Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Tea Party Running State, want to Dump Common Core Standards for Schools for Paranoid Political Reasons.

While teabillies have a hissy fit after getting caught gaming the system with an avalanche of applications for tax exempt status, they’re having a major influence on sending Wisconsin into educational death spiral.

We’re talking about the Common Core Standard. The world has adopted these standards and their students are beating U.S. students. Common Core is said by tea party dummies to be a European threat meant to dumb down America, to make it less competitive. I know more paranoid insanity. Here's the tea party thinking from former superintendent candidate Rep. Don Pridemore:

The irreversible stupidity being committed by our Republicans partisan legislators will make other states the winners. Why the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel used the word “academic” instead of “core” in this story is a mystery to me, unless they intentionally tried to mask the underhanded lunacy being passed by the legislature:
jsonline: The state Department of Public Instruction would be barred from implementing new common academic standards until hearings are held and new findings issued, under a provision a legislative committee tucked into the state budget

The state would be able to keep the math and reading standards it has already implemented under the proposal adopted Wednesday. But the effect of halting implementation of common academic standards in other subject areas, could hold up a variety of reform efforts that have been quietly chugging along for the past two years.
How do I know pressure from the low information tea party losers resulted in the changes?
The actions contradict how some of the same lawmakers voted in budget deliberations two years ago — a point they acknowledged Wednesday. "What we're doing is putting the pause on Common Core," said Rep. Dean Knudson (R-Hudson), who proposed the idea. The measure passed 13-3.
Here’s the kicker, Democrat Rep. Cory Mason betrayed the party agenda of advancing public education instead of sending it back into the stone age. Democrats are so weak:
Rep. Cory Mason (D-Racine) joining all Republicans in favor of it.
My god what does it take to get a message to these clueless Democrats?

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