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Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Safely Gerrymandered WI Republicans decide Insurrection Works for them!

Embarrassed yet? Republican voters chose Glenn Grothman as their next Representative, and now look what they got: 

On top of that, Grothman vilified Democrats for winning elections through the support of Black Lives Matter. Because white nationalist militia groups are more in line with "real Americans?":

Grothman defended right-wing victimhood, claiming election insurrectionists are just "scared."

"They're scared to death were going to go back to days without Donald Trump...they're scared to death that nobody else will fight the "cancel culture" as we head towards an era when some things can't be said...they're scared to death that a majority party got here by teaming up with black lives matter, founded by Marxists, that dislikes the family."  

Loony tunes? Yes, and boy do they wallow in hating the left...

Grothman never saw a Trump problem that deserved impeachment...

"There is an out of control hatred for Donald Trump among many Democratic congressmen that has caused them to twice use something that should happen once every hundred years for no lawful reason but just out of personal hatred," Grothman said.
But the calls to get tough with insurrectionist, rioters, and those posting deadly threats against elected officials and their families, will only result in more anger, so let's...reward that?
Rep.Tom Tiffany criticized the effort to remove Trump. "Speaker (Nancy) Pelosi’s insistence on moving forward with yet another misguided and partisan impeachment effort to remove a duly elected president … which will only exacerbate an already volatile situation.”

Rep. Mike Gallagher said he believes Congress has a duty to "land this plane" to uphold the ll of the voters and prevent further violence.
What about radical David Clarke you might ask?


Much closer to home, and while the nations state Capitols are under threat of siege, Vos Republicans decided not to try stopping the insurrectionists or take the threat seriously:

JSONLINE: Democratic Sen. Jeff Smith argued the resolution was relevant because of recent warnings from the Federal Bureau of Investigations that "armed protests" were being planned at every state Capitol in the country.

"I do believe it has a lot to do with the organization of not only this Senate but the protection of this building," Smith said in response to Kapenga's ruling, saying the FBI warning shows a direct threat to the Wisconsin State Capitol and its members. The move to block the resolution came as Gov. Tony Evers ordered the ground-floor windows of the Capitol be boarded up as a cautionary measure.

Something is wrong when Sen. Mitch McConnell sharply disagrees with Wisconsin Republicans.


Monday, January 11, 2021

Wisconsin Republicans gear up for insurrection, War!

Well, what do you know, big talking state Republicans here and in Washington are gumming up the works trying to stop insurrections.

Rep. Mike Gallagher, after reaping the massive media coverage ripping Trump for the Capitol riots, locally and nationally, wasn't THAT angry apparently. Hey, thanks for your service Mike:

"Trump irresponsibly stoked a throng that included some mob elements and while he should’ve foreseen that there would be lawbreaking, I don’t think he intended a violent storming of the Capitol or the death of anybody,"

Lock Them Up, for Real! This is even more bizarre: Wisconsin's local seditious GOP traitors are gearing up for war, feeling like victims, and angry Trump had a difficult 4 years. How awful. After trying to unmask everybody in the state for their manly liberty and freedoms, it's time for war? JSONLINE

St. Croix County GOP chairman John Kraft, an IT professional, said the message was up before last Wednesday's violent, Trump-inspired revolt at the Capitol, and he "can't help what twisted inferences local Democrats choose to attribute to it."

Kraft was one of three litigants in the lawsuit to block Gov. Tony Evers' statewide emergency order requiring people to wear masks in public places.
John Craft says any press is good press? Good to know:
In September, just days before a listening session about diversity and law enforcement in the Hudson Police Department, a commenter on the county GOP's Facebook page urged people to "bring your AR-15s and get rid of these communist Punk (expletive)."
And I haven't even brought up Rep's Tom Tiffany and Scott Fitzgerald's call to reverse the presidential election.

This line from a PBS Frontline email summed it up:
“Conspiracism has become a recognized and accepted way of exercising political power,” Nancy Rosenblum, co-author of A Lot of People Are Saying, told FRONTLINE. “[It] creates a kind of polarization in the population that’s much deeper than partisan polarization. It’s a polarization about what it means to know something. … Whether it returns to the fringes or not will depend on whether people in office can resist using it.”
Here's the Lincoln Projects take on the insurrection:

Idaho ISP Silences Twitter and Facebook for "Censorship" of TrumpSuspending Trump and blocking seditionist websites wasn't just a good idea, it was a also a business decision. But in northern Idaho, affecting the Spokane, WA area as well, a local ISP seemed confused over this supposed "censorship." The Constitution protects us from GOVERNMENT censorship, not private censorship. So imagine peoples surprise when this happened...
T1 WIFI, confirmed it is blocking Facebook and Twitter from its WIFI service for some customers due to censorship claims...the company said too many customers had requested the sites be blocked, so it would block them for all customers. However, the company backtracked and said those who didn't request the sites be blocked would still have access.

"Our company does not believe a website or social networking site has the authority to censor what you see and post and hide information from you."

NOTE: When Trump repealed Net Neutrality, he actually prevented government from having some control over ISP's, because ISP's were at the time considered public utilities. But that control would not have effected this:

While Your T1 WIFI says they acted in response to censorship, the company's actions could also be considered censorship. In addition, they may violate Washington state's Net Neutrality law, which states that internet providers may not manipulate access to content. 
That's why Net Neutrality was so important:
The law contains the following language: A person engaged in the provision of broadband internet access service in Washington state may not:
(a) Block lawful content, applications, services,
or nonharmful devices, subject to reasonable network management.

Saturday, January 9, 2021

The Tale of Two Capitols!

Trumpism on Display: Who knew? The riots, vandalism, and thuggery were actually left wing protesters and ANTIFA disguised as Trump cultists? Well, I guess you can't retire that myth.

After the Trump insurrection at our nations capitol by Trump-cult nationalists, militia losers, and QAnon terrorists, the conservative media is now trying desperately to downplay the nightmare witnessed by millions of American by comparing it to the 2011 protests in Madison. To start, protesters never broke into the Capitol building.

Despite the lack of vandalism, the Act 10 Scott Walker protests were supposed to make Trump's insurrection look good. Nope. Here's what Trump rioters left behind:

"Blood on statues and feces spread through the building are vile; mob attacks on police officers are bone-chilling."

Wisconsin's Capitol saw no Vandalism: Republicans whined about vandalism, but that turned out to be a lie. Surprised?:

No Vandalism either...according to PolitiFact, the highly publicized cost of repairs, do to protester vandalism, got all the necessary political mileage, despite being a Pants on Fire lie:

By March 7, 2011, the Department of Administration reported that all signs and banners in the Capitol had been removed. Some of the signs are being considered for preservation by the Wisconsin Historical Society or the Smithsonian Institution.

The protesters "have adopted an ownership ethic in the building, treating it with the utmost care and respect," wrote Jason Tish, executive director of the Madison Trust for Historic Preservation and a local field representative for the National Trust for Historic Preservation.

He called the demonstrators "evangelistic about their respect for the building." "The extent of what I saw today is just chips and nicks -- cosmetic damage," he said in an interview. "I don’t see how they (protesters) could have conducted themselves any better." Tish said the building bore the signs of the "accelerated cumulative effects of lots of people going through the building. I saw no intentional damage." The new estimate: $347,500, some 20 times less than the original one. And there are indications that even that could be high.

This smells like an effort to pour gas on the anti-protester fire. The claim was ridiculously high. And that gets a Pants on Fire rating.

More Irrelevant Scott Walker Fiction: Walker's first fictional work, a book titled "Unintimidated" - where he "canceled" the historical fact that he hid from the public during and after the protests - has now been followed up by this whopper of a story:

The picture shows police moving, not arresting, a protester from the halls. 

Protesters did not Defy Law Enforcement by taking "over the building. In fact, Walker defied the law:

A judge’s order yesterday requiring Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker to allow full public access to the Capitol here is being ignored by the governor and the state’s Republicans. Steven Means, lawyer for the governor, said the court order opening the Capitol carried no weight because it was “vaguely written.”

Walker Ban "Unconstitutional: After banning protests and charging a fee for preapproved protests and essentially banning indoor protests at the Capitol, the courts stepped in: 

As nearly 400 citations issued to people for singing in the Capitol rotunda last summer without a permit make their way through the Dane County courts, Judge Frank Remington dismissed all such cases in his court March 10, finding the administrative rules for which they were cited unconstitutional.

Nations Capitol not the same as Madison's Capitol building: When Trump media tried to make the comparison between the two Capitol's, they were lying again: 

One response to the criticism of the new DOA policy has been to compare the DOA policy to the rules governing demonstrations at the United States Capitol building. the U.S. Capitol building is not considered a public forum, while the Wisconsin State Capitol is. 

The Nation Magazine summed it up best with this important point: According to the United States Department of the Interior, National Park Service, National Historic Landmark Nomination: “The soaring rotunda of the Wisconsin State Capitol is designed to induce its citizenry to be, as individuals, among the ‘resources of Wisconsin.’ Whereas some statehouses are maintained apart from the urban fabric, the Wisconsin Capitol Rotunda functions, both literally and symbolically, as a city center and is fully utilized as a public space to which all have claim.”

Friday, January 8, 2021

Sen. Marklien, not the sharpest tool in the shed...

Well, this explains just how bad Republicans are at their jobs, understanding state law, and managing money. In fact, this is a real head scratcher. 

First, there's this:
Trump's campaign forwarded $3 million to (state) officials to cover the costs of a recount in Dane and Milwaukee County.
So as to look competent and smart-like, Sen. Howard Marklien held up paying for the recount because he was "concerned" about...this?
not the sharpest tool in the shed
Marklein, R-Spring Green, said committee members were specifically concerned about what he labeled "the high hourly rate paid to workers," as well as "expensive rental costs when we have county-owned buildings sitting empty."

Again, this is Trump's recount money here, not taxpayer dollars. 

What should be an embarrassingly clueless comment, Marklein actually said:
"We plan to consider options for the future. This committee will protect the state's checkbook."
What? As the article pointed out...
But under a law signed by Republican former Gov. Scott Walker following the 2016 election, state dollars can not used to pay for recounts when the margin of victory is over 0.25%. The difference in Wisconsin was 20,682 votes, or just over 0.6%.

Republicans have set the bar for governance pretty, pretty, low. Good move Republicans...

Sen. Howard Marklein to replace Sen. Alberta Darling as co-chair to powerful state budget committee ·

If Georgia can do this...


Wednesday, January 6, 2021

WI Republicans "need Trump voters to win future elections"...or just overturn elections by force? Wisconsin GOP going rogue.

What seemed like a breakthrough; A state Republican calling out Rep. Robin Vos for retaliation against anyone questioning his leaders and power. Finally right? 

WSJ: Rep. Scott Allen, R-Waukesha, recently sent a letter to his Republican colleagues
alleging that Vos is punishing conservatives who unsuccessfully challenged the Assembly GOP leadership. 

It wasn't. It was scarier. 

“The majority of our caucus perceive that their future electoral success will come under the guide of current leadership and their Democrat-light agenda,” Allen said. The Republican Party now consists of “hard-working people who love freedom.” He said Republicans will need Trump voters to win future elections.
Ah, Trump voters are needed to win! More else would you describe "Trump voters?"
He described such voters as people who have a “healthy distrust” of the establishment, including the media, lobbyists, bureaucrats and career politicians. 

“(New Trump Republicans) want us to aggressively fight for their interests,” Allen said.

Lambast the Republican strategy for the 2020 campaign as timid.

Allen’s remarks come as Republicans across the nation grapple with how to respond to Trump’s insistence that he won the election.
Insurrection, the MAGA Capitol Takeover: So today we saw the "Trump voters" Republicans in Wisconsin need to win future elections? Or just overturn any lost elections:

More Trump voter's idea of liberty and freedom:

And now a final word from President Trump...after the fact:

Again, in the words of Rep. Scott Allen; “(New Trump Republicans) want us to aggressively fight for their interests.”

CNN Reporters chased away get their camera equipment destroyed:

Hate it when ATIFA breaks windows? Well...and is this the Trump rioter who was shot and later died?

Tuesday, January 5, 2021

In Denial, here's the Wis. Republicans not-so COVID-19 pandemic "bill." Pandemic, what pandemic?

 It looks like WI Republicans gave up the sham appearance of supporting face masks with their latest "COVID-19 legislation," which totally ignores the deadly pandemic in every way. This is a truly sick in-your-face denial of the pandemic, and grotesque support of business over their constituents lives. 

There is No Pandemic #1: The first obvious, but also breathtaking proposal not seen since the Gilded Age; a return to abusive sweat-shop labor and dangerous working conditions:

The new GOP-backed proposal would give businesses, schools and governmental entities legal immunity if someone contracts COVID-19 on their premises, even if the entity isn’t following local, state or federal requirements to curb the spread of the virus.

You can't make this stuff up. THIS is okay with conservative voters? 

NOTE: Imagine the medical bills and debt families who are treated in a hospital for Covid-19 will be racking up, while businesses get a pass for being irresponsible. This is fucked up.  

There is No Pandemic #2: The second obvious slap at wearing masks at all: 

GOP lawmakers also pass a resolution calling on the Evers administration to reopen the state Capitol building. The resolution called on Evers' DOA to "immediately to provide free and open public access to the state capitol building." "The executive branch … may be impermissibly interfering with the ability of the legislative branch to carry out its legislative duties..."

Democrats tried unsuccessfully to amend the plan to require that people wear face masks when they're in the Capitol. Several GOP lawmakers attended session in person without masks, as did several members of the public in the legislative galleries.
There is No Pandemic #3: Can Republicans be any clearer? They really don't care about wearing masks, and they will force the public and children back into the workplace regardless of the pandemic, good or bad. For instance, Republicans think a lot can apparently happen with the virus in just 14 days:
Bar schools from providing virtual instruction, unless its school board votes to approve virtual instruction by a two-thirds vote of its members. Each approval would last only 14 days.

Limit local health officers’ ability to restrict capacity of businesses during the pandemic to 14-day periods, unless the local government approves an extension of such an order. Each extension could only last 14 days.

Bar DHS and local health officers from closing or forbidding gatherings in places of worship.


Thursday, December 24, 2020

Trump's newer slogan...


But do you have to sit on "Santa's" lap?


"Democratic victories do not count, because Democratic voters are not truly American" say Trump cultist culture.

The sad fact is, there are no consequences for trying to overthrow our democracy by throwing out an election, especially those in certain heavily Democratic counties that play by the same rules as every other county in the state. And there likely won't be any.

The latest? Two numbskull Republicans who don't know who the Senate Majority leader is: Remember who they are...

JSOnline: Two Republican state lawmakers are suing Gov. Tony Evers as part of a federal lawsuit to overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election in Wisconsin, Arizona, Georgia, Michigan and Pennsylvania … having governors certify electors without support of state legislative bodies violates the U.S. Constitution.

Reps. Jeff Mursau, David Steffen, and Debbie Jacques who is running to replace outgoing state Rep. John Nygren are plaintiffs in a lawsuit court against officials in all five states, including Evers, Assembly Speaker Robin Vos and Sen. Howard Marklein, who is listed in the lawsuit as Senate majority leader but does not hold that position.
And of course, confident gerrymandered Republicans are trying to make themselves the one super powered branch of government, because well, who cares about the Governor. Uh, who's creating disorder?
The lawsuit argues a "cabal" of public-private partnerships "directed the manner of the election contrary to state law creating disorder the state legislatures were unable to address." The lawsuit seeks to require state legislatures to approve the certification of elections.

The Heart of the Steal: Here's The Atlantic's Adam Serwer describing what I've already seen so many times whining out of my Trump-cultist friend in Milwaukee, someone I've known most of my life:

To Trump’s strongest supporters, Biden’s win is a fraud because his voters should not count to begin with, and because the Democratic Party is not a legitimate political institution that should be allowed to wield power even if they did.

This is why the authoritarian remedies festering in the Trump fever swamps—martial lawthe usurpation of state electorsSupreme Court fiat—are so openly contemplated. Because the true will of the people is that Trump remain president, forcing that outcome, even in the face of defeat, is a fulfillment of democracy rather than its betrayal. The Republican base’s fundamental belief, the one that Trump used to win them over in the first place is that Democratic victories do not count, because Democratic voters are not truly American.
Which means using the nations military to oversee a redo election is the next step:

SUCKERS!!! All the while Trump-cultists were being tricked by a foreign government, and playing the willing fool by threatening violence and death for the hell of it: 
WP: The FBI has concluded that Iran was behind online efforts earlier this month to incite lethal violence against the bureau’s director, a former top U.S. cyber expert and multiple state elections officials who have refuted claims of widespread voter fraud promoted by President Trump and his allies, federal and state officials said Tuesday …a dozen people whose ­images, home addresses and other personal information were posted on a website titled “Enemies of the People.” Crosshairs were superimposed over the photos.
Trump's silent Mob-like expectations of Violence: Like so many mob bosses, their thugs know what to do...

“I’ve definitely had some extra police protection,” Hagedorn told WISN 12. “Not just me but some of the justices because of some of the things directed our way. I’m not aware of any specific death threats necessarily. There are some things that are concerning and not fun as a father of five children to hear. It’s been the case that my 12-year-old daughter asked me at one point, ‘Dad can we play in the front yard today or should we play in the backyard?’”

And right-wingers have GOOD RIOTS supporting America against liberal politicians locking down during a pandemic...

Guns, guns, guns. Feeding their own Stereotype:
The Atlantic: Armed protesters gathered outside the home of Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson demanding that she overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election in her state. “We will not stand down, we will not stop, we will continue to rise up, we will continue to take this election back for the president that actually won it by a landslide,” one protester at the scene declared, NPR reported. In a state where Trump-supporting militants were caught plotting to kidnap the governor, Gretchen Whitmer, is obviously disturbing.
And yet, challenging a close 6 vote win by a Republican is outrageous? Bypassing the courts due to lack of time...

Many of the same people criticizing Iowa Democrat Rita Hart's decision to contest the result of the race for Iowa's 2nd Congressional District, which she lost by six votes, have vocally defended Trump's attempt to overturn his 2020 presidential election loss to Joe Biden, whose total of 306 Electoral College votes Trump once called a "landslide."

Hart formally asked the House to review uncounted ballots that she believes could reverse her defeat last month. Republicans were quick to lambaste Hart for challenging the vote count in what they charged was a "political" move …"Rita Hart's attempt to leapfrog Iowans and our judicial process in favor of Nancy Pelosi's partisan process demonstrates a lack of respect for Iowa's election results," Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds tweeted on Tuesday. "Disappointed that Rita Hart has chosen a partisan political process to overturn @millermeeks's victory in #IA02,agreed her lieutenant governor, Adam Gregg.
Too Easy to Vote, Suppression Next? Will voters now allow their own representatives to suppress their vote? Why not:
Georgia Republican lawmakers have claimed - without evidence - there is widespread fraud with absentee voting … The necessary ingredient is not actual voter fraud, but Democratic victory at the ballot box, real or potential.

NPR's FOWLER: So GOP state senators say they want to get rid of no excuse absentee voting, add more photo ID requirements for those who do vote by mail and eliminate secure drop boxes as an option to return. Democrats questioned the sudden change of heart. Representative Renitta Shannon, says "I just don't remember from other Republicans there being such an attack against absentee voting when it was mostly Republicans using it. So it seems to me that this new kind of upspring about Democrats, largely Black and brown voters, who are using mail-in voting as of this year so much - it just really seems interesting.