Saturday, May 18, 2013

IRS/Teabilly flap should result in pulled tax exempt status for all "Party" affiliated supposedly "Social Welfare" groups.

Exposed, finally!!! IRS fumble brought into daylight, regrettably for conservative billionaire funding sources, the conservative con game that forces taxpayers to pick up their campaign tab.
See, they're not racist...

This wasn't so much the IRS targeting for political purposes as it was a dumb shortcut to deal with tea party freeloaders who thought they had easy way to avoid paying taxes. They actually claimed they were "social welfare" groups. Despite hating all things "social" and all things "welfare," they sold their souls for a free ride.

Because of this hoax, the U.S. lost tax revenue making everyone else pay for their partisan agenda. They also didn't want to disclose how much money the Koch's contributed to Americans for Prosperity under 501(c)(4) rules. In fact, the IRS didn't even look into the larger lawyered up groups.

Real Balls: Tea parties actually thought they could sell the public on their convoluted, revisionist, simpleton perspective of the constitution, as a social welfare benefit to society.

Ironically, teabilly whining actually prompted the IRS to investigate. If done for political purposes, nothing would have happened:
...oops, spoke too soon.
jsonline: Treasury officials said that (they) were looking into the IRS' handling of applications for tax-exempt status, partly due to allegations raised by conservative organizations."
The outrage is more of a distraction from the real question; why are these obvious political organization and arms of conservative campaigning receiving "social welfare" status? These angry teabillies might be doing more to dismantle the free ride than anything else.

But one more thing can't be ignored. The anger over money in politics and the mind boggling activist Citizens United ruling could get worse if Republicans had their way. More money and creeping fascism is possible if we just do away with the IRS, or reduce it into a toothless agency.

The top Republican admitted it wasn't partisanship, but something else, just to make his grander point: 
Assimilated Koch whore McKenna
Rep. Dave Camp, R-Mich., chairman of the Ways and Means Committee said, "The reality is this is not a personnel problem. This is a problem of the IRS being too large, too powerful, too intrusive and too abusive of honest, hardworking taxpayers."
Yeah, those were really "hard working" retired tea party freeloaders bused around states protesting for the Koch's taxpayer draining Americans for Prosperity. They wore their mod mentality proudly by their openness to fall in line as another cog in the AFP machine. Like conservative radio's surreal visitor from an alternate universe, Vicki McKenna. 

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  1. The only faux outrage I see is with Dull Edge's misdirection attempt above. It shows you hit the mark with this one, John.

    The real story in the IRS incident is how these TeaBag groups gave ducked taxes and hid from donor disclosure laws through this flaw in the tax code. The IRS should be giving any of these new groups major scrutiny to keep them from ducking the law.

    Just WHO IS AFP? I think we deserve to find out. Lets see just who Icki is fronting for