Tuesday, May 21, 2013

We need an even bigger tax cut? Walker Spends and Borrows away our Kids Futures, again, this time on DOT building.

The budget debacle is playing out for everyone to see, including those diehard "stand with Walker" supporters.

The title may be a little shameful hyperbole, but it’s just what Republicans would be saying if the shoe were on the other foot.

Media Trackers Trashes Walker. From the right wing echo chamber, I found this surprising criticism from Media Trackers. This proves that Walker is like every other big government conservative, thirsty for dominating power, and not the least bit worried about smaller government or taxpayer dollars.
Governor Jim Doyle, a Democrat, was not known for his frugality in state government. But it appears that the Doyle administration calculated it could build a new office building for the Wisconsin Department of Transportation for about a quarter of the cost of a building being proposed by Governor Scott Walker’s administration.

The state budget submitted by Walker to the legislature seeks approval for a new $200 million facility  … In 2005, the Department of Administration estimated that the cost of replacing the DOT headquarters would be $32 million. Walker’s budget increases that amount by $146.6 million with a projected timeline that calls for the building to be completed by July of 2017. The total cost of the building would be $196.6 million. The proposed new facility would have … only 15 more parking stalls that would be in a newly built parking garage. That means that after spending nearly $200 million on a palatial new office space, 1,900 government workers would have to find a way to share 1,500 parking stalls, never mind the parking needed to accommodate visitors to the building … it remains to be seen whether or not the Joint Finance Committee will sign off on the item in the state budget.

Republican legislators both on and off the committee have express deep concern over the amount of debt spending found in the budget. 
Instinctively, Republicans have been trying to tear down government for so long, they've forgotten how to manage it.

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