Friday, May 31, 2013

Tea Party Poetic Justice, Republicans fall Victim to themselves….

Well that uninformed, highly irresponsible tea party attitude that compromise is out of the question, has just hit the Republican majority, and like a deer in headlines they are road kill.

And I’m loving every bit of this. The fact that tea party members don’t want to do anything, and would rather freeload off the past generations hard work, should come as no big surprise.

Who’s laughing now? Me.
jsonline: In a sign of the conservative discontent, 11 Assembly Republicans sent a letter Thursday to their leaders saying they wouldn't vote for the budget as written. They want the bill to cut income taxes by a greater amount, reduce bonding by $500 million and remove a provision that would require people to provide their DNA when they are arrested for felonies (this one I agree with), rather than when they are convicted. There are 60 Republicans in the 99-member Assembly. If all 11 withheld their votes, that would leave Republicans with at most 49 votes for the budget — short of a majority. 


  1. I truly believe that when it comes down to the wire, WisGOP WILL vote for limited vouchers as a method of inserting statewide vouchers into the budget. As Tony Evers so aptly put it, it's a "Trojan Horse", which Republicans will then release on unsuspecting communities by stealing more money from public schools and increasing funding for voucher schools. All this talk of 11 recalcitrant GOP is all a ruse.

  2. Hilarious that Don Pridemore had to add his printed name under his signature, no one thought to include him in the signature lines? 'Wait! I wanna sign, I wanna sign!' 'Oh, sorry Don, did we, uh, forget to include you?'
    I have a feeling Don eats lunch by himself a lot.
    I know you're loving this, but keep in mind that we're in this situation because voters either really want these scary people in office or just cannot bring themselves to vote for a Dem.