" column in Urban Milwaukee. It's worth the read. The only shame is Murphy didn't touch on the $50,000 dollar settlement Wanggaard got from Safeco Insurance Company after his on-duty car accident...another harsh irony given the tort reform laws Wanggaard supported and voted for - making it much more difficult for injured citizens to sue in court.

Myth Busted. Obama Spends Less than Reagan, Bush 1, Clinton, Bush 2...

According to Market Watch

Obama's campaign is out now smashing the now commonly accepted myth that he's spending us into oblivion. It's the end of our country. But..well, I guess not.

Although there was a big stimulus bill under Obama, federal spending is rising at the slowest pace since Dwight Eisenhower brought the Korean War to an end in the 1950s.

Even hapless Herbert Hoover managed to increase spending more than Obama has.

In the 2009 fiscal year — the last of George W. Bush’s presidency — federal spending rose by 17.9% from $2.98 trillion to $3.52 trillion. Check the official numbers at the Office of Management and Budget. Over Obama’s four budget years, federal spending is on track to rise from $3.52 trillion to $3.58 trillion, an annualized increase of just 0.4%. There has been no huge increase in spending under the current president, despite what you hear.
I heard this on Randi Rhodes show today, where Lou Dobbs actually read the above exactly as written, "although there was a big stimulus," but went on to say the story didn't include..the stimulus.