Monday, May 20, 2013

Turning Lemon Laws into Corporate Lemonade, Republicans are not true believers in the "free market" after all.

Fixing another nonexistent problem for purely ideological reasons is nothing new for our big government Republican authoritarians led by Scott Walker. Businesses may even be wary of coming to Wisconsin for fear of someday being targeted as a threat to their agenda. And they would be right.

Turning Lemon Laws into Corporate Lemonade: Free market lobbyists hate the free market! In a free market, lawyers can sue for faulty products and services. You may have heard Republicans whine about “picking winners and losers” but they’re the biggest offenders. They justify breaking their own rule with the mind numbing cliché, job creation, screw the consumer.

From the outright lunacy of “predatory Lemon Lawyers” to “driving up costs,” Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce lobbyist Scott Manley wrote this:
Wisconsin needs “Lemon Law” reform to protect consumers from predatory “Lemon Lawyers” who make their living exploiting the state’s lucrative double damages requirement if a faulty vehicle is not replaced in 30 days, WMC said Tuesday. “…drives up costs for consumers and manufacturers,” said Scott Manley, vice president of government relations for Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce.
What’s missing is the hardship to the consumer in the above statement. 30 days is a long time without a functioning car, and even longer if the manufacturer decides to string out a possible solution. And since Wisconsin is the only state with “double damages,” it’s ridiculous to think we have the power to increase the cost of anything. My guess is the auto industry will continue to have their own team of high price trial lawyers to minimize damage, while lobbyists like WMC try to take out consumer lawyers.

On WPT’s Joy Cardin show, WMC’s government lobbyist Scott Manley came right out and said:
“When lawyers win, consumers lose.”
Down-the-rabbit-hole stuff isn't it. Another words, injuries and deaths caused by faulty consumer products should not result in large damage settlements, the most effective possible deterrent, because companies will just raise their price on us. For some reason, this makes perfect sense to conservatives.

Of course, we as consumers could go to another company with a much safer similar product, with a lower price because they’re not getting their pants sued off every day. Free market right? 

Here’s Scott Manley and former Supreme Court justice candidate and lemon lawyer Vince Megna:

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