Monday, May 13, 2013

Michigan Republicans Violate State Constitutional Guarantee of a Public Education. Shut Down School District Early.

One of my biggest raps on private schools is that they can do anything they want, like....pack up and leave before daybreak. And that did happen in Milwaukee. I praised public schools for always being there, after all, they're guaranteed in state constitutions.

I guess the Republicans in Michigan want to make sure we don't even believe that about public schools. The fact the Gov. Rick Snyder broke the law, violated the constitutional guarantee, should land this guy in jail right? Snyder and his Republican pirates will do anything to shake the public confidence, as I've reported before.

Let's hope Michigan loses federal dollars, and Republicans get run out of town or jailed. From education historian Diane Ravitch's blog:
The school district of Buena Vista, Michigan, is out of money. The schools are closed for the year. The district will offer “skills camp” to students.

The state of Michigan, which has a responsibility to provide a free public education to all children, has abandoned the students and their schools. The town and the schools are predominantly poor nd black. The town once thrived but started to die when the automobile industry collapsed. Nw those left behind have been betrayed by Governor Snyder.

The Congressman who represents Buena Vista is upset:

“The students of Buena Vista have a constitutional right to an education and deserve the same educational opportunities as other Michigan children, and that means being in a classroom full-time to complete their school year,” said Rep. Dan Kildee, a Democratic congressman who represents Buena Vista, on Monday. “I do not believe that a voluntary camp amounts to a proper education for the children of Buena Vista.”
Here's All in with Chris Hayes' nice coverage:

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