Who the hell is John Peterson, blogger, and morning radio guy co-hosting the John & Gordy Show on WMDX 92.7FM?

When it comes to politics, I'm just someone who won't "compromise" with the MAGA Party's anti-democratic and time proven failed tax cut ideology. I'm not a flame thrower, but someone who enjoys the painful smiles of conservatives as they struggle to deny the avalanche of facts tumbling their way. My current work at WMDX has given me the ability to ask the "follow-up question," you know, the question they can't answer. 

Blue Collar History: During my year and a half at Layton Art School, and a failed attempt at writing my own songs, I was a blue-collar worker. I did time as a parts driver at a Cadilac dealer, paid for a new Chevy Blazer with two 3rd shift factory jobs. I spent my summers laying gas pipes for the WI Gas Company. Among other jobs, I worked as a Big Boy cook hoping to make it as a steak side cook (a promotion I never got). But that experience now comes in handy cooking for my kids, who oddly, still don't understand the reason why I cook so fast. 

For years, it was surreal being an unemployed liberal radio talk host that couldn't find a job in one of the most progressive cities in the country. Because I couldn't stop doing show prep while unemployed, I put all that material on

In between, I did John & Gordy's Media world on Cable Access 4, and a late-night TV show featuring bad movies on The Big Sky Theater.

After a whole year in hell working with conservative radio's Vicki McKenna., it was time to leave. That meant giving up my weekend radio shows focused on tech talk and real estate, using my knowledge as a local Realtor. I also enjoyed my short year or two filling in for Sly at another station. 

Now at Civic Media's WMDX 92.7 FM, and playing all over the social media dial including podcasts on Spotify, I'm back on the air with my longtime friend and radio partner Gordy Young. It's called The John and Gordy Show.