Thursday, May 9, 2013

Paul Ryan takes Projection to breath taking new heights.

Like I've told my conservative friend in Milwaukee many times, Republicans are completely wrong about how Democrats, progressives and liberals think. We really don’t think like them…not at all. Not a chance. It's even insulting.

Rep. Paul Ryan, who should lose his reelection bid in 2014, made a recent attempt to described progressives to his panting idol worshipers. His explanation was either wishful thinking or a clear attempt to justify the twisted logic of conservative dogma. Like Democrats do it too.

Honestly, I don’t know who’s he’s describing here, but it sure isn't a progressive:  
The Hill: Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) blasted progressive principles: “Progressivism is well-intentioned but it is also — in my humble opinion — arrogant and condescending,” Ryan said at the American Enterprise Institute. “Instead of helping people make their own decisions, it makes those decisions for them. It makes Washington the center of power and politicians the center of attention.”
Would any progressive think centralize power is a good thing, or make a politician the center of attention (a "leader")? Surreal stuff to be sure. But Ryan isn't done describing those “arrogant and condescending” fictionalized opponents who’s populist message seems to strike the public's fancy. Oh, and did you know liberals were the ones who said they were "the heirs of the Founders?" I could have sworn that was a tea party claim…
“This vision proved compelling,” Ryan said. “It drew thousands of people into government … they seized the moral high ground. They said they were the heirs of the Founders, when in reality, they were the replacements. They said they were for the people. And their opponents? They were for the rich. They were selfish.”
Yes, especially that last part about the rich and selfish, we did say that. Ryan mixes a dash of truth in for fun. The next statement is oh so wrong; in uncertain times, people look for security from conservatives, who promise to shred the constitution with things like the Patriot Act and Homeland Security.
“Yet the Left keeps winning elections. Why? Well, you can see the appeal. In uncertain times, people look for security. Progressives seem to have an answer … the progressive state offers a sense of security. But it’s a false sense of security because government can’t keep all its promises.”
This is the most under reported statement made by Republicans. What Ryan is saying is that if Republicans were in charge, nothing is certain, no promises kept. Pretty breathtaking huh? 

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