Saturday, May 18, 2013

Republicans winning Public Support; Kick the can down the road, Freeloading is fun.

While the states around us progress, even with tax increases on the well off, Wisconsin Republicans are stuck in time. They've taken Wisconsin's national character and trashed it, with attempts to take butter off our restaurant tables, ban cheese from Foodshare, slow broadband to rural farmers, delay wind and solar development, ban cloning again, reduce funding to education, ignore transportation effecting the delivery of goods and services, back out of contracts, spread the failed voucher program, ignore half the population filled with liberals and independents, make voting harder, bust up unions, bypass the judicial branch...etc. We're not Wisconsin anymore, we're Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, and N. Carolina. And we didn't even have to drive there.

My point is Republicans have successfully sold the public on the idea that we don't need to pay for anything anymore. Below is a clip from WPT's Here and Now, with the results of the latest Marquette University Law School poll that makes if very clear the public knows what needs to be done, but would rather live off the sweat, work and investment others made to our infrastructure and services. Kick the can down the road:

When Republicans blame others, like the poor and unemployed for freeloading, they're projecting, knowing full well that's exactly what they plan on doing. In fact they're doing it now. Republican legislators never break a sweat making slight changes to ALEX written legislation. Lawmakers collect a paycheck and soak the taxpayers for doing nothing, because that's what you get when you make government smaller. And just to rub it in, they get free health care, the kind they're so dead set against sharing with the voters.

And these guys keep getting reelected. Are we crazy? Is this the end of the experiment?

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