Tuesday, February 14, 2023

Kelly and Dorow are Federalist Society Conservatives fighting “liberal orthodoxy,” and dedicated to “reordering priorities within the legal system.

It's time we end the lie judge and Justice races are "nonpartisan?"  

The GOP Complaint Scheme, Press Falls for it #1:  The last straw for me came when a politically driven "complaint" was filed dialing up phony outrage, specifically designed for use against this Justice's reelection. :

A judicial oversight panel dismissed a complaint filed in 2021 against liberal-leaning Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Jill Karofsky over comments she made during oral arguments in Trump’s lawsuit attempting to overturn the results...
Karofsky: “And for you to come forward today and start just using, throwing out allegations of fraud with zero evidence whatsoever. What — What is America?... It is not governance from a king. And what you want, is you want us to overturn this election so that your king can stay in power. And that is so un-American.” 
The commission said Karofsky should be more careful about appearing to have chosen a side in legal disputes.
Of course, liberal justices "should be more careful," but...

Karofsky's comments were a supposed violation, but not Justice Bradley's bizarre rant from the bench: This is a classic Bradley "fear of tyranny" moment, questioning the power of the state's health secretary during COVID, a power she was granted...

The GOP Complaint Scheme, Press Falls for it #2: Well, that seemed to work really well. Ready for this?
The state GOP to file a complaint with the Wisconsin Judicial Commission alleging Protasiewicz has violated judicial ethics rules. Conservative opponent Dan Kelly, who has called Protasiewicz an activist who is "a danger to our liberties," has prompted the state GOP to file a complaint with the Wisconsin Judicial Commission, alleging Protasiewicz has violated judicial ethics rules.

Milwaukee County Judge Janet Protasiewicz (conveyed) her belief that women should be able to choose whether to continue pregnancies and has characterized the state's Republican-written legislative maps as "rigged" 
Nothing "literal" about Federalist doctrine of “originalism”: "Besides, Wisconsin has had a conservative majority for some time, why change," said Jennifer Darow? Justice candidate Darow went further, and openly said she will be submissive to Republicans laws, since they are the gerrymandered "voice of the people." Thank WISN report Matt Smith for follow-up questions:

Darow will protect us from a liberal push that will transform Wisconsin, in not a good way. Did we hear that right?

BREAKING: Dan Kelly not an "activist." Was he completely impartial the last two years working for Republicans? JSonline:

Former state Republican Party Chairman Andrew Hitt said in a deposition last year to the U.S. House committee that investigated the Jan. 6, 2021, attack on the U.S. Capitol that he and Kelly had "pretty extensive conversations" about the fake elector scheme. Kelly was serving as the party's "special counsel" at the time.
Abortion Ban is now Constitutional, and candidate Dan Kelly says he will follow the Constitution. That's crystal clear:

Dan Kelly on Justice Hagedorn's slightly less predictable MAGA vote, noting a predictable justice is a good justice. Shaping a decision around a predetermined outcome: "We're just a little surprised at how he turned out." "We didn't have anything like a record we could point to...and that became a problem...he didn't mean the same things we mean...!

Kelly continues to inadvertently tell us how he'll vote...on public health policy (not laws):
In that case, Secretary-designee of the Wisconsin Department of Health Services Andrea Palm approved the state’s “safer at home” policy, under her department’s statutory authority to “promulgate and enforce rules or issue orders for guarding against the introduction of any communicable disease into the state.” Republicans in the Wisconsin State Legislature sued to block the order, and the Supreme Court’s four remaining conservatives agreed.

Here’s how Kelly, at Tuesday’s event, described what happened: “The Secretary of Human Services says, ‘You can’t go to work unless I tell you. You can’t take your children to school unless I tell you. You can’t go to church unless I tell you to. You can’t do anything unless I tell you to.’ ” Kelly said Palm “came into her Madison office [and typed up the stay-at-home order]. When she was done, she held that up and said, ‘Behold, my law that I just made up today. Legislators have never seen this. They never voted on it, but I made it.’ ”

Palm did not hold up the order and say this.

Thursday, February 9, 2023

Can Democrats Ban Conservative "Woke" Curriculum? They should be able to.


Bottom Line, Bans on Wokeness is Government Censorship: Does the 1st Amendment make an exception to allow government censorship of "woke" ideas, or government censorship of ideas that make some people feel uncomfortable? Didn't think so. 

The frustrating part of the anti-wokeness movement is the lack of legal challenges mentioned in the media. Can we assume there are any? A legal challenge to what is obviously government censorship of ideas, language, and books seems like it would be a slam dunk win in court, even in a radically activist Supreme Court. Can it be more obvious...

So even if there are current challenges to government censorship in schools, even if we're not hearing about them, I've got a sure-fire way to win this case and get the word out: 
Democratic districts should propose banning conservative "wokeness," schools that push right wing indoctrination that whitewashes history, teaches white Western European culture, attacks students based on race, sex and preferred pronouns, orders schools to report these students to their parents, etc.  
It's a two-way street folks, and the Supreme Court would be forced to show their true colors, would they dare support one but not the other? Nope. 

The right-wing media machine would hit critical mass immediately, spreading the "debate" like wild fire across all media outlets. If government can ban supposed "woke" liberal ideas, it could certainly ban "woke" conservative ideas. 

Still, like snowball rolling down hill, the Government Overreach Party (GOP) are getting more insane...

...and this. According to many parents, these students just aren't ready for this: 

Students told WBMA-TV they were ordered to leave out major historical moments, including slavery and the civil rights movement, from the program scheduled for Feb. 22 at Hillcrest High School in Tuscaloosa.

The students were told they “couldn’t talk about slavery and civil rights because one of our administrators felt uncomfortable,” said Black History Month Program board member J’Niyah Suttles, a senior who participated in Wednesday's walkout. Tuscaloosa County Superintendent Dr. Keri Johnson, in a statement, denied allegations that an administrator told the students to leave out historical elements.

This just in...again, students just aren't ready for this:

Republican Senator Daniel Emrich, who is the bill’s sponsor, said the bill will make sure students are taught facts.
“If we operate on the assumption that a theory is fact, unfortunately, it leads us to asking questions that may be potentially based on false assumptions,” Emrich said.
Finally, Democrats should take a big hint from conservative David Jolly, who's talked about this idea before; insecure parenting...

Thursday, February 2, 2023

Children on Front Line as DeSantis uses them for Nationwide Culture War on Education!

The last few days were exhausting perusing Twitter. Was it possible our world was devolving into...Bizarro World, or perhaps...

Bizarro MAGA Social Engineering: The frightening thing? MAGAs culture war has infect everything. If Wisconsin didn't have a Democratic governor, Vos Republicans would be doing the same scary nonsense. What started as a don't say gay law has expanded to mean everything and anything: 

Of course, MAGAs insist in tweets that this is a liberal lie...

Even worse...

Parents Bill of Rights? Sounds great huh? My own interaction with my son's teachers provided a shocking revelation; the teachers were smarter than me and creative, and my guys were learning important things that I was completely unaware of. So how do parents know what's best, especially when they going by their own very dated experience in school? To this day, my kids are still a wealth of information.

The bottom line is this; MAGAs have very low expectations of their own kid's mental awareness and development, undermining what they're capable of doing. 

Ridiculous "Students aren't Ready Yet:" From the Bulwark, Margaret McMullan destroyed the idea that students aren't ready for those frightening "woke" knowledgeable ideas:
I wish the book banners and the anti-CRT folk could read these student essays and see for themselves how young people process, understand, and, often, overcome life’s traumas and injustices.

Here were younger students (7th-12th grade) wrestling with major depression. They were frustrated with the mindlessness of virtual learning. Many had no one to talk to. They wrote about domestic abuse, reconsidering one’s gender, dealing with an unwanted pregnancy, figuring out reasons to live, being deported as a new immigrant, racism, and coming out to their parents. They also wrote about getting COVID and surviving a shooting. These students were grappling with life’s biggest challenges, often involving life or death.

A volunteer mother told me she lived through a historical moment and regretted her actions. That regret changed her, and she volunteered to host me and other authors to visit schools to teach students about civil rights. This woman’s shame and regret is exactly what Republicans want to avoid in classrooms across the nation.

And to the owners of private school and MAGA Republican supporters sending taxpayer dollars to support choice schools, well, heed these words by DeSantis about future STATE control over education if they don't like what you're teaching...:

"If it was a private school, making those choices, that’s fine, I mean, what are you going to do,” DeSantis' said. “But this is paid for by your tax dollars.”

What is CRT now? Does it teach children white skin is not equal to black skin and other things? 

DeSantis trashes Academic Freedom

...and how about this direct threat to the press...