Fake Koch Call

Here's the link to the original story and actual phone call to Walker, in two parts. I've also included an Ian Murphy interview by Thom Hartmann, who tells Thom how he navigated through that rather long conversation with Scott Walker. Also, here's the transcript reported in the Wisconsin State Journal.

Surprisingly, the call isn't even a blip on the campaign map for Walker's Democratic challengers, who could use some of the most painfully unprofessional moments in their favor.

Democrats are horrible at forming their message and putting up a good fight.

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  1. One of the more surreal moments in my life...it was about 5 am CST...4 am on the East Coast, where Ian Murphy lives. I couldn't sleep, I was up early surfing the net, likely looking for Walker garbage, as I was very fixated with the events unfolding at the time.

    Some e-magazine had JUST picked up on Murphy's story/account of how he punked Walker the day before. I read it, I listened to the recording and laughed my ass off, and then found Ian's email address and emailed him at about what would have been 6 am here...just before the shit hit the fan regarding his story and went nationwide.

    We had an interesting and fun email exchange about the prank and what life is like in Wisconsin from the eyes of someone who lives there, etc. I recall saying, 'You know, this thing could really be big', and Ian seemed in awe/a little fearful that that thing might very well happen, but laughed it off. We had to cut off the volley when his phone began to ring...and ring...