Friday, May 10, 2013

State Republican Authority stacking up Regulations...small government my **s!!!

Something needs clarification. Republicans really want a limited, smaller form of democratic government. Because as it turned out, big government Republicanism is better. It includes words like freedom, liberty and the phrase "protecting taxpayer money." How can you lose?

So the following list of intrusive mind boggling Republican bills are just starting to see the light of day, and they're only getting started.

It seems every little things that’s bugged our freeloading on-the-government-dole lawmakers is now about to become law. The Democrats will have their hands full repealing the stacks upon stacks of laws passed by these nanny state overseers of "taxpayer money."

No Drones: This law has even some stupid Democrats backing it. What it does is...well, not much that already isn't required. There are so many exceptions, what's the point?
AP: A bipartisan group of lawmakers is introducing legislation to limit the use of drones in Wisconsin. The bill would require law enforcement officers to obtain search warrants before using unmanned aircraft as part of criminal investigations. Exceptions would apply in certain situations, such as during manhunts or rescue operations. A number of states and municipalities have passed or are considering similar limits on drones. Their laws do not apply to federal agencies. The bill written by Republican Rep. Tyler August, of Lake Geneva, also would bar private individuals from using drones to intrude others' privacy. People could use drones in public areas where the expectation of privacy is low. Current law does not provide such guidelines.
What, now you can eat anything you want including junk food? Ironically, this bill is being presented at the same time Republicans want to tell poor people on food stamps what they can't eat. And they're doing it all with a straight face. Of course their real message: Poor people waste taxpayer money eating junk food that makes them fat and lazy, don't you just hate poor people?
A provision that prevents local governments from telling you what you can or can’t eat what you go out to a restaurant. The Wisconsin Restaurant Association applauds Rep. Pat Strachota for these efforts in limiting intrusive regulation of what Americans can eat and drink ... will prevent local governments from regulating nutritional content or portion sizes of foods and non-alcoholic beverages sold in retail establishments. Ed Lump, President and CEO at the Wisconsin Restaurant Association. ““The way to help people become healthier is educating them how to eat healthy instead of trying to force them into what some believe are the right choices,” said Lump.
Should we do that for food stamp recipients too? 

And these three "picking winners and losers" tort limits on private business attorneys defending injured citizens. Maybe they should do this to bank CEO's:
Personal Injury Trust Claims Transparency (AB 19): The purpose of this legislation is to provide transparency and prevent fraud involving personal injury trusts by creating certain discovery requirements during litigation. “As a state with a strong manufacturing sector, Wisconsin businesses stand to lose if double-dipping and fraud are not limited.

Transparency in Private Attorney Contracting (AB 27): The interests of private plaintiffs’ attorneys are not always aligned with the interests of a state and its citizens. Private plaintiffs’ attorneys who are given complete control of litigation may seek settlements and judgments that maximize their profit rather than the benefit to a state and its citizens. And private attorneys have received excessive fees for their work on behalf of states in some cases.

PhysicianInformed Consent (AB 139): This legislation clarifies a negative Wisconsin Supreme Court decision, Jandre v. Wisconsin Injured Patients and Families Compensation Fund, dealing with a physician’s duty of informed consent. “Wisconsin physicians are dedicated to providing quality care of real value to patients ... Addressing the Jandre decision will prevent physicians from having to practice defensive medicine, encouraging efficient, effective, and less costly healthcare.” 
The last reform will take patient centered health care and shifted it to doctors. So when Paul Ryan touts the benefits of patient centered health care, you might want to remind him, we already did away with that.  

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