Wednesday, May 22, 2013

End Entitlements: Isn't it time to cut a child’s dependence on Free or Reduced School Lunches?

What does it mean when more kids are eligible for free or reduced school lunches? It says their parents incomes are falling behind, or they’re not working at all. So is this the time to cut back on FoodShare? Get tougher on unemployment job searches? Dump families off Badgercare?

This is what Walker meant by turning out State Red?
If you’re Scott Walker, yes. Who hasn't been angered by the following irresponsible and inappropriate argument Walker gave for achieving "freedom?" When he repeats, "not because we...kick them out to the the curb," it's an acknowledgement that that's exactly what will happen, and he's okay with that.
Walker: "We measure success in government by just the opposite: by how many fewer people are dependent on government, not because we kicked them out to the street, not because we pushed then out to the curb, but because we understand that true freedom and prosperity come when we empower people to take control of their own lives and their own destinies." 
These are destinies that empower people as they live on the “street,” or off to the “curb.”

The truth is, free and reduced school lunches shines a bright light on what real prosperity is…Walker style; low wages and lousy desperate jobs.
WPR: The larger numbers of students in Wisconsin receiving free and reduced-price school meals has increased for the ninth straight school year. Over 43 percent of public school students in the state qualified for subsidized breakfast and lunch this school year - up nearly a percent from last year. Ten years ago, (it was) around 30 percent. 110 Wisconsin school districts now have 50 percent or more of their students who are eligible for free or reduced-price meals. That's out of a total of 414 districts in the state that participate in the National School Lunch Program. 


  1. The freedom to be hungry is a very important American freedom, almost as important as the freedom to be injured on the job, unemployed, sick or homeless. Just ask any Veteran and they will tell you that these re the freedoms they fought for.

  2. Oh, don't worry about it. You'll be surprised how many of those greedy, greedy teachers will step up and find a way to feed their kids. They'll just take it out of whatever money they have left after they've bought them school supplies.
    Until they get laid off, of course.