Friday, May 24, 2013

The Cliched Bloviating of Conservative Blogger Steve Prestegard.

Listen to the embarrassing stereotype. This was a great moment in radio this morning on WPR’s Joy Cardin program, where guest Steve Prestegard plays the conservative caricature for laughs, I would assume.

Christine Bremer (BREE-mur)-Muggli (MOO-glee), attorney with Bremer & Trollop Law Offices in Wausau and a presidential elector, had all the right answers, good answers. Democrats should learn from her.

Steve Prestegard is described as a “journalist?” Okay, then I am too. He also blogs like me, which means he must be a genius. I will deal with each subject separately, with great answers from both’s just that Steve had nothing but outright clichés with shades of envy.

First we have a clip of Scott Walker in Iowa, spouting absolute nonsense about getting jobs via losing food stamps. You won't believe this...:
“…you might imagine what they said in Madison. Uhh, the governor hates poor people, he’s making harder to get government assistance. I pushed back right away and said I’m not making it harder to get em assistance, I love the people in my state so much, I’m making it easier to get a job.”
He’s making it easier to get food stamps by taking food away? We're near last in the country for jobs. Brilliantly deceptive. Prestegard loved the idea, based purely on envy. Like all conservative control freaks, “this is a popular notion,” where assistance is money out of their pocket. But they forget when the poor had jobs, they too paid for others peoples food stamps. So why the outrage? Freeloading Republicans hate it when others get something for nothing, especially those with nothing. An appalled Christine Bremer responded by saying it was mean spirited and costly, $16 million taxpayer dollars, and that Walker’s just shifty blame for the state’s bad economy to the poor. True on all counts:

Rent to Own: Prestegard doesn’t believe government should protect the poor from predators. He assumes everyone knows basic math, and should avoid rent to own “like the plague.” If they’re that bad, why allow them or at the least deregulate them? Lunacy. Christine smokes the clueless Prestegard:

Double Dipping: Prestegard assumes public employee pay is always taxpayer money, never theirs. It’s like someone in the private sector not really owning the money they earn, and are told by their employer how to spend it. If Prestegard thinks that’s true, why can’t taxpayers tell legislators how to eat and what they can do in their free time…with our money?

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