Saturday, May 4, 2013

Paul Ryan Gleeful Obamacare Not Ready.

Wow, who would have thought such a ridiculous comment made by Paul Ryan on the Affordable Care Act would have produced an overwhelmingly negative response.  Could be a sign voters are on to Ryan.

Due to Republican obstructionism, Obamacare may not be fully ready. And that was their plan. Now Paul Ryan is out there fear mongering its roll out, claiming this is proof government can’t do anything.
jsonline: "Businesses don't know how to comply. States don't know what's going on.” In the 2014 elections, Republicans will fare better because people will see that the health care overhaul is "one big false huge empty promise. Now we will be experiencing big government in practice," Ryan said.
Ryan continues to mischaracterize Sen. Max Baucus’ “train wreck” comment as well, who warned that congressional Republicans should stop getting in the way up of its implementation or it’ll be a train wreck:
Like the author of the bill in the Senate, Max Baucus, I think this law's a train wreck," Ryan said.
Low and behold, Journal Sentinel readers were onto to Ryan. Their commentary is spot on:
Fear mongering terrorists Ryan and Walker. Oust these fools. Ashamed to be from Wisconsin.

more fear, uncertainty and doubt from the party that specializes in fear, uncertainty and doubt....who woulda thunk it???

I don't think a lot of these GOPers have made a good faith effort to meet the deadline for insurance marketplaces.

Walker, who hates the federal government wants to be part of the federal government as our next president. Walker, who does not trust the federal government, decided to let the feds set up our health insurance exchanges instead of having Wisconsin create their own. Walker says the government needs to get out of the way because of job killing regulation, but then proceeds to set up the WEDC, the most corrupt and useless waste of taxpayer money and home to graft I believe our state has ever seen, proving the need for the government to put laws and regulations in place to track taxpayer money??

He might be right...but if so, it'll be mostly due to GOP obstructionism.

What hypocrisy! They do everything possible to block the law, and even refuse to set up the State exchanges. Then they complain that it won't be ready in time!?! I hope nobody is falling for this one.

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