Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Proving Conservatives will Put Anyone Behind a Mic, Mike Slater Calls for an End to Veterans Health Care.

If Rep. Paul Ryan's Road Map to a Dickensian Future wasn't bad enough, according to the Center for Budget and Policy, check out what one rank and file Republican ideologue thinks about any VA care. How popular would the GOP be if veterans health care got yanked? Hey it's a government run program, so why not make veterans shop for their own health care coverage when they get back? Why should they get a free "government" ride on the taxpayers dime?

In the video clip below, David Shuster asks conservative radio host Mike Slater why we can't take the next step with reform, knowing we already having Medicare and veterans care.

Slater: "...veterans care is an abomination, in this nation."

So we should get rid of that too? According to Slater, yes, get rid of it all.

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