Thursday, May 23, 2013

Northwoods Patriots just found out about Common Core, say tougher standards Bad for education! Smarter kids may also cut down on their membership.

Teabilly’s are up in arms over the quick implementation of the Common Core Standards that had been in the planning stages for years, and implemented nationwide over the last three years.

Catching up as usual, the slow low information tea party voter only heard of Common Core after extremist former congressman and now Republican Gov. Mike Pence blocked implementation in Indiana.

Common Core is nothing new and has been in place world wide for years. The U.S. has seen their success rates and have adopted many of the more successful standards. Tea Party dunderheads assume it’s a curriculum, which it is not. They are…”Standards,” it’s right in the name.

WKOW-Greg Neumann: Opponents of new national education standards are hoping to put a stop to them here in Wisconsin, but public school officials say that would be a big mistake. Since 2010, Wisconsin public schools have been working to meet Common Core Standards.  Those are nationwide achievement goals the National Governor's Association established and that 45 states have now adopted.  "They're skill based standards. It’s what kids will be able to demonstrate and how they will be able to apply their knowledge versus just knowing.  That's a pretty big difference," said West Bend Superintendent Ted Neitzke, one of a handful of people invited to speak to the Joint Education Committee.
And wouldn't you know it, Teabillies don’t like the idea of tougher educational standards:
Neitzke says Common Core Standards are much tougher than what Wisconsin had previously. 
Understandably, Wisconsin’s own Northwoods Patriots are having a hard time grasping even the underlying concept of Common Core, not to mention its success rate in countries that are testing much higher than the U.S.. And since it's new, it’s also a work in progress.

But the Northwoods Patriots just noticed something started way back in 2010:
But a group donning T-shirts that read "Stop Common Core" is challenging that idea. "In January when we came to ask 'please can you explain to us what's going on with Common Core Standards?'
I don't often bring up appearances, but just check out the blank look in the CCS opponents face (Kim Simac), and her embarrassingly uninformed observation. She ran unsuccessfully for our state senate:
"In my mind it’s a prototype that was put together and sent out there and we've adopted it without even having anything to go on to prove that it’s going to help our children to excel," said Simac, a member of the Northwoods Patriots tea party group. "This is an old issue for us, we're already mapping into other things," said Neitzke.  "And then to stop the momentum that's been behind it in the State of Wisconsin would be pretty difficult." 

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