Friday, May 24, 2013

Walker to Iowans: "We've laid a "positive" foundation to move Wisconsin forward..." Yeah, we're real happy here!

It's no surprise that even the most outrageous and partisan state Republican legislators can't stomach many of the things Scott Walker wants to pass under his governorship. Truly is irresponsible stuff. But the criticism here is countered by the wild eyed praise of Iowans.
Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker was the keynote speaker before the Polk County GOP
"Make" it go Red? Walker to turn Country Blood Red?
in Iowa Thursday. Using Wisconsin as his conservative model, the governor talked nationally, insisting the GOP must adapt.

"People realize we stood our ground not for some political cause, not just to keep a campaign promise, but because ultimately we wanted to put the power back in the hands of the hard-working taxpayers. We said here's the pathway forward. We've laid a positive foundation to move Wisconsin forward, and people want to continue down that path. We need to do that nationally, as well, which brings me to my second point, we need to be more relevant as Republicans."
Walker did not lay a “positive foundation” forward, unless having the most partisan statewide divide nationally is a model to be admired. Neighbors now hate neighbors and recall records are used as blacklists for potential candidates for office. jsonline's Craig Gilbert wrote:
The state's red-blue divide is a major reason for this consistency. Walker and Obama routinely get 90% approval or higher from voters in their own party, and close to the same level of disapproval from voters in the other party. That guarantees each of them a large, unyielding bloc of support - and a large, unyielding bloc of opposition.
Walker has done the impossible; he got reelected in the Democratic stronghold of Milwaukee, and then reelected in a recall. For some reason, those droopy sociopathic eyes are hypnotic, controlling and lovingly deceptive. And now it's working for him in other states too.

Read the following on an empty stomach:
"I thought it was absolutely fantastic. I can imagine that guy being our next president."

"That was very inspiring, and it's a great kick-off to the next election cycle, really, and we agree in Iowa with all of his values," Debbie Heldt said.

"I thought it was absolutely fantastic. I can imagine that guy being our next president," Joel Illian said.

"One of the better aspects is, he actually does what he says he's going to do, and I'm not sure that's so true around the nation," Kevin Zierke said.
One Wisconsin Now was there to spread the word, Walker is a lousy governor on paper. Here's the TV coverage from WBAY:

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  1. During the next governor's election, Scott Walker must be asked, every single day, whether or not he is considering a presidential run. People must be allowed to make the decision on electing him governor with that promise, yes or no, settled.
    Then, when he wins (unless there is someone awesome hiding in the bushes he is going to win), and when he runs for president, we can all sit back and watch him get the early, very public, and embarrassing thrashing he so richly deserves.