Thursday, May 9, 2013

Once opponents of Top Down, One-size-fits-all Government, Walker and Vos Flip-Flop!!!

Unlimited and unstoppable power can change anyone, if the circumstances are just right and they already lack moral and ethical character. Welcome to the state Republican majority.

They aren't ashamed to admit publically, for all the voters to see, that they are the governing authority now and elected local officials are quaint traditions that no longer apply. Cross these bastards and they’ll come after you. It's payback time for former Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker. This headline should show the rest of country why Wisconsin is no business paradise, especially if you're on the wrong side of their political philosophy.
GOP lawmakers offer plan to kill Milwaukee's streetcar project
Rep. Dale Kooyenga is proving over and over again why he went into politics instead of the accounting profession, no one wants to be TOLD how to spend their money. Kooyenga's proving to be a one man wrecking crew for job creation and state support for business. He and Dumb Ron Johnson must be reading from the same Ayn Rand book: 
jsonline: Republicans on the Legislature's budget committee intend to approve a measure Thursday that would bar utility ratepayers from having to bear any costs for a proposed streetcar in Milwaukee - a provision that likely would kill the project. Rep. Dale Kooyenga (R-Brookfield) acknowledged the move would likely end the possibility of a streetcar. "I think that's accurate, and we're OK with that," he said.

Kooyenga and Assembly Speaker Robin Vos (R-Rochester) said there was broad support among Republicans who control the Legislature for the plan. Gov. Scott Walker also has been critical of the project, saying in February that city officials should focus on economic development projects. "I'd spend my time and resources on economic development projects that put people to work instead of a streetcar that will affect a handful of people on the upper east side of Milwaukee," Walker said then.
The unique character of the streetcar could be an economic draw for tourists and locals. Isn't that the very definition of economic development? The same "handful of people" would have used high speed rail.
Patrick Curley, Mayor Tom Barrett's chief of staff, said city officials were not surprised by the move, but were disappointed. He said the city had followed federal and state law on the financing and engineering related to the project.

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