Friday, May 24, 2013

Republicans don't even like themselves anymore....

Republicans love to be in charge. They're natural political authoritarians. They have great taxpayer supported jobs, free health care and really don't have to do much except shed their responsibilities onto the private sector. They even wanted to pass a new law exempting them from Obamacare. The balls right? Well, not even Republicans can stand themselves anymore:
 Fox News: A move to give lawmakers the right to carry handguns anywhere they wish sparked an angry debate among Republicans in the Texas House on Thursday, with conservatives lambasting their colleagues for giving themselves special privileges.

Regular concealed handgun license holders cannot take their guns into hospitals, churches, bars or onto private property that bans them. When the bill came up in the Texas Senate, lawmakers added themselves to those exempted from the restrictions and sent it back to the House for final passage. Conservative Republicans became enraged.

"My constituents are sick and tired of politicians passing laws that exempt themselves from following the law. We are putting ourselves on an un-level playing field. Do you not know a moral problem with that?" Rep. Jonathan Stickland, R-Bedford, shouted at the House chamber.
My, my, the moral vacuum within the Republican Party is now a problem for…Republicans. I love it.  

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