Thursday, May 16, 2013

Illegal Deletions, Hard Drive destruction Worked!!! Redistricting Challenge Dropped! Wisconsin's in Real Trouble under Walker.

Redistricting was done all fair and legal like. This should send a shiver through Wisconsinite’s everywhere.

The courts may not have the kind of evidence necessary to make a legal challenge stick, but come on, we’re not stupid either.
WSJ: The plaintiffs in a case that challenged Wisconsin’s 2011 redistricting agreed Wednesday to drop an effort to determine why Republicans failed to turn over records to them after finding no evidence of malicious intent.
Start Treating Us Like Adults: As adults, you just know intellectually Republican legislators just got away with murder. Sadly, conservative voters who I swear are still living out their rebellious teens and who are still playing with guns, are high-fiving today. They’ll write this off as a liberal partisan witch hunt. Don’t you dare make any comparisons to Benghazi, Obama’s birth certificate, the socialist agenda, FEMA prison camps for conservatives, a national and worldwide gun ban…etc.

Besides the outrageous act of forcing Republican legislators to secrecy, there's no evidence of malicious intent…really?
One of the nine hard drives was unreadable and the outside of it was dented and scratched, which suggested its metal housing had been removed, according to affidavits in the case. In addition, some of the hard drives had a program installed on them that could remove electronic data and hide the fact that files had been deleted, according to the filing. So far, however, a computer expert has not been able to determine if the program was actually used. Left unanswered so far is who was responsible for the deletion of any documents.
Under that backdrop, we’re supposed to go along with:
The two sides in the litigation said they found no solid proof the thousands of files deleted from state computers were removed with bad intent nor that turning those files over to plaintiffs would have changed the outcome of a federal case challenging Wisconsin’s redistricting. “Compliance with the plaintiffs’ subpoenas, and the court’s orders regarding them, by the Legislature, its employees, consultants and counsel was not complete,” according to the report, filed jointly by attorneys for both sides. “Whether such incompleteness was the result of inadvertence or ineptitude or otherwise cannot be determined.”
Yes, you read that right, our lawmakers and state government were just accused of being inept for their incompleteness and inadvertent bungling of the evidence, and that's okay. So other than that, here’s your get out of jail card. I thought of my own kids when I read this ridiculous response:
Legislative aide Joe Handrick, a former lawmaker who worked on redistricting on behalf of Republicans, (was asked) if he had removed any files from his state computer housed at the law firm, Handrick replied, “I never deleted anything from that computer.”
So to wrap up this little gift of what is now acceptable corruption:
In an earlier report, the plaintiffs said a forensic examination found that legislative aides appeared to have deleted “hundreds of thousands” of files at “suspicious times” from state computers.

The report concluded, “No direct or clear and convincing evidence has come to light to date showing ... that such non-production was the result of intentional, deliberate or contumacious disregard of the subpoenas or the court’s orders by anyone.”
Those files just got deleted because…? Wow does it pay to cover your tracks. Remember this:
In a scathing ruling, a three-judge federal panel said: "Quite frankly, the Legislature and the actions of its counsel give every appearance of flailing wildly in a desperate attempt to hide from both the court and the public the true nature of exactly what transpired in the redistricting process," the ruling reads. The court "will not suffer the sort of disinformation, foot-dragging, and obfuscation now being engaged in by Wisconsin's elected officials and/or their attorneys," the ruling reads. 


  1. This is merely a finding that there is no direct proof that the ILLEGAL deletion of files was intentional. These people still can (and better) be found guilty of negligence and failing to produce documents requested in a trial.

    Now, common sense tells you this was intentional, but because there's no email saying "Delete this," that part of the redistricting scandal can't be looked at. GOPs are sick, deceitful scum, and if they can skirt the legal system for their shameful behavior, it leaves it up to us to make them pay for their transgressions

  2. Handrick and the Lewinski maneuver!