Tuesday, May 14, 2013

How Does Scott Walker, the job killing/WEDC failing governor, keep his approval ratings up?

I have never been able to figure out how Scott Walker got reelected in the Democratic stronghold of Milwaukee as their county executive, time after time, with his horrible record.

Walker continues that streak with a strong approval rating despite failing over and over again at what was supposed to be the Republican Party's central focus: jobs.

He continues to brag about balancing the budget, a fete matched only by...every other governor. He's pit neighbor against neighbor, divided the state permanently, and keeps accumulating power like other notorious world dictators.

PPP is out with their latest, and here's the mind bending numbers-we love Scott Walker:
The poll found little change from previous surveys in Walker’s approval rating: 51% approved and 45% disapproved of his performance in office.  That’s consistent with almost all the polling on Walker that Marquette has done over the past 12 months.
Walker's numbers match Obama's: 
President Barack Obama’s Wisconsin numbers were identical:  51% approved and 45% disapproved of his performance in office.


  1. How?
    1. No one in opposition owns the message. When you don't own the message, you get results like: people believing that the recall was about nothing more than disgruntled public employees, rather than a host of issues including of course sneak-attack destruction of unions, but also things like de facto tax increases on our poorest citizens. Republicans continue to shape public perceptions in Wisconsin, and the saddest thing is that they don't need to work very hard to do it.
    2. No elected Dem, or group of elected Dems, is/are methodically and consistently calling b.s. on what's coming out of both chambers and the Governor's office. You want to call attention to all the destructive decisions and legislation, in a state where the two largest newspapers seem willing to give Walker and Republicans a pass on major things like destruction of computer evidence and missing WEDC funds, well, these elected Dems are the folks closest to the microphones.
    3. There is no strong and respected potential candidate speaking up. Maybe there is such a person, but he/she is remaining silent at a time when Walker's past and present shenanigans could really use a good public airing-out. It's not too early to start campaigning, as anyone watching Walker's presidential campaign can see.

  2. You took the words right out of my mouth. Thank you. You saved me the frustration of writing it myself.

  3. Another number from the poll that's a result of the dynamics that Sue outlined so brilliantly --

    Only 49% of respondents are aware of the indisputable fact that Wisconsin is LAGGING other states in job creation.

    If all you know is "it's working," then there's no reason not to bestow approval...