Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Next Big Lie, Massachusetts Health Care Nothing Like Reform Bill!

We're now being told that there are no similarities between the Massachusetts health care plan and the Senates bill. Mitt Romney is obviously attempting to distance himself in the eyes of the anti-reform tea party movement, not to mention a raft of similar denials from Republican senators and representatives. But the facts just don't lie, like they do.

Senator Lindsey Graham pointed out two reasons the plans are completely different from each other.

"No way in the world is what they did in Massachusetts like what we’re about to do in Washington. We didn’t cut Medicare — they didn’t cut Medicare when they passed the bill in Massachusetts. They didn’t raise $500 billion on the American people when they passed the bill in Massachusetts."

State laws don't normally effect national tax and entitlement programs. Another similarity? No public plan.

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