Monday, May 13, 2013

"Local control" gets redefined by Republican State Sen. Mary Lazich.

 Small government Republicans don't exist. It's another myth created for the media. The problem conservative voters will thankfully have someday, will come when the rhetoric and platform of their party gets redefined right out from under them, leaving them stunned and stranded.

Republicans hold nothing sacred. Like "local control." Paid sick leave in Milwaukee ... downsizing Milwaukee's county board or cutting that boards pay, getting rid of the trolley, or vouchers in districts that don't want them, get the idea.

Get ready for the all new and improved "local control." Here's audio of Republican State Sen. Mary Lazich on WPR. Local is REALLY local now, like in your home. This leaves the door wide open for the Republican state authority to take control of "less" local governments.
"The most local control is your home and what you do within your home and where you live. And I don't really think it's any of the employer's business where you live."

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  1. So is Lazich saying she could live in Miami and it'd be none of the voters' business?