Friday, May 17, 2013

Conservative Radio's Cancer Stick Vicki McKenna defends unhinged Sheriff Clarke and Loves Spending Taxpayer money on His Propaganda

My god, has teabilly radio smoke breather Vicki McKenna got balls? After Scott Walker's attack on Milwaukee, wiping out local control now and in the past, she's whining about the county regulating (silencing) the lunatic rantings of Sheriff David Clarke by drawing up ethical and taxpayer spending guidelines.
Here's the Milwaukee County Boards intended result after Clarke made his national media tour on all the conservative media outlets. His fear mongering public service announcement told constituents not bother with 911, and shoot first. 

How unfair? Saving taxpayer money in this case is "silencing" the lunacy of Sheriff David Clarke? He doesn't need to spend our money to embarrass himself or the job he's doing, he can do that In fact, he already has.

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