Monday, May 13, 2013

State Rep. Cory Mason calls out Republican Hypocrisy limiting food choices for the poor, while giving everyone else the freedom to make bad choices.

Nanny state Republicans want to protect us from eating good food, in normal proportions.
WPR: A provision added to the state budget by Republicans would prohibit Wisconsin communities from banning Big Gulp sodas or other sugary drinks. It comes just two days after Republicans limited the ability of poor people to buy soda with food stamps.
Feeling no shame whatsoever the out of shape...
Rep. Pat Strachota (R-West Bend) is the measure's sponsor. "When I want to go to the movie theater and get that big thing of soda and the biggest popcorn I can get to have that experience at the movie theater…I want to make sure that I can continue to have that experience and that I don't have government telling me I can't have that experience."

Here's what Rep. Cory Mason said:
"It belies any genuine argument that you were making about it being about nutrition, and makes it seem as though all you were really doing was going after the way poor people behave and not everybody else." Republicans say the food stamp bill was different because it involved junk food bought with taxpayer money.
Who's still falling for the "taxpayer money" dog whistle mentioned every other word in Republican nanny state policy?

Here's a great point from WSJ's Chris Rickert:

Since Strachota’s made a point of saying that part of the reason she introduced her amendment was that she didn't want anyone taking away her freedom to sit in a theater with giant, obesity- and cavity-exacerbating containers of popcorn and soda, I couldn’t help but wonder if taxpayers must help pay her health and dental costs.

As of late Monday afternoon, her office had not yet told me if she was on the state’s insurance plan. Either way, perhaps a more honest version of her amendment would preserve the freedom to enjoy massive servings of food and drink only for people who aren't on such plans.


  1. The repubs in government are paid with taxpayer money, right? How about they have to follow the same laws as those who use food stamps?
    Point to consider for these self-appointed dictators: radiation treatment often leaves patients with the inability to taste certain ( most ) foods. Sweets for some reason can be tasted. So thanks, repubs, for making all food bought with food stamps taste like eating hay, rather than allowing a small bit of satisfaction to someone who does not deserve such discrimination. Wisconsin repubs are mean, small minded idiots.

  2. Why in the world did Cory Mason vote for AB110, and join the self-appointed dictators in their assault on the poor?

  3. Good question. Mason is the most vocal critic, yet voted for this petty nonsense.

    Ever wonder why the public has no idea what Democrats believe...this is a perfect example.