Wednesday, May 8, 2013

New Tea Party member of Buffalo Board of Education wants to destroy it, Replace School System with Boarding Schools

What exactly screams “liberty and freedom” when your’re talking about the tea party movement?

They’re anything but what the founding fathers had envisioned.
Remember this lunatic?

There’s a draconian authoritarian edge to these people, that I think reflects the latter stages of a transforming Republican Party.

How else would you describe their attempts to install a permanent one party authority, a top down one size fits all restrictive social order, that gives all our freedoms away to business?

Or in the case below, a disciplinary view of teaching children with an iron fist, away from the same supposedly wonderful parents these conservatives have been telling us “know what’s best for their kids?”

This is what conservatives want to see in our future. There are too many Carl Paladino’s to claim he and the others are just political flukes.
Huffington Post: Tea party favorite Carl Paladino, the unsuccessful 2010 Republican nominee for New York governor, won a landslide victory, 79 percent to 20 percent, Tuesday night for a seat on the Buffalo Board of Education.

Paladino, a millionaire developer, entered the school board race in January vowing to "destroy" the nine-member board. He has long been at odds with board members, filing a lawsuit against the board last year to challenge the appointment of a new schools superintendent. He said he wants to fire the school system's entire top leadership and has challenged the Buffalo teachers union.

Paladino has described African American women school board members as a "parasitic black sisterhood." 

In 2011, Paladino proposed that Buffalo's school system create boarding schools in order to improve test scores. He said boarding schools would provide children with study skills, meals and a chance to escape dysfunctional families. He repeated the boarding school proposal during his school board campaign

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  1. Considering the LANDSLIDE win that he pulled off... it seems that the majority of his constituents sympathize with his views.

    If the Buffalo School Board is ran anything like RUSD, I can fully understand why.

    Good for him can't wait to see what changes he makes.