Thursday, May 9, 2013

Jon Stewart put GOP's Benghazi Outrage in Stark contrast to Past Outrages.

My conservative friend called me first thing today and called for impeaching Obama and warned Hillary Clinton not to run in 2016 over the botched lie regarding Benghazi.

I could say more, but I told him to watch this from the Daily Show, as a substitute for may answer:

But what if....?


  1. Is this the same Jon Stewart clown whose older brother Larry sold-out the NYSE to an Intercontinental Exchange for 8 billion dollars? Tens of Trillions of dollars have been and are being extracted from this country and you still think it's always a left/right issue. Ha! You're waaaay behind my friend.

    You liberals will never ever see the big picture or connect the dots. The same people control BOTH parties! They have an agenda to sell out the people of this country, destroy your natural rights recognized by the constitution, and create a one world fascist dictatorship government. If that sounds like conspiracy theory, you're simply not paying attention.

    Whether you Blame Bush, Clinton, Obama, Romney, Palin, McCain, etc. It DOES NOT matter! They will fulfill their agenda no matter which party is in power. The politicians are the puppets and the pawns. And you're still only blaming one wing of the eagle, fueling the fire that keeps us bickering with each other, instead of focused on the source of the problem which is centralized banking, centralized economic planning, and centralized control. They don't care about money. They print as much currency as they can get away with, and distribute it to keep everyone addicted to government stimulus so they will defend those who continue buying their votes. They want to keep us controlled and enslaved through massive amounts of debt.

    The ignorance and indoctrination of the people in this nation would be laughable if it was funny but I assure you it is not. The rest of the world laughs at how stupid we are. Please do us a favor and stop spreading such complete drivel, and read a book!

    I would start with "The Creature from Jekyll Island." Then you might have a vague clue as to what is actually happening.

  2. So Jon Stewart should be blamed for a relatives actions? I'm not following here.

    Keep telling yourself "both parties" do it. Dem's see the big picture, Republicans haven't for years, thus the Great Recession.

    Having a centralized bank and printing our own money separates us from Italy and Greece. I'll take that difference. Whether we can structure what we have in a more efficient way is another thing.

    What you are saying is the corrupting influence of money, which the activist conservative Supreme Court said didn't exist, is the problem. And on that we can agree.

    What I do on the blog is show how lousy some people are solving problems, and offer solutions that actually work devoid of politics. The sad thing is, the over all tone here is political and my suggestions are written off as partisan. The only partisan elements are my justified criticisms of conservative radicalism and their failed ideology (the Great Recession was the proof).

  3. NOBODY sees the big picture. Not my liberal friends. Not my conservative friends. You guys keep arguing with each other. THAT is the problem. Only a small percentage of the people (maybe 5% if that) are actually capable of understanding the big picture, because they have read history, see the same mistakes being made, and search for the truth instead of pretending they know the truth. People just straight up don't READ, and can't think for themselves. They go along with whatever adheres to their own belief system.

    "Having a centralized bank and printing our own money separates us from Italy and Greece."

    First of all, it's not money. It's fiat currency. Big difference. All fiat currencies in the history of all time go to zero. It's credit for a debt that will never be paid off, or paid down. It will only go up (with interest). Tens of thousands of fiat currencies have already gone to zero and the federal reserve note (not the same as a dollar) will be no different. If you think it will somehow be the first one to make it, dream on.

    Second, it only separates us from Europe because the "dollar" has enjoyed it's world currency status for so long, unlike the failed Euro project, (the Euro making up most of the other world currency reserves). Once Nixon took us off the gold standard, the petrodollar arrangement with the Saudis kept the currency alive for a bit longer. If you think the U.S. is immune from the same failed debt, bailout, bail in, problems that exist in Greece, Italy, Spain, Cypress, just wait a little longer. You'll find out the hard way with everyone else. Could you possibly tell us what a dollar in your pocket is worth? What gives it any value whatsoever? Why does anyone accept it for value other than by the threat of force? What is it made out of? It is simply credit for debt. If there was no currency in circulation, there would be no debt.

    The system needs confidence and trust to continue and that is evaporating quickly. Once trust is gone, it doesn't come back.

    "What I do on the blog is show how lousy some people are solving problems, and offer solutions that actually work devoid of politics."

    I have yet to see any of these solutions, but I'll offer one of my own...From an individual perspective, exit the system any and every which way possible. It's too far gone and too corrupt to "fix." The more attached you are to it, the more you will get hurt. We are waaay past the point of no return and if you still think this "system" is fixable, you are deluding yourself. All of these collective notions of centralized healthcare, education, security have failed. The NHS is on the verge of bankruptcy. Social security is insolvent. They raided Medicare to fund Obamacare... which will be anything but affordable. Government is simply not efficient. It never has been and never will be. They will continue to fail us and lead us to world slavery... a feudal system with no middle class.

  4. I haven't seen any justified criticisms or how the "Great Recession" was a failed ideology of conservative radicalism. Republicans are interested in trying to avoid default by balancing a budget but there is no political will to make the drastic cuts which are necessary. They are trying to prevent a run on the dollar which will bring this financial system down to its knees. Democrats have simply made too many promises to keep up with population growth, (social security, medicare, medicaid, etc.) Bush dragged us into wars under false pretenses that we couldn't afford but Democrats voted for all of this too. This is exactly why there is absolutely NO difference between both parties. They both spend way beyond our means and serve the agenda of their masters, not their constituents. There are a few good ones but not enough to make a difference. These are fundamental points and somehow liberals seem to think if we just raise taxes enough it will somehow solve everything. I got news for you. They could raise taxes to 100% and if for some magical reason, if everyone kept on working out of the goodness of their hearts, we would still have more debt and more promises than we can handle.

    You still seem to believe we are or have been in recession, and that Republicans are trying to cause a depression.

    The truth is that the banks became over leveraged through complex derivatives, crashed the system, and are now extracting wealth at enormous rates from taxpayers and government beneficiaries by printing currency at unbelievable levels. The Fed has no exit plan and a lot of people are going to be caught holding worthless digital blips on a screen, unable to acquire basic needs. Realistically, they could shut it off at any moment and most everyone wouldn't be prepared for it. That's how bad it is. They've done a real number on us that few still see. We have lost our individual sovereign rights for a false collective slavery.

    After 2008, the Fed was left with 2 choices. Let the whole thing collapse or hyper inflate the currency. Either path ends with the same result...default! One just takes a bit longer, like tearing off the bandaid slow or fast.

    In the end, there will be a run on the dollar and the U.S. will lose it's world currency status (as is happening now) for anyone paying attention. We will either accept their new world currency and give up our sovereign rights to become slaves, or do what Iceland did... kick out the bankers and enjoy double digit growth and prosperity for all.

  5. I share a few concerns you have, but without the hyperbolic breathlessness in your writing.

    Reigning in the banks and Wall Street are perhaps areas of agreement. If regulation worked wonderfully for decades after the Great Depression, let's go back to it. Simple answer, but I've got post to create.

    Thanks for the all the issues you've raised here, which should be a major part of the debate. I a little more hopeful than you.

  6. If I sound hyperbolic or out of breath, it's because I'm tired of making the same points over and over and over to deaf ears. I know I haven't in this forum but I finally got tired a year or 2 ago and gave up. People don't read. They don't listen. They don't know anything.

    Yes we should go back to glass-steagall. That would have to be the very first step. Separate the commercial banks and investment banks before these problems of OTC derivatives became a problem. Lyndon Larouche has been spearheading this argument.

    You're A LOT more hopeful than I am. The problem isn't the republicans or democrats. It's not the bankers or the even the .00001% of the elite. The problem is in the people or sheeple who think they know everything but refuse to educate themselves or discuss such issues.

    Lastly, I just want you to know... I come from a very conservative background (no shit) but my best friend 20 years older than me comes from a very liberal background. He was very helpful and supportive to me while I was awakening to this false left/right control paradigm. Most people will probably never fully understand how the system works simply because they won't turn off the TV and educate themselves. But the 2 of us (one from the left and one from the right) have broken free from the matrix. It is a literal matrix. A prison for your mind. We are both constantly laughing at how ignorant people are and have both realized how difficult it is to talk to anyone because they look at you without any clue.

    You can keep focusing your energy on the Republicans if you want, but you would be better served sitting down with your conservative friend that you mention so often and coming up with common threads of agreement. After all, we are all in this boat together.