Friday, March 19, 2010

Authoritarian "Big Government" Conservative Rule.

How would you describe a conservative, a Republican, a tea party protester and free market capitalist?

An authoritarian. What gives them away? A simple little comment like this from Rep. John Boehner:

"The American people do not want any part of this. And if anyone thinks that the American people are going to forget this vote, just watch."
He knows what we all want, even me I guess. He speaks for the "American people."

Authoritarians are big on punishment. Strict and unforgiving. Like Lindsey Graham:

Sen. Lindsey Graham has indicated that he'd lend key support to an immigration effort, but he's angry about Democrats' tactics in advancing a healthcare bill. "If the healthcare bill goes through this weekend, that will, in my view, pretty much kill any chance of immigration reform passing the Senate this year." Graham said (that) two days before thousands are expected to march in Washington in support of an immigration overhaul.
Sen. Graham doesn't like it when Democrats disobey authority, even at the expense and disappointment of thousands of traveling immigration supporters heading to Washington.

No Child Left Behind penalized and shut down "failing" schools. By 2014, every school in the country would have failed for not being in 100 percent compliance.

If you hate big government, then you would surely hate authoritarian, "we know what's best for you or we'll punished you," conservative rule?

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