Friday, May 17, 2013

FoodShare Users Eat Healthier, get less salt and saturated fat, new study says.

Did you know?
A recent study by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), compared the diet of those on food stamps to low-income people who weren't.  
Questions upon Questions: Knowing that food stamp users eat the same kinds of food as the general population, why single them out? Why are Republicans offended by how others eat, when they’re exactly the same? And is it fair to regulate what they eat and not everyone else? Has the new attempt to regulate junk food changed the way conservatives snack?

All of the above questions will be lost on conservative nanny state lawmakers who can now act out their pent up outrage over poor people using food stamps. Control and dictatorial edicts of behavior is so commonplace on the right now, that to calm the urge to do something more, conservative are moving to the extremes.

The truth contradicts their assumptions. Food stamp users actually eat a little better than those who aren’t. It probably has a lot to do with having the ability to buy food, instead of rationing it.
Picture of Health?
WPR: Judi Bartfeld is a professor of consumer science at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, not part of the study, (said) “When people get SNAP, they tend to eat a little better with regard to certain aspects of their diet. They might eat a little worse with regards to certain other aspects. But there just don't seem to be any major differences. The USDA study found those using food stamps did consume 23 percent more fruit, but they decreased the amount of dark green and orange vegetables eaten.  The USDA researchers speculate fruit doesn't require preparation and may be cheaper. Food stamp participants also get less sodium and saturated fat.
Rep. Dean Kaufert wasted a tremendous amount of time successfully vilifying food stamp users as junk food addicts, when in fact, they eat less sodium and saturated fat. From the looks of fat boy Kaufert, he could learn a few things watching what foods food stamp users buy, when he’s turning red with envy standing in the checkout line. 

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