Saturday, March 20, 2010

GOP Stops Progress, and Outsourcer Caterpillar Inc. Complains Health Care Reform Will Cost them Money. Who's Paying Now?

Who s paying for Caterpillar's workers health care?

There's no free lunch. Someone pays. They pay or they get sick, or they lose everything, or they die, or they get insurance from work, or they make everyone with insurance pay for their treatment by adding $1200 a year to premiums. It's a shell game. If you take the burden off business, government pays. If neither pay, no one gets well or the life saving treatment they need. I think that's called rationing...?

Ryan's plan cuts Medicare dramatically (our intimidated "liberal" press didn't cover this information well, did they), doesn't keep up with rising costs, cuts benefits, and leaves it up to seniors to pay the balance of their health care bill with....? What should they do, go out and get a part time job? Ryan's plan, your plan and what your advocating, redistributes wealth upward (I thought Republicans were against redistribution?), raises taxes on families and leaves gigantic deficits. You're for that?

That's why the Republican party, whether they win elections or not, will again collapse future economies.

Even scarier is just what's happening now. When Democrats are elected by unhappy voters who just lost jobs or job security, their retirement and investments on Wall Street, employer insurance and lower take home pay, they were hoping a different set of ideological policies might be in order. But changing the old failed Republican policies won't happen because of an obstructionist senate that now requires 60 votes on everything. The constitution doesn't require a super majority vote and never created the "filibuster."

That means voters will once again return to their abusers because lies are allowed to sound like truths, by a media that gives us the unquestioning "both sides" of an issue. Who can argue with a party that has it both ways now and are held unaccountable for making things up.

Change is now impossible. And you're left angry, in power, but still happy you have your "freedom" and guns. Because that’s all America is all about. The undefined, flag waving freedoms and liberties you claim all Americans want. If we only knew what those were.

Oh, and if you say smaller government, that means "we the people" have less to say about our nation. And isn't that what our founding fathers wanted all along, a great unregulated free market system of business?

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