Who the hell is John Peterson?

Politics: Just a guy tired of "compromising." Stop encouraging Republicans when it comes to their failed ideology.

Past life: As an unemployed former liberal radio talk host that can't find a job in one of the most liberal cities in the country, my show continues here in writing. I'm not a flame thrower, but someone who enjoys the the painful smiles of conservatives as they struggle to deny the avalanche of facts tumbling their way.

Unlike most other talk show hosts, I liked to ask the "follow-up question," the one they can't answer. I spent one whole year in hell working with conservative radio host and cancer stick, WIBA's Vicki McKenna. It was a left right match-up that after one year, blew up! I guess just so many collisions between reality and her rabbit hole logic was even too much for me.   

I have filled in for Sly from time to time in the past, but since his new gig is in Monroe, I'm stranded here in Madison.

Real Estate: As a long time real estate guy, I've also hosted a radio show on the subject. In my past life I've worked a 3rd shift job at a New Berlin book bindery, RTE and Wis Gas. So blue collar is something I've lived. Oh, and a Big Boy cook, which makes cooking for my kids a breeze now. 

I could say more, but that won't happen until the Republican Party lays down their arms.

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