Friday, May 24, 2013

Walker's Vengeance knows no Limit on Milwaukee. Think what he could do as President.

I thought this story was shocking enough when you think of everything Walker and the Republican authority were doing to Milwaukee, but now its just getting desperately bizarre. Police Chief Flynn went ballistic.

Keep in mind what Republican State Sen. Glenn Grothman said about the festering hatred on the right for Milwaukee:

Remember how Republicans hated Madison for knowing what's best for everyone? All that has changed. But this was the last straw for Police Chief Ed Flynn:
jsonline: Police Chief Edward Flynn on Friday blasted Gov. Scott Walker for being anti-urban and the Legislature's budget committee for "gratuitous" decisions that killed a community policing grant for his department and set in motion the departure of the state crime lab from Milwaukee.

"I don't know of a governor anywhere in the country who succeeded in turning his state's economy around by actively facilitating the decline of his biggest city. This isn't like, bad things are happening in Milwaukee and I can't stop it. This is, can I put another stick in the eye of Milwaukee on another issue? It's certainly not good government. There's 600,000 people here. It's not smart economic policy."

"I don't want to be a partisan," Flynn said. "But I'm not blind. This is partisan. Unfortunately, if you happen to be a Milwaukee resident, you must suffer the apparent desperate need of the (Walker) administration to exact political payback on Milwaukee. Because the mayor had the temerity to challenge for the governor's job. What else could it be? I would prefer not to think the Legislature hates us because we live in Milwaukee. I would prefer to not think it was a kind of prejudice against urban challenges and issues. But it's not much more edifying to say, 'OK, you made the political point.'

"Perhaps, you know, the leadership of this city should go to Madison and kiss a ring and bend our knees and say, 'Yes, overlords, please don't hurt us anymore. We're so sorry.' I mean, enough."

Flynn echoed a comment made recently by former mayor John Norquist who said that, without Milwaukee, Wisconsin was basically Iowa. "Maybe he wants us to be Iowa," Flynn said of Walker. "Spending as much time there as he is here."

(Before losing it, the) community policing grant would have provided $445,400 over the next two years to expand the city's ShotSpotter system. The system detects the shock waves from a bullet being fired and transmits that information immediately to the department's communications facility and computers inside squad cars.

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