Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Double Dipping good for Schools, Bad for Teacher hating Republicans.

Taking further aim at the teaching profession, Republicans hate it so much when teachers collect benefits earned previously and get them after going back to work for less, that they want to penalize them or just stop them completely. We're talking just 2,800 employees. Worth it?
jsonline: Public workers would have to wait longer, 75 days after retirement before they could return to the government workforce and in some cases would be barred from receiving retirement benefits while working the new job, under a double-dipping provision Republicans on the Legislature's budget committee … The measure passed 12-4, with all Republicans voting for it and all Democrats voting against it.  
This will cost taxpayers...of course, like everything else base on pure ideology. They are the great envious judges of unfairness.

It seems almost everything Scott Walker and his "pet legislature" is doing is costing taxpayers more and more. Job training for FoodShare will cost taxpayers $26 million a year, turning down Medicaid expansion will cost $73 million, not to mention businesses paying up to $36 million a year for employees, interest on borrowed road construction costs and interest, costly changes to voting regulations, public schools raising taxes to make up for lost voucher money...that's just a sample. And then on top of that, he wants to throw away the upcoming internet sales tax revenue on cutting income taxes even more.

And when we go from feast to's that going to work out? 

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  1. I wish there were a happy medium on this issue. I have personal experience with two department heads who retired and then came back. In both cases it was supposedly a money-saving tactic, except these men did nothing during the time they were re-hired. Skipping meetings was the least of it, they barely showed up for work.
    These jackasses and those like them are the reason Scott & Co. can tar everyone with the same brush.