Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Conservative Dodo and Radio Host Heidi Harris: Threats? What threats?

Conservative radio host Heidi Harris did her best to dispel the idea that Republicans, tea party protesters and conservative media would ever threaten anyone, ever:
"Who threatens people, Ed, nobody. Oh stop, nobody does that."

Ed Schultz went on to describe four or five recent examples, but still failed to convince Harris.

Even after a driver and his 11 year old daughter were harassed because of an Obama bumper sticker on their car, Harris saw nothing wrong with Sarah Palin telling the Searchlight, Nevada crowd the next time they see an Obama bumper sticker:

"You should stop the driver and ask them, how is that hopey, changy thing workin' out for ya."

Harris tossed of the inappropriate comment by insisting it was just a joke.

And maybe that's why Harris and others conservatives don't understand the real threat. The right wing jokes aren't meant to incite violence. And if it does, it was unintended and an isolated act.


  1. Off the air. KDWN radio dumped her. Fired again? Sounds like it.

  2. Hmm, I searched your site for democrat jokes incite violence and amazingly enough there are no stories. Now this happens as you are well aware, agitating, organizing democrats are always threatening, YouTube is rife with examples of democrat union members attacking people. AFL-CIO types beating pinatas with the likeness of a republican governor, a SNL Minnesota Senator calling for GWB's demise, democrats threatening and doing violence to those that oppose them, vitriolic speeches from the house and senate floors, Alan Grayson (enough said) and I could go on for hours. Yet not a word to condemn it in your little story. I see your intellectual dishonesty and violent party loyalty knows no bounds.