Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Tea Party Thugs Enlist Knucklehead Rep. Don Pridemore to Push for 5 foot Voter Intimidation Bill.

One of the dumbest guys in our state assembly, Rep. Don Pridemore, is proposing the ultimate in what appears to be an outright voter intimidation bill. In his view, election observers need to be closer to voters at every stage of the process, close enough to get names and addresses or make the experience
Poll Observer? 
itself very unpleasant.

Current law allows conservative whack jobs to shout at you from 6-12 feet away; Pridemore moves that up to only 5 feet away (originally he wanted 3 feet).

Racine’s experience during the recall elections should have been a warning to everyone, but it wasn't. Shouting matches, conflicting eye witness accounts, conspiracy theories about voter fraud…what’s not to like? 

This is only the beginning of in-your-face bullying tactics surrounding elections. These are tactics you’d expect to see in third world nations.
WPR: The bill sponsored by Rep. Don Pridemore (R-Erin) originally allowed election observers to be within three feet. He's now pushed it back (to 5) feet. But for some, that's still too close. Pewaukee election clerk Nancy Zastrow says poll workers need elbow room. But an election board commissioner in Milwaukee, Bob Spindell, supports the bill: “When somebody can't see what's going on they immediately think fraud, problems, et cetera.”
Ah, that's why we have election officials...never mind. We’re not talking about liberal poll observers either; both sides don’t do it. The question is, why do "they" need to “see what’s going on?”  
Democrats on the Assembly election committee repeatedly asked anyone mentioning or asserting fraud to verify how widespread it is. During the 2012 election, Milwaukee County prosecuted only 10 people for voter fraud. The election commission director for Milwaukee, Neil Albrecht, told lawmakers this is problematic: “Observing their production of confidential documents is concerning and intimidating, particularly in an era of increasing awareness of identity theft.”
Why not have gun purchase observers too? 

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