Friday, May 17, 2013

HUGE Green Energy Story gets little media coverage! Adams-Friendship Solar Plant Amazing Import.

I have to think this story reported on Wisconsin Public Radio wasn't what Republicans wanted to brag about. But it's a game changer for the Adams-Friendship area, and a great corporate partner for the community, businesses and area schools. Besides very local media coverage, why was this ignored?

Look at the floating solar panels in Lake Petenwell:
Is this wild? The only thing missing are water slides.
WPR: The Adams city council and the Adams-Friendship Area School Board voted to let an Australian company (Singapore based) make Adams its American headquarters. Global Environmental Infrastructure Technology Solutions (GEITS) first approached the Adams County board with a plan for a floating power plant to clean up pollution in Lake Petenwell. While the county has yet to move forward, the city of Adams is moving full speed ahead … a $20 million-dollar factory for solar products, and an alternative energy power plant (employ up to 200 people).
I love the Adams City Administrator’s reaction to this:
Bob Ellisor compares this Australian technology invasion to the British music invasion of the 1960s. "The city of Adams is going to be center stage to the Midwest if not the nation for this new innovative technology. This is their introduction into North America, and I've got to say, I think this Australian invasion into America I think is bigger than the Beatles."
Here’s another reason why this is such a big story; community/corporate partnership:
Ellisor say Adams will use GEITS technology to clean up its waste water, and will convert its street lights for solar power. The Australian company has also approached the Adams-Friendship Area School District with a solar energy proposal, according to District Administrator Steve LaVallee. "Put solar panels [on] all our buildings that are in town, which would include our high school, middle school, elementary school, the administration office as well as the bus garage. It's a decision the board is looking at very carefully. It's an exciting opportunity."
No if we can just get Sen. Frank Lasee to determine if there are any low level invisible light rays that might pose a health problem. As for the floating solar panels, they will be on public waters:

Star Times: GEITS plan — building a 500-mega watt floating solar-power plant on Petenwell Lake — is essentially dead in the water. “The DNR is holding us back. It’s that simple,” Adams County conservationist Chris Murphy told residents.

Ed Culhane, a public affairs manager for the West Central DNR district, which includes Adams County, said “The surface waters in Wisconsin are held in trust. Obviously if you create a large structure and put in on the water it takes away usage … (Officials) had been to Madison to speak with officials at the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources only days before and received no support. All indicated that the DNR’s reasoning is based on a hesitation to “privatize” Petenwell Lake.

“With every opportunity there is a challenge, of course. The DNR doesn’t want a private company to touch their public algae,” Nellore said. “Private structures cannot go on public water so the floating plant may not go ahead,” he said.


  1. If they were drilling for oil or gas in Lake Petenwell the DNR would be falling all over itself to approve the project.

    On the other hand, extreme caution should be used when dealing with Australian businessmen. They are not renowned for their honesty.

  2. I laughed over your first point, and frown over your second because it took a few centuries, but it looks like Australia is now exporting their crooks.

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