Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The All American Freedom Fighting Health Care Freeloader: not too smart.

Do you admire those anti-health care tea party protesters? Are you taken in by all the talk of freedom and liberty? Do you find their stupidity and risk taking a gutsy lifestyle you would like for your family? Well, welcome to the world of individualistic, devil may care freeloaders.

Donald Bowles (not pictured) should be a winner, too. The self-employed Oklahoma City man and his wife can't afford insurance on an income that's usually below $30,000 a year, often much lower. They seldom go to a doctor. When they do, it's often a free clinic.

But Bowles, 51, doesn't want the government's help. He'd rather take his chances and fend for himself. "I won't take Medicaid, and I will not pay the fine. They'll give me good health benefits in prison, I believe," he quips. "If you can't provide for yourself, why should everyone else provide for you?"

Good god, this is the voice of the opposition?

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