Thursday, May 16, 2013

Our 51% Favored Governor Continues to Fail, and the Public Loves it.

Here's a screen capture of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel story:
It's true, Scott Walker and the his Republican pirates care more about restricting food from FoodShare, penalizing the UW, vengence on Milwaukee's residency rules and trolley, removing the judicial branch, and relaxing regulations on landlords and auto lemon laws, than doing something about jobs. Remember that? We were all about ready to shoot ourselves listening to Republicans go on and on about jobs, the job creators (a fiction), and "uncertainty." All gone!! That was yesterday.

Oh I know, we have WEDC chaired by Walker, but...well, that's what I mean.
The latest employment surveys show Wisconsin's unemployment rate remained at 7.1% in April but the state lost 24,100 jobs during the month, the state Department of Workforce Development said Thursday. Both numbers are adjusted to take into account the predictable ebb and flow of employment in different parts of the year.
And the Walker jobs promise of 250,000? That's the number that got Walker elected, and what low information true believers bought hook, line and sinker. They still do if, you look at the the 51% approval ratings of this sociopath. 
Another set of employment data released by the department Thursday, meanwhile, shows that Wisconsin added 62,072 private-sector jobs from December 2010 through December 2012. Those numbers come from a regular quarterly census of almost all employers in the state. The census provides the most comprehensive and accurate employment data available, and is much more reliable than the preliminary monthly figures. 
 I highlighted the word "census" because that's another target for gutting by Republicans in D.C.!!! The census would be able to take a survey once every ten years, but that's it. Nothing else. No continuing jobs numbers, no continuing agricultural census, no continuing economic census...nothing. Surprised? Another reason Republicans created the myth they know how to manage money, because more than anything, they don't.

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  1. Others have noted that when the GOP trumpets the ever-so wonderful news that, "Wisconsin added 62,072 private-sector jobs from December 2010 through December 2012," that's not all claimable by Walker. He didn't assume the governorship until January 2011, and his policies didn't kick in until budgets were approved months later. Those early months therefore depended on the budget signed by departed Gov. Doyle. Giving Walker the benefit of January 2011 forward, Wisconsin has seen the creation of only about 30,000 jobs net since he took office. And let's not forget that public employment is way down in this state under his wonderful leadership and those public employees who remain are mostly laboring under huge wage and benefit cuts. On jobs and economic development, his two key issues, he's been a complete disaster.