Saturday, May 25, 2013

Walker's One Size Fits All Big Government policy may Require Local School Districts and Cities to have Zero Balances. No Rainy Day Funds.

Not only do state Republicans want the UW's surplus fund to go away, basically making them dependent on politicians for funding, but some legislators don't want local governments and school districts to have surpluses or rainy day funds either. 

We've seen this policy before. Republicans always see extra state revenues during the good times as an excuse to cut taxes, instead of putting it away for the hard times. Clinton left a surplus, Bush gave that away in a couple of major tax cuts. Former Gov. Tommy Thompson sent out a rebate check that cost more to mail. Now Scott Walker is carrying on that fine failed tradition. From the Middleton Times:
The controversy over the University of Wisconsin’s reserves prompted rumblings that some state lawmakers want to force government entities, including local school districts, to liquidate their balances … Middleton Superintendent Don Johnson asked State Sen. John Erpenbach “if he had heard anything about specific legislation that would force the district to liquidate its fund balance.”

Erpenbach: “I haven’t heard anything yet … some senators” do believe government entities should have a zero balance at the end of each year.
And who wants these guys in charge of our state finances? Can you say WEDC?

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